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Why SlideShare is a Marketer's Best Friend

Slideshare is becoming an important tool for marketers to use on social media. We share the facts, stats, and benefits of making your own Slideshare account.

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Why SlideShare is a Marketer's Best Friend

  1. HELLO MY NAME IS Why SlideShare is a marketer's best friend
  2. B2B MARKETERS ACTUALLY GET LEADS FROM POSTED CONTENT SLIDESHARE FUN FACT #1 SlideShare gets 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. MORE 500%
  3. 20% SLIDESHARE FUN FACT #2 The rest come from social media and other SlideShare presentations. of visitors come directly from Google
  4. SLIDESHARE FUN FACT #3 That's 1,140 slides viewed per second. 3 BILLION SLIDE VIEWS EACH MONTH
  5. SLIDESHARE FUN FACT #4 Number of slides in the average presentation SHORT PRESENTATIONS ARE BETTER Less than 10 10-30 30-50 50-100 100+ Avg. number of pictures: 19 Avg. number of words per slide: 24
  6. SLIDESHARE FUN FACT #5 The most used tags on SlideShare #business #statistics #social media #market #trends #research
  7. Drive site traffic Use SlideShare to... SlideShare presentations get your content discovered through search. Include links in your presentation to drive visitors back to your site.
  8. Educate clients Use SlideShare to... You want clients to understand that your company is an industry thought leader. SlideShare is designed to show off infographics and statistics in the most impressive way.
  9. Complement your marketing campaign Your branding gets a serious boost when you share your expertise. Add a Slideshare widget to your website, blog or LinkedIn page and anyone who views your social networking platforms will see your presentation. Use SlideShare to...
  10. Generate Interest Once you promote your SlideShare across social media channels, it's likely that interested people will check out your presentation, and, in turn, your company. Take advantage of the platform. Use SlideShare to...
  11. Gain FREE exposure Use SlideShare to... When people reach the last slide of your presentation, they have the option to share it on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, or Pinterest. All these sharing options increase your exposure in the business marketplace. For example...
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