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What makes SEO good or bad?

These pearls of wisdom from SEO experts provide insights into both "Good" and "Bad" SEO.

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What makes SEO good or bad?

  1. 1. W H A T M A K E S S E O THE EXPERTS WEIGH IN: goodOR bad?
  2. 2. SEO has been divided for a long time into many warring halves such as... 1. On-page vs. off-page SEO 2. In-house vs. agency SEO 3. Black hat vs. White Hat SEO 4. Technical vs. non-technical SEO 5. Local vs. national SEO 6. Bing vs. Google SEO IT’S A MIRACLE THAT THE SEO INDUSTRY IS STILL STANDING! Talk about a house divided against itself...
  3. 3. But the most important dualism in SEO -- the biggest definitional split with the most impact on people actually doing (or paying for) SEO -- is "Good SEO" vs. "Bad SEO" -- IN OTHER WORDS, SEO THAT HELPS YOU VS. SEO THAT HURTS YOU.
  4. 4. But what exactly defines "good" and "bad" SEO?" We went to our panel of internet- based SEO experts to find out their opinions.
  5. 5. While we can't necessarily agree with all of these experts' assertions (in fact, we strongly disagree with quite a few of them), these pearls of wisdom provide insights into both "Good" and "Bad" SEO:
  6. 6. What is goodSEO?
  7. 7. "Good SEO is like waving a red flag in front of a bull." -Anonymous writer at Tangence.com
  8. 8. "Good SEO is like cricket: you should play by the rules." -Mel Pedley,writing at Accessites.org
  9. 9. "Good SEO is 70 percent science and 30 percent art." -AndrewGaberson,writing at Lunametrics.com
  10. 10. "Good SEO is like a great cup of Joe." -ToryBuckley,writing at NetMark.com
  11. 11. "Good SEO is like filling in the blanks on a Mad Libs page." --Chris Dunne,writing at RepriseExpress.com
  12. 12. "Good SEO is like wine: it matures with time." -Darren Rowse,writing at Problogger.net
  13. 13. "Good SEO is not as expensive as Bad SEO." -David Trounce,writing at MalleBlueMedia.com
  14. 14. What is bad SEO?
  15. 15. "Bad SEO is worse than no SEO." -Joe Flanagan,writing at RankEasily.com
  16. 16. "Bad SEO is a bit like building a house without any doors or windows – it doesn’t matter how lovely the wallpaper is, no one’s coming round for tea." -Andy,writing at medialouge.co.uk
  17. 17. "Bad SEO is what used to be good SEO in the early 2000’s." -Anonymous writer at TimberWebDesign.com
  18. 18. "Bad SEO is a like a crash diet – it may get results quickly, but in the longer term, it's not good for you." -Anonymous writer at MackayWebDesign.co.uk
  19. 19. "Bad SEO is so overtly apparent it's distracting." -Stephanie Irvine,writing at Copywritinganimal.com
  20. 20. "Bad SEO is a plague upon reputable optimizers everywhere." -AsleyWilson-Rew,writing at Protocol80.com
  21. 21. "Bad SEO is like buying a stack of dodgy supplements and 2 minute a day workout programs off the internet or an infomercial." -Anonymous writer at InternetNewZealand.com
  22. 22. Want to learn more about SEO? We can help.

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These pearls of wisdom from SEO experts provide insights into both "Good" and "Bad" SEO.


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