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Skyfall Social buzz highlights - UK

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Skyfall Social buzz highlights - UK

  1. 1. Social buzz highlights:November 2011 – October 2012
  2. 2. Peaks in social activity around ‘Skyfall’ May 21st Oct 1st 1st Skyfall trailer Adele confirmed as the released theme song artist Nov 3rd Oct 26-28th Jul 31 st Opening weekend Film name, cast and 2 Skyfall trailer nd director announced of Skyfall released2011 2012Oct Nov Dec2011 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun 2012 Jul Aug Sep Oct Sep 17th Official UK Skyfall poster revealed Nov 7th Production begins Jul 27th Daniel Craig appears alongside Oct 23rd the Queen for Olympic Games Skyfall Premiere in opening ceremony Royal Albert Hall Global Outlook . Local Insight
  3. 3. Social highlights231,727 total ‘Skyfall’ mentions over the past 12 months, with volume gradually buildingaround each announcement or asset, peaking at 33,862 mentions on Friday 26th October,when the film released in cinema. Men have generated just over two thirds of all thebuzzNovember 3rd 2011: May 21st 2012When the new title was announced as Skyfall, there The release of the first ‘Skyfall’ trailer generated 6125were 955 mentions commenting on the ‘name’ or mentions and positive buzz around the up coming film‘title’ of the film in the UK. There were mixed reviews with. Most of the conversation included references toon the title, with an even split in sentiment. how ‘amazing’ and ‘awesome’ the trailer looks.Gender distribution: Male – 78%, Female – 22% Gender distribution: Male – 84%, Female – 16%October 23rd 2012 October 26-28th 2012The red carpet Skyfall premiere at Royal Albert Hall, The record breaking opening weekend hasgenerated a lot of interest online with 15,466 generated the most buzz so far - a huge 76,269mentions about ‘Skyfall’. Around a third of the mentions. Most of the conversation referencedconversation - 4900 mentions - was directed at the ‘excitement’ about seeing the film and about howRoyal and celebrity guests in attendance. Other ‘great’ the movie is. Social activity peaked on Fridayprominent themes included comparisons with former 26th October with 33,862 mentions.Bond movies and ‘excitement’ for the release in Gender distribution: Male – 65%, Female – 35%cinema,Gender distribution: Male – 56%, Female – 44% Global Outlook . Local Insight