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World Luxury Index Brazil :Top 50 Most Searched For Luxury Brands In Brazil

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This is a ranking and analysis of the most-searched for luxury brands in the Brazilian market.

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World Luxury Index Brazil :Top 50 Most Searched For Luxury Brands In Brazil

  1. 1. April  2013 In  partnership  with THE WORLD LUXURY INDEX™ BrazilTOP 50 MOST SEARCHED FOR LUXURY BRANDS IN BRAZIL
  2. 2. Created  as  a  way  to  provide  luxury  brands  and  service  providers  with  a  standardized  way  of  measuring  brand  interest  at  an  international  level,  Digital  Luxury  Group,  in  partnership  with  Luxury  Society,  has  unveiled: An  international  ranking  and  analysis  of  the   most  searched-­‐‑for  brands  within  the  luxury  industry.     2 A new luxury benchmark is born.The World Luxury Index.Notable  past  reports  include:  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  3. 3. 3 The World Luxury Index Brazil.300+ brandsUnbiased insights from the top searchengine in Brazil: over 90% market share20 million+ searches*Covering:  *  From  January  to  June  2012 6 KeySegments Fashion Cars Beauty Hospitality Watches Jewelry  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  4. 4. 4 The Market.The global luxury Brazilian market isestimated at 11,94 billion USD in 2012.80% of luxury products acquired byBrazilians are purchased abroad.Brand interest for luxury increased by 24%in 2012.MCF Consultoria and GfK Custom Research ; Digital Luxury Group  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  5. 5. 5 Brazilians, valuable luxury travelers.“The Brazilian has become a constanttraveler, being the main customer inseveral luxury markets worldwide.”Carlos Ferreirinha, MCF Consultoria
  6. 6. 6 The Consumer.Brazilians are sophisticated, educatedand keen to follow trends, with a desireof immediate consumption of the best.Night  view  of  Copacabana  Beach,  Rio  de  Janeiro  ©Catarina  Belova
  7. 7. 7 What are the most searched forluxury brands in Brazil?
  8. 8. 8 Top 50 Most Searched For Luxury Brands in Brazil.January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group   1 Audi 2 BMW 3 MAC  Cosmetics 4 Mercedes  Benz 5 Range  Rover 6 Ferrari 7 Porsche 8 Chanel 9 Volvo 10 Armani 11 Lamborghini 12 Omega 13 Hilton 14 Sheraton 15 Rolex 16 Lacoste 17 BugaYi 18 Calvin  Klein 19 Dior 20 Tivoli 21 TAG  Heuer 22 Ralph  Lauren 23 Hermès 24 Renaissance 25 Intercontinental 26 Gucci 27 Louis  VuiYon 28 Lancôme 29 Cadillac 30 Regent 31 Cartier 32 Burberry 33 Swarovski 34 Make  Up  For  Ever 35 Jaguar 36 Infiniti 37 Prada 38 Lexus 39 Bulgari 40 Breitling 41 Celine 42 Lotus 43 Pagani 44 Christian  Louboutin 45 Kenzo 46 Clinique 47 Dolce  &  Gabbana 48 McLaren 49 Aston  Martin 50 Michael  Kors  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  9. 9. By Luxury Segment.FASHION CARS BEAUTY HOSPITALITY WATCHES JEWELRY#1#2#39  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  10. 10. 10 Automobiles represent 50% of the Brazilian luxury market.Watches 7% Cars 49% Jewelry 2% Fashion 13% Beauty 18% Hospitality 11%  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  11. 11. 11 Beauty, second largest luxury segment.“Brazilians are trulybeauty junkies.”Paula Larroque, Senior VP Latin America, Sephora  Photo  Source:  Sephora  Brazil
  12. 12. 12 Brazilians’ love for Appearance boosts the Beauty sector.Consumer  interest  for  Beauty  brands  grew  by  49%  in  2012. Per  capita  spending  on  beauty  and  personal  care  products  is  around  $260,  which  is  similar  to  the  one  in  the  USA¹. (¹)  Associated  Press,  February  2013  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  13. 13. 13 Brazilian Beauty = Perfume + Make Up.Perfumes   and   make   up   are   driving   the   beauty   sector,  representing  over  90%  of  consumer  interest. Perfumes 48% Make  up 45% Skin  care 7% BREAKDOWN OF BEAUTY SEARCHES BY CATEGORY  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  14. 14. 14 Top Beauty Brands by category.PERFUMES MAKE UP SKIN CARE# 1# 2# 3  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  15. 15. 15 Focus on the Brazilian Beauty leader: MAC.MAC  Cosmetics  is  an  undeniable  leader  in  Brazil  gathering  66%  of  make-­‐‑up  market  share. MAC  Cosmetics  benefits  its  first  mover  advantage,  with  a  presence  since  2002  and  25  stores  in  2012. MOST SEARCHED FOR MAC PRODUCTSLipstick 41% Base 15% Blush 11% Mascara 10% Powder 7% Other 16% In  2009,  sales  of  the  lipstick  Snob,  by  MAC,  featured  in  a  telenovela,  exploded. In  2011,  for  the  first  time,  Brazil  was  selected  for  the  international  launch  of  Semi  Precious,  a  make-­‐‑up  collection.  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  16. 16. 16 Meet the Brazilian Beauty fast-moving challengers.MOVERS: FASTEST MOVING BEAUTY BRANDSSHAKERS: BEAUTY BRANDS WITH SLOWEST GROWTH+745 % +225% -46% -47% -32% +108%  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  17. 17. 17 Consuming Beauty becomes a need.“A make up revolutionhappened in Brazil in2012. I believe that soon,make up will become acommodity as common asa toothbrush.” Chloé Renard, Brand Manager, Benefit Cosmetics Brazil
  18. 18. 18 Brazilians are Fashion addicts.“Style is to Brazil whatprecision is to Switzerland.”David Sadigh, Founder and CEO Digital Luxury Group
  19. 19. 19 Top 10 Most Searched For Fashion brands.# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 10  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  20. 20. 20 Brazilians love Casual fashion.Apparel  is  the  leading  fashion  category  (43%),  led  by  casual  luxury  brands  Ralph  Lauren,  Lacoste  and  Armani.   Apparel 43% Bags  and  wallets 38% Shoes 14% Sunglasses 5% BREAKDOWN OF FASHION SEARCHESBY CATEGORYTOP 3 MOST SEARCHED FOR BRANDS FOR APPAREL# 1# 2# 3  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  21. 21. 21 Lacoste, casual chic.Consumer   interest   for   the  Lacoste   grew   by   78%   in  2012.   Brazil   is   Lacoste’s   fifth  biggest   market   in   brand  interest  (9%). Strong   brand   expansion:  from   130   points   of   sale   in  2007   to   over   750   in   2011,  and    to  80  unique  stores. Collaboration  with  the  Campana  brothers  in  2009  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  22. 22. 22 Lacoste: affordable Polo as a key revenue generator.Typical   entry   point   to   mid-­‐‑range  luxury,   at   around   $100,   Polos   are  Lacoste’s   key   products   with   55   %   of  brand  searches. Production   in   Latin   America  (MERCOSUR)  allows  for  competitive  prices   within   the   mid-­‐‑range   luxury  segment. Polos 55% Apparel 12% Shoes 28% Handbags 4% Sunglasses 1%  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   BREAKDOWN OF LACOSTE SEARCHES BY PRODUCTJanuary  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  23. 23. 23 High-end Luxury brands are preferred for handbags.TOP 5 MOST SEARCHED FOR BRANDS FOR HANDBAGSDiscover  DLG’s  exclusive  analysis  of  120+  handbag  brands  in  Brazil  in  the  WorldHandbagReport™ # 1# 2# 3# 4# 5  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   !
  24. 24. Armani Prada Gucci Christian  Dior Chanel 24 Sunglasses are an entry point to luxury.Sunglasses  rank  particularly  high:  they  represent  over  5%  of  fashion-­‐‑related  searches  in  Brazil.   MOST SEARCHED FOR SUNGLASSES BRANDSContact  us  for  more  information  about  the  luxury  eyewear  market  in  Brazil brazil@digital-­‐‑luxury.com    ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   !
  25. 25. 25 Brazil shows a strong interest for Luxury cars.“Brazil is a market withtremendous potential for thefuture.”Ian Robertson, BMW sales chief  Photo  Source:  BMW  website
  26. 26. 26 Top 10 Most searched for Automobile brands.(¹)  Fenabrave,  Abeiva,  Jato  Dynamics # 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 6# 7# 8# 9# 1035,400  cars  from  these  World  Luxury  Index™  Brazil  Top  10  brands  were  sold¹  in  2012.
  27. 27. 27 Passion for SUV and sport cars.Out  of  the  top  50  most-­‐‑searched  car  models,  18  are  sports  cars  and  17  are  SUVs. BREAKDOWN OF MOST SEARCHED FOR CAR TYPES1 Audi A3 2 Range  Rover Evoque 3 Mercedes  Benz C  Class 4 BugaYi Veyron 5 Audi A4 6 Audi R8 7 BMW 1  Series 8 Porsche Cayenne 9 Lamborghini Aventador 10 Volvo XC60 TOP 10 MOST SEARCHED FOR CAR MODELSSUV  24.7% Super  car  16.8% Sports  car  12.1% Hatchback20.2% Sedan  26.2%  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   Contact  us  for  more  information  about  the   luxury  car  market  in  Brazil brazil@digital-­‐‑luxury.com   !January  –  June  2012 Source:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  28. 28. 28 Evoque champions armored cars sales.Range  Rover  Evoque  is  a  surprise  as  the  2nd  most  searched  for  car  model.  It  was  the  most  armored  car  in  first  half  of  2012  in  Brazil. (¹)  Abrablin A   3,343%   increase   in  number   of   searches   for  Range   Rover   in   Brazil   in  2012. A n   a ve r a g e   o f   5 0 0  Evoque   sold¹   every  month  in  2012.   Evoque  represents  10%  of  the  4,275  cars  armored¹  in  Brazil  in  first  half  of  2012.  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  29. 29. 29 What are the most searched forluxury watches in Brazil?  Photo  Source:  carrera.calibre11.com
  30. 30. 1 TAG  Heuer Carrera 2 Rolex Daytona 3 Omega Seamaster 4 TAG  Heuer Monaco 5 Rolex Submariner 6 TAG  Heuer Grand  Carrera 7 TAG  Heuer Formula  1 8 IWC Portuguese 9 Rolex Oyster  Perpetual 10 Hublot Ayrton  Senna 30 Sports rule Watch preferences.Most  searched  for  luxury  watch  collections  reveal  Brazilians  preferences  for  Men’s,  Sports  and  Chronograph  timepieces,  a  segment  dominated  by  TAG  Heuer,  Rolex  and  Omega. TOP 10 MOST SEARCHED WATCH MODELS IN BRAZIL  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   Discover  DLG’s  exclusive  analysis  of  60+  luxury  watch  brands  in  Brazil  in  the  WorldWatchReport™ !
  31. 31. 31 About TAG Heuer in Brazil.“Formula 1 actually owns a very important place in the Brazilianculture, something that cannot be found in other markets. In 1988,Ayrton Senna actually became a TAG McLaren Mercedes driver andTAG HEUER ambassador. This historical relationship definitelyexplains a large part of great interest Brazilian clients have for thebrand and its models.”Richard Courbrant, Chief Editor TWG, WorldWatchReport™ Contributor
  32. 32. 32 Purchases abroad are Brazil’s fiercest competitor.“The “Brazil cost” is a combination of logisticcosts, distribution costs, people costs, that areall heavily impacted by domestic taxes – as wellas importation taxes.In average, an imported product will be 2.5 moreexpensive in Brazil than in the US or in FranceChloé Renard, Brand Manager, Benefit Cosmetics, Brazil
  33. 33. 33 Import taxes in Brazil are among the highest.A  Porsche  Carrera  Convertible  worth  USD  $96,200  in  the  US  will  be  sold  USD  $355,000  in  Brazil. USD 96,200 USD 355,000  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  34. 34. 34 Where do Brazilians spend their money?America   is   the   top   destination   for   Brazilian   travelers   (71%   of   travel  location  searches).  They  rank  first¹  in  per  capita  spending  amongst  the  top  10  groups  of  foreign  visitors  to  the  US.   Paris,   Lisbon   and   London   are   the   most   searched   for   European  destinations. (¹)  Euromonitor,  March  2012 TOP 5 AMERICAS DESTINATIONSMiami NYC Cancun Buenos  Aires Orlando TOP 5 EUROPEAN DESTINATIONSParis Lisbon London Milan Madrid # 1# 2# 3# 4# 5# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  35. 35. Most searched Hotel Brands by Location.NYC Miami Cancun Paris Lisbon London#1#2#335 Americas Europe Contact  us  for  more  information  about  the    luxury  hospitality  market  in  Brazil brazil@digital-­‐‑luxury.com   !
  36. 36. 36 Brazilians love malls.“Brazil is anindoor commerce country.”Carlos Ferreirinha, President, MCF ConsultoriaVillage  Mall,  in  Rio  de  Janeiro
  37. 37. 37 High-end Luxury malls are a success.Two  high-­‐‑end  luxury  malls  were  successfully  launched  in  2012:  JK  Iguatemi  in  São  Paulo  and  Village  Mall  in  Rio  de  Janeiro.    Nearly  half  a  million  searches  for  those  malls  were  recorded  over  the  year.      ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA   0 10000 20000 30000 40000 50000 60000 70000 Shopping  JK  Iguatemi Shopping  Village  Mall SEARCH TREND OF LUXURY MALLS OPENINGS IN BRAZILSource:  Digital  Luxury  Group  
  38. 38. 38 Malls are an entry point to the Brazilian market.High   end   luxury   malls   have   been   the   privileged   locations  for  brands  to  open  their  very  first  own  stores  in  Brazil. Some  of  the  brands  that  opened  their  first  Brazilian  stores  in  malls  in  2012:  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  39. 39. Interested in More Information?Digital  Luxury  Group  offers  the  opportunity  to  subscribe  to  a  business  intelligence  service,  which  monitors  the  changing  consumer  interest  of  luxury  prospective  clientele. Through  unique  benchmarking  metrics,  luxury  brands  receive  timely  updates  on  the  consumer  demand  for  brands,  competitors,  product  categories  as  well  as  various    insights  on  key  marketing  drivers  capturing  the  aYention  of  luxury  consumers  worldwide.   For  more  information,  contact  us:   brazil@digital-­‐‑luxury.com
  40. 40. The  World Luxury Index™ is  an  international  ranking  and  analysis  of  the  most  searched-­‐‑for  brands  and  services  within  the  luxury  industry.    Covering  over  400  companies  within  six  key  segments  (fashion,  beauty,  jewelry,  cars,  watches,  and  hospitality)  in  ten  key  luxury  markets,  the  World Luxury Index™  provides  insights  on  the  unbiased  search  inputs  coming  from  global  luxury  consumers  in  the  world’s  top  search  engines  (Google,  Bing,  Baidu,  Yandex).    The  result  is  a  one-­‐‑of-­‐‑a-­‐‑kind  benchmark  of  the  luxury  brands  capturing  the  aYention  of  luxury-­‐‑minded  consumers  around  the  world.     Digital  Luxury  Group  has  a  history  in  luxury  industry  market  intelligence.    Since  2004,  the  WorldWatchReport™  has  provided  the  luxury  watch  industry  with  unmatched  insights  and  garnered  aYention  from  the  world’s  leading  publications,  such  as: 40 ABOUT.  ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA  
  41. 41. 41 ABOUT.www.digital-luxury.comwww.luxurysociety.comWith  offices  in  New  York,  Geneva,  Shanghai,  and  Dubai,  Digital  Luxury  Group  (DLG)  is  the  first  international  company  to  provide  luxury  industry  market  intelligence  and  use  this  strategic  viewpoint  to  create  and  implement  digital  marketing  and  communication  strategies  for  luxury  brands.   Luxury  Society  is  the  worldʹs  most  influential  online  community  of  top  luxury  executives.  Based  in  Paris,  with  members  in  more  than  150  countries,  Luxury  Society  informs  and  connects  CEOs,  managers,  journalists,  consultants,  designers  and  analysts  from  across  the  luxury  industry.    ©  Digital  Luxury  Group,  SA