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DWS16 - Connected Things Forum - IoT Frédéric De Mont-Serrat, Matooma

  1. Connected Things Forum Keynote : Data privacy and security, how to convert risk into revenue opportunities?
  2. MATOOMA, OUR HISTORY - Keys factors since 2012 1 000 000 € 2 100 000 € 3 500 000 € 5 500 000 € 10 000 000 € 20 000 000 € 0 5 000 000 10 000 000 15 000 000 20 000 000 25 000 000 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Turnover growth FRANCE (In €) 2012 -2015 and estimation 2016 -2018 Headquarters in Montpellier Office in Paris Subsidiaries in Madrid 32 employees € M Connected devices in 2016 200 000 More than 2014, April Fundraising : 1 € M To structure the IT services To increase the sales force 2015 International development Creation of the MatooWan Network 2016 Extension of technical team Increasing the sales force International Development Europe (Spain) 2nd fundraising in process 2017 Sales development in Europe (Spain) and Other countries We simplify the access to the connectivity & the management of industrial IoT devices
  3. IOT & M2M Connectivity Private Infrastructure Secure IP Network FLEXIBLE COMMITMENT MONTHLY FIXED FEE OR PAY AS YOU GO PREDICTIBLE INVOICE We simplify the access in the connectivity & the management of industrial IoT devices GSM - SMS -GPRS - 2G - 3G - 4G Multi operator Simcard THROUGH A SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT IN ALL WORLD Platform M2MManager
  4. What is IOT ?
  5. Is it a technology ? Features of the various connectivity types Technology Range (outdoor) Data rate Battery life Bluetooth 10 m 1 000 Mbps < 1 week WIFI 50 m 1 000 Mbps < 1 week Sigfox Up to 13 km Up to 100 bps Up to 10 years LoRa Up to 11 km Up to 50 Kbps Up to 10 years NB IoT Up to 15 km Up to 250 Kbps Up to 10 years LTE-M EC-GMS Up to 15 km Up to 1 Mbps Up to 5 years 2G/3G/4G Up to 15 km Up to 100 Mbps Up to 1 week 5G Up to 15 km Up to 300 Mbps Up to 1 week SIM-based technologies LPWA SIM possibilities
  6. Is it for specific applications? Bincam the trash can that posts to Facebook ICPooch, Video chat with your dog and deliver a treat from anywhere!
  7. IOT is an acronym IOT stands for Internet Of Things Interesting name, why internet of things and not regular internet?
  8. Dedicated roads to avoid traffic jam … People have quickly realized that connected objects will grow at a much faster rate than the connected population, therefore separate roads should be created in order to avoid traffic jams Source: Satcom post based on Cisco estimation
  9. … and to ensure maximum security Having a separate road from the rest of the global internet will prevent individuals messing with connected objects through internet “Smart, connected objects offer tremendous opportunities for value creation and capture, but can also create tremendous risk, demanding new strategies for value protection. A single vulnerable device can leave an entire ecosystem open to attack, with potential disruptions ranging from individual privacy breaches to massive breakdowns of public systems.” Source: Deloitte Review Issue 17, July 27, 2015 Irfan Saif, Sean Peasley, Arun Perinkolam I O T
  10. But we have left the door open
  11. Attacks are happening every day A major DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack occurred the 21st of October 2016 “Dyn offers Domain Name System (DNS) services, essentially acting as an address book for the Internet ... DDoS attack overwhelms a DNS server with lookup requests, rendering it incapable of completing any. That’s what makes attacking DNS so effective; rather than targeting individual sites, an attacker can take out the entire Internet for any end user whose DNS requests route through a given server.” Source: dyn/ DYN* Dyn Hackers used connected objects to paralyze the regular internet Malicious requests from tens of millions of IP addresses I O T
  12. These devastating attacks are easy to carry out How did they do it ? DYN* A depiction of the outages caused by today’s attacks on Dyn, an Internet infrastructure company. Source: Telnet and SSH command-lines Apparently teenagers, the Mirai malware and tutorial was available online… Devices infected by malware Mirai Who did it ? Dyn Malicious requests from tens of millions of IP addresses
  13. So what do we do now ? Connected objects should use a dedicated internet, a real Internet Of Things
  14. Matooma has developed a secured IP network dedicated to “things” Regular internet
  15. Matooma has developed a secured IP network dedicated to “things” A real internet of things Devices  Private fixed IP address Isolated Streams Physical links Dedicated APN SIMcard supervision Communication bidirectionnelle Bidirectionnal communication Paris / Montpellier Fully Redundant Core Network Client server No access to the regular internet To let connected objects communicate in a totaly safe way
  16. Traditional IOT Value chain The trend is to value storage and big data capabilities. Connectivity is becoming a low value commodity Devices Client server Connectivity Storage Business Intelligence High value High value Low value
  17. IOT, the whole Value chain is valuable At Matooma we are proud to be a safe carrier of M2M connectivity, using a dedicated Internet Of Things Devices Client server Connectivity Storage Business Intelligence High valueHigh value High value
  18. Case study Photo-Me International Plc is an established company with over 50 years experience. The company operates photobooths, photographic fun products, digital printing kiosks & children’s rides. The Photo-Me Group has a worldwide reputation for quality photo vending, operating over 27,000 photobooths, in 17 countries. Photo-Me booths provide consumers with a convenient and cost-effective means of obtaining ID photos compliant with the new ICAO regulations. Financial Security The data collected from payments terminals are secured with Matoowan infrastructure Reliable connectivity Matoocard SIMs are installed in 4000 photo booths in France, 1000 in the UK
  19. Case study E PHOTO 1. Take a photo for I.D. (certified by the administration) 2. Your photos come up with a registered number 3. Log in to the administration web site with the registered number 4. Send the additional information to the administration 5. Fetch your I.D when it ’s ready, the photo has been securely sent from the booth to the administration Identification Security The pictures taken are directly sent to the administration for ID prints and are secured by Matoowan infrastructure Remote maintenance The 2 500 photo booths can be remotely monitored & repaired through a totally secure channel Matooma protects your most valuable data, your identity
  20. Thank you for your attention