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Dimension Data and EMC! Two Great Organisations – One Unwavering Commitment

A powerful duo of innovation

Recent conversations with IT leaders all point to the fact that it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ organisations will transition workloads to cloud – it’s a matter of ‘when’ and ‘how’.

It’s not just the cost benefits of cloud that are driving its adoption. Businesses across all industries have realised that they need to move swiftly to reinvent themselves to embrace a new digital age, one in which technology is built, evaluated, marketed, sold, used, serviced, and supported very differently. They need to fundamentally change the way their businesses operate in order to meet their customers’ expectations for unprecedented agility, speed of responsiveness, and access to information. The directive from the business to the CIO is clear: transform IT to meet this digital future.

An agile cloud infrastructure is at the foundation of enabling this change. The good news is that Dimension Data and EMC recently formed the Catalyst Alliance in order to assist IT leaders to drive this transformation within their operations. The Alliance is a strategic four-year market development initiative aimed at simplifying the transition to cloud computing for mid-sized enterprises.

The two companies will invest to jointly define, market, and sell solutions that facilitate the move to and ongoing management of hybrid IT. Together the partners will provide clients with comprehensive offerings that span on premise, off-premise, private, public, and hybrid cloud with a suite of managed services.

What will also spark many CIOs’ interest is the fact that a dedicated team of technical and sales specialists from Dimension Data and EMC will work with them to choose solutions with the option to subscribe to flexible consumption models in order to manage as much, or as little, of a service as they need.
Learn more here: http://blog.dimensiondata.com/2015/09/a-powerful-duo-of-innovation/

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Dimension Data and EMC! Two Great Organisations – One Unwavering Commitment

  1. 1. The Catalyst Alliance Dimension Data and EMC Two great organisations – one unwavering commitment Real answers: the Catalyst Alliance Dimension Data and EMC jointly developed solutions Managed private and hybrid cloud Storage management services Backup services Disaster recovery and business continuity Application management and hosting Today’s IT challenge Technology is reinventing the modern organisation. Clients and consumers expect unprecedented agility, speed of responsiveness, and access to information. As the pace of business accelerates, organisations must transform their IT to meet this digital future, but transitioning to the cloud can be a daunting proposition. Organisations need a way to move successfully to the cloud in a way that makes business sense—today, and tomorrow. I want to move to the cloud, but don’t know how. How can I reduce the risk of adopting hybrid IT? I need to reduce my IT capital expenditure, while improving service delivery. © Copyright Dimension Data 2015
  2. 2. Why choose the Catalyst Alliance? The benefits of our solutions Improved time-to-value Traditional IT Little to no capex consumption-based opex = reduced costs Capex + opex = expensive + Transformed IT Reduced risk Accelerated cloud adoption Little disruption to IT operations The Catalyst Alliance delivers these benefits through: © Copyright Dimension Data 2015 Virtualised infrastructures New software Advanced cloud platforms Managed services Catalyst Alliance solutions $ $$ $ $ $