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Best Features of Document Management System Software | Digismartek

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Digismartek offers document management services. Here mention some best features of DMS. DMS is a best software for all type of business .

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Best Features of Document Management System Software | Digismartek

  1. 1. “Document management system is a computer based software used to store, manage and track documents.”
  2. 2. This process is used for converting hard copy document into digital copy or soft copy. Digismartek complete this process by using different type of scanner. Also can add another document such :  Scanner Manual upload Mobile Applications Web Services Email
  3. 3.  Security is one of the most important aspects of a document management system. Audit Trail Indexing all revisions Advanced Access rights Encrypted Documents on file system User and Roles
  4. 4. This process is used for searching document by using number , phrase or sentence . Within one click you can find any data from number of documents.  Safe and powerful search Easily document content and meta data search Digismartek provides advanced searching process Search command gives you quick result
  5. 5.  This process is depends upon paper document such as hard copy data and electronics document. Document processing is divided into , Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition , Data Entry . With the help of templates we create documents Link Document to records in System Forward, Move, Share Documents Check-In and Check-out documents
  6. 6.  Indexing is a main part or heart of documents.  Need to indexing all documents Indexing meta data Content recognition and indexing Custom Automatic Document Numbering
  7. 7. Thank you 020-24619295 020-24619296 020-24619297