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WTF - What's The Future of Disruption in Travel?

  2. WHO WE ARE 2 Mighty Media Group is a digital agency with a focus on building high quality disruptive technology solutions. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands delivering closed loop digital marketing initiatives including social media, digital publishing and mobile commerce solutions that push the boundaries of travel innovation.
  3. MY CONFESSION 3 AND THANKS! “Will online Trinity Forum 2014 shopping soon break through the protective wall of Duty Free soon? If so; How? And when?” “Who should be designing our mobile roadmaps?” “Will the Iphone6 really have an impact on our present mobile strategy?”
  4. DIGITAL DISRUPTION 4 LET’S SKIP THE JARGON. “CHANGE enabled by digital technologies that occurs at a pace and magnitude that disrupt established ways of value creation, social interaction, doing business, and our way of generally thinking.” – Professor Riemer UTS Sydney 2013
  5. 5 Mobile e-commerce is now a $40 billion market, up from $2 billion in 2010.
  6. 6 iPad reigns with 80% of tablet orders, but Samsung and Amazon are nibbling away at the Apple with 12% and 4% and of orders respectively as of March, 2014.
  7. 7 Cross-device shopping isn’t quite here yet. As of Q1 2014, 88% of customers only use one device to make purchases.
  8. 8 By the end of 2014, we expect 1.76 billion people to own and use smartphones monthly, up more than 25% over 2013.
  9. 9 Gartner Hype Cycle 2014 – 20 Years Later…
  10. MOBILITY IS THE BIGGEST DISRUPTOR 10 IT CAN NO LONGER BE IGNORED ‘ Mobile Reach and Scale Apple has over 500m credit cards and email addresses. ∫ Digital Youthification The disparity in behavior between millennials and GenX is diminishing. We act/buy the same way. ← Content and Context 62% are interested in buying products and services directly from articles and features they read in digital publications and social media ≅ Transparency Offers can be deployed on both Android and IOs platforms and monitored with Google Analytics. ! Mobile is Ubiquitous China has 261 Million smart phones and tablets (and growing!) ! Immediacy and Convenience 67% of those who consume branded digital content are interested in buying those products or services directly from an advertisement in the publication Source: *ORC Caravan (May 2013), **
  11. 11 2009!
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  14. IF YOU ARE WAITING FOR A CASE STUDY, DON’T. 14 HIGH STREET RETAILERS ARE SEIZING THE MOMENT. September 16, 2014 “Macy’s partners with App developers Shopkick to leverage external expertise and experience in proximity marketing, virtual currency and rewards.”
  16. SHIFT TO CONTEXTUAL INTELLIGENCE 16 EXISTING MARKETING IS TACTICAL. THE FUTURE IS CONTEXTUAL. ! ∫ ! ≅ ! ! CONTEXTUAL INTELLIGENCE ALLOWS US TO KNOW MORE: LOCATION ! Being able to detect the How close are they to the moment of purchase? MOTION ! speed and opportunity to disrupt. ENVIRONMENTAL ∫ Who are your customers? Where are you and where are you going? Sell sunscreen to a person heading to Bali. SOCIAL Who do they influence? Where do they share? ! HISTORICAL ≅ BEHAVIORAL What have they bought Are they frequent travellers or airport employees? Do they travel on the same routes or carriers? that might influence what they could buy from you? !
  17. CONNECTED TRAVELLERS ARE READY FOR CLOSED LOOP 17 MARKETING 85% Have used a mobile shopping app while inside a store Mobile app features travelers want most to use in-store: 80% 78% 62% 58% 1 9% Push notifications about sales / promotions More tools for price comparisons, accessing list, style guides Content that is relevant to interests and location Loyalty program integration Ability to pay with mobile phone 77% Would share their location in return for value 72% Would purchase in-store after receiving a relevant offer while shopping Swiss / Research Now survey of smartphone users, Nov 2013
  18. MOBILE ENGAGEMENT INCREASES REVENUE 18 Health & Beauty + 50% Appliances Electronics Median Basket Size % increase Median Basket Size % increase + 40% Median Basket Size % increase + 34% $30 $45 $250 $350 $161 $215 Swiss / Research Now survey of smartphone users, Nov 2013
  19. NON REVENUE PAYBACKS OF DEPLOYING CONTEXTUALLY 19 INTELLIGENT MARKETING Traveller benefits Traveller & Retailer benefits Retailer benefits ‘ Service Engagement Context Personalization Insight Efficiency Differentiation
  20. 20 Social & Content Personalization Proximity Omni-channel engagement Advocacy
  22. Contextual Intelligence and closed loop marketing bring the reach of the web into your store with engaging mobile promotions in to the hands of those in a position to take action. Forget wondering if your mobile campaigns are working - the proof is right in front of you.
  23. Contextual Intelligence and closed loop marketing bring the reach of the web into your store with engaging mobile promotions in to the hands of those in a position to take action. Forget wondering if your mobile campaigns are working - the proof is right in front of you. Reach Customers You Can TOUCH Gain permission through value creation and content to push messages and offers. Leverage proximity marketing platforms like Konekt to deliver digital reminders straight to the phone at just the right moment
  24. What is the ROI of this?
  26. THE RECIPE: CONTENT AND CONTEXT = COMMERCE 26 Branded content marketing through apps and digital publishing offer travellers value, entertainment and information. Travellers are messaged when in proximity to the retail store and reminded of intentions at ZMOT Traveller is delivered and prompted with intentioned opportunities as well as location and preference centric offers. Cloud services and API’s provide scalability, security and platform / database integration and business intelligence
  27. THE TRINITY OF DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY IN TRAVEL 27 THE THREE ESSENTIAL PARTIES TO DELIVER CLOSED LOOP ⎣ Airports As the “known” entity, open up the API of your applications to enable proximity offers pushed to application users through IBeacon technology. Partners Concessionaires, Government Authorities, OTAs and global travel agencies, airlines, Duty Free Retailers, ∫ Closed Loop Marketing Experts Capabilities in Application design, marketing solutions, social media signaling, proximity mapping, content development and CRM integration. ! “The future success of disruptive technology in travel lies in our ability to create remarkable and unique experiences. Our ability to leverage technology to tell our story and generate enough trust allows us to become an active participate, concierge and advisor. This both our privilege and our opportunity. Technology whilst shiny, is only the enabler.“
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