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ConCon Manchester: content auditing for GOV.UK



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ConCon Manchester: content auditing for GOV.UK

  1. 1. Content Audits
  2. 2. Lessons learned


  • Intro
    Not a definitive guide
  • Out of date
    Not fit for purpose
  • Even though I wanted too
  • Keep archive delete: SLIDE
    Buy in:
    Worried about transition
    Buy-in helped appoint champions
    Page owners:
    set page owners
    champion my contact
    Audit campaign:
    Transition reduced calls board impressed
    So campaigned to we made page owners and their managers/directors we would be continuing audits.
    Priorities and timings:
    Customer facing templates
    Every six months with no end date
  • Finding things is quite easy in Whitehall…
  • Input into spreadsheet
  • Old site page owners and versions
    GDS blog post on finding things
  • Blockers:
    Board report
  • Updates:
    Any better than nothing
    Still 10% in six months
    Lessons learned:
    Problem people - book meeting first explaining
    Copy in the board to any mails
    Do more comms
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