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Boxes and Connected TV facing Multiscreen Strategies by IDATE

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Boxes and Connected TV facing Multiscreen Strategies by IDATE

  1. 1. Boxes and Connected TV facingMultiscreen strategiesConnected TVs: where is themodel ?
  3. 3. VIDEO, SERVICES, FEATURES ? “Content: More video on my TV” “Service: Best of the web on my TV’ “Experience: new ways to watch TV” 3
  4. 4. LIVE TV AND SERVICES ON THE SAME SCREEN ? Matching video and services Two different universes Services on the companion device 4
  5. 5. OTT VIDEO Vs MANAGED NETWORKS Complement  Hybrid DTT/Satellite to combine live TV and OTT content and service Premium channel Open Web Catch-up TV Paid VoD subscription  Multiroom  Multiscreen Online distributor Broadcasting HbbTV DTT/satellite network Competition  Viewing migrating to on-demand  Live TV going OTT  Key features captured by connected devices “OS” 5
  6. 6. MANY (DIVERGING) VIEWS TO THE CONNECTED TV UNIVERSE Services TV appstore Web services Samsung Apps Yahoo! Connected TV Seamless access New adapted for TV Android Market on Sony Bravia Internet Widgets - to all contentservices Google TV Vudu Apps… My local content Sony Media Player TiVo… Google TV Connected media center Rovi - Miniweb Online video content OTT video packages competing Apple TV TV+ with TV Sezmi - Roku - Vudu … More video Broadcasters’ YouView services & Sony Bravia Internet Video, Samsung Applications HbbTV Internet@TV, Panasonic VieraCast, Philips France Télévisions content Net TV… Portal Widget Search & discovery interface Source: IDATE Interfaces 6