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Mature man - zelia gattai pps

  1. 1. Text: Zélia Gattai (Brazilian writer - Jorge Amado's wife)
  2. 2. “There is an unmistakable and seductive beauty in the personality of many men who are now in middle age. Of course, every rule has its exceptions, and each age has its own value.
  3. 3. Those who today are above of 40,50 or 60 years old, we can see with certain ease , the sensitivity of their hearts, the devotion they have for what is most beautiful: the FEELING. They are more intelligent, experienced, charming… eloquent. They know what they say and they know say in the right time.
  4. 4. They are catchy, know how to present without trouble. They build a good friendship. In terms of relationships, they know exchange the quantity for quality... They have sharp vision of the values of life, know how to treat a woman, with respect and affection.
  5. 5. Are special Men, romantic, interesting and attractive by their way of being, thinking and living. In the way of looking at life, are more poetic, more sentimental, more emotional and more exciting. More mature men have more resourcefulness in dealing with women, are can recognize their qualities, are more witty, discreet, are more understanding and more educated.
  6. 6. The reason why many older men have these wonderful qualities is due to several factors: the option of being and living of each one, their personalities, their training and family roots, wisdom, individual tastes, etc
  7. 7. But I think in part there is a good deal of influence about your way of living in any given time of your life ; movie and music heard left good memories of his youth, a time not so remote, but that certainly does not return. Lived his youth (the period that marks the lives of us all) on one of the best periods of our time: Of the 1960 and 1970. Considered the "decades of golden youth, when the romance was sung in verse and prose.
  8. 8. The healthy influence of a time, caused by so many important events, which now remain in memory, and that changed the lives of many. A time when the best of the fest is the dating, the dance to the rhythm of gentle ballads. The moonlight was inspiring, the Sunday sun was only joy. They listened to the Beatles, Johnny Mathis, the king Roberto Carlos, Antonio Marcos, Chaka Khan, Golden Boys, Bossa Nova, Morres Albert, the Young Guard and many others who packed their "Youth Sunday afternoons, how many joys! Old days, beautiful days. "
  9. 9. Were and still are the men who knew more dating: Dating the gate, shaking hands, hugging tight, with respect and affection, the eye in the eye had more value ... The fashion was the love or suffer for love. Many have lived for love ... Others died of love ... These mature men today, have never been of "stay". Or they were dating right, or were in the "pit", or were alone. If they "stay" would be forever ... was to marry with the woman beloved
  10. 10. With “Benito di Paula”, they sang the "Brazilian Women in the first place!" The passion for our country was evident when they sang: "The beaches of Brazil, sunny la,la,la,la la... The sky of my Brazil have more the splendor .. The hand of God blessed Woman is born here, has much more love ... I love you,my Brazil, I love you ... No one holds the youth of Brazil ... zil ... zil ... zil ..." BENITO DI PAULA
  11. 11. The youth has passed... but left engraved on them, the most sublime and romantic way of living. Today they have a "baggage" of knowledge, experience, maturity and intelligence, which have accumulated over the years. The time took care to distinguish them from others: Letting their hair silver color smooth movements, the voice paused, but more sound. Today they are men who marked an era.
  12. 12. I've been fortunate to have some of them as online friends, even without seeing them in person, I realize these features through their words and gestures. Many of them today, "dominate" with skill and dexterity these virtual machines, proving that neither the advancement of technology has changed their feelings, because these men still enchant with verses, rhymes, songs and words of love. Robert Redford: as said Nor are they decreased the Oprah Winfrey: devastatingly great capacity to love, feel beautiful… and express their feelings. Many have become poets, others love poetry.
  13. 13. Why the most important is not the old denounced in the details of their faces and yes the rare values of their personalities. The important thing is to realize that their hearts remain young ... Are older men, and that we , women of today, we have the privilege of being able to admire them...
  14. 14. Thank you so much Zélia Gattai by this text simply WONDERFUL!!!! Zelia Gattai 2013- january . Loving you – kenny G