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Roles of social workers

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Roles of social workers

  1. 1. Dinneka R. 23/5/2015
  2. 2. List of Social Worker Roles Advocate Counselor Mediator Researcher Educator Manager Case Manager Facilitator Community change agent Broker
  3. 3. ADVOCATE In the advocate role, the social worker fights for the rights of those disempowered by society with the goal of empowering the client. The social worker speaks on behalf of clients when others will not listen or when clients are unable to do so. http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/advocate-9054104
  4. 4. COUNSELOR In the role of counselor, the social worker helps clients express their needs, clarify their problems, explore resolution strategies, and applies intervention strategies to develop and expand the capacities of clients to deal with their problems more effectively. A key function of this role is to empower people by affirming their personal strengths and their capacities to deal with their problems more effectively. http://www.cliparthut.com/counselor-clip-art-clipart-uaf2Lp.html
  5. 5. MEDIATOR In the mediator role, the social worker intervenes in disputes between parties to help them find compromises, reconcile differences, and reach mutually satisfying agreements. The mediator takes a neutral stance among the involved parties. http://www.fotosearch.com/ILW504/ruggia0488c/
  6. 6. RESEARCHER In the researcher role, a social worker evaluates practice interventions and with others evaluates program outcomes. The researcher critically analyze the literature on relevant topics of interest and uses this information to inform practice. A researcher extends and disseminates knowledge, and seeks to enhance the effectiveness of social work practice. https://www.fau.edu/ssw/organizations/sowsa.php
  7. 7. EDUCATOR In the Educator role, social workers are involved in teaching people about resources and how to develop particular skills such as budgeting, the caring discipline of children, effective communication, the meaning of a medical diagnosis, and the prevention of violence. http://www.onlinebusiness.newstipstricks.com/how-can-you-do-more-to-inspire-your-employees/
  8. 8. CASE MANAGER In the role of a Case manager, the social worker locates services and assists their clients to access those services. Case management is especially important for complex situations and for those who are homeless or elderly, have chronic physical or mental health issues, are disabled, victims of domestic or other violent crimes, or are vulnerable children. http://donnienicole.com/2010/06/21/project-organization-financial-documents/
  9. 9. COMMUNITY CHANGE AGENT As a community change agent, the social worker participates as part of a group or organization seeking to improve or restructure some aspect of community service provision. A change agent, working with others, uses a problem-solving model to identify the problem, solicit community input, and plan for change. A community change agent acts in a coordinated manner to achieve planned change at multiple levels that helps to shift the focus of institutional resources to meet identified goals. http://www.clipartpanda.com/clipart_images/neighborhood-clipart-7367249
  10. 10. FACILITATOR In this role, social workers are involved in gathering groups of people together for a variety of purposes including community development, self advocacy, political organization, and policy change. Social workers are involved as group therapists and task group leaders. http://www.utsab.org/joomla25/index.php/events/12-gbm/event_details
  11. 11. BROKER In the role of a broker, a social worker is responsible for identifying, locating, and linking clients to needed resources in a timely manner. Once the client’s needs are assessed and potential services identified, the broker assists the client in choosing the most appropriate service option and assists in negotiating the terms of service delivery. In this role the social worker is also concerned with the quality, quantity, and accessibility of services. http://pixshark.com/office-administration-clipart.htm
  12. 12. MANAGER As managers, social workers are better able to influence policy change and/or development, and to advocate, on a larger scale, for all underprivileged people. http://masspeaceaction.org/4081
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