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Storyboarding for PMs

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This presentation was part of a day-long seminar on newly assigned organizational roles (project manager, director) and how to define their scope by putting them in real-life context (use cases).

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Storyboarding for PMs

  1. 1. + The Project Manager’s (PM) role …in context March, 18 2011 Diana Yazidjian, MBA
  2. 2. + Sizing PMO’s role and outcome with storyboards Why storyboarding ? Storyboards are used to today for business presentations intended   to convince or compel to action e.g. product deployment, risk management, process improvement, strategy envisioning   to reconcile differences in understanding and direction Methodology   Team audit with PMs and other actors: one-on-one interviews to understand business environment and decision-making process in a project context   Creation of scenarios with information gathered from PM and other actors   Presentation and animation around these scenarios   Synthesis of ideas that obtained consensus   Tool box to PMs and team members
  3. 3. + A few examples Presentation of main characters in context : Account Director Program Director Member of Project project Manager - IT team Client (BU)
  4. 4. + Context 1 Business Requirements Meeting (3) What would you add? (2) We have identified the right product (1) We are looking to your team to assist solution in line us with the with your needs and the following deployment of our technical GUI next term specifications … The objective is to outline each person’s responsibility at the outset.
  5. 5. + Context 2 How would Resource allocation you respond? You placed Marc on this project…I think John’s profile would be a better fit… The objective is to identify the best profile for the task and to determine who is in the best position to know, the PM, the Program Director?
  6. 6. + Context 3 Client Relationship (2) Thanks for the info (1) The client is very satisfied with the results of quality of service… This context is open-ended. Who and how to inform the Account Director of project progress. There are many possible outcomes. The objective is to give a synthetic view of customer global satisfaction to the AC.
  7. 7. + Context 4 (1) The client has raised its expectations. Risk Management I think we should hire more external help (2) Hmm, I should have raised the flag Ce rapport to my PM. The client’s BA is no laisse à longer on the désirer! project and I said to the client I’ll do the business requirements analysis myself (4)complete… (3) complete… This scenario has generated constructive discussion. What can vs. has to be communicated to the PM to minimize risk or to find solutions to reduce it.