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Better Business Results with Integrated Insight

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To be successful in the age of Big Data, organizations must be able to collect, analyze and disseminate data to make smarter business decisions. In this DataWeek 2012 presentation, Tom Carlock explains how data-as-a-service (DaaS) can help businesses improve productivity, reduce costs, and increase revenue through more effective data management across the enterprise.

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Better Business Results with Integrated Insight

  1. 1. Drive Better Business Results WithIntegrated Insight In Your Applications Tom Carlock VP, Data-as-a-Service Strategies carlockt@dnb.com September 25, 2012
  2. 2. Big Data is only getting bigger…2 Source: Column Five Media
  3. 3. Creating real opportunities – and challenges Source: Avanade3
  4. 4. Why is it so hard? Organizational Silos Data Inaccuracies Lack of Accessibility4
  5. 5. Bad data impairs decision-making and significantly increases costs5
  6. 6. But are you fully utilizing data to make better business decisions to drive growth? Of executives think the failure 90 to exploit the potential of information results in lost revenue. Of companies report obstacles in managing and analyzing data. 856 Sources: *SAP **Autonomy
  7. 7. Improving actionable insight across the business is a key priority for executives7
  8. 8. You can achieve better business performance by putting the right data in the right hands at the right time A study by MIT shows that companies that use “data-directed decision-making” enjoy a 5-6% boost in productivity and outperform peers. Complete the picture Connect on-demand towith relevant context for the info you need – smarter decisions in one place 360° View Trustworthy Trustworthy Start with accurate and current data that8 you can rely on
  9. 9. To do that, you need to connect and deliver consistent and relevant data across systems Large CRM Identify Opportunities Purchasing Marketing & Supply Automation Qualify Target Vendor Campaigns ERP, Risk & Finance Identify Exposure9
  10. 10. Then aggregate and deliver data from multiple source for better insights Rest Of World Data ERP SCM CRM Data is kept updated and D&B synchronized — Database automatically 210M+ Companies 100M+ Contacts 900+ Industry Reports and Company Financials MORE…. Risk and MORE…10
  11. 11. And deliver it real-time for improveddecision-making and better business results Make requests API Customer Database THE INTERNET Application Receive answers API to Customer The API provides a flexible, real-time, on-demand data transfer capability for easier integration into your business processes and applications
  12. 12. D&B’s Data-as-a-Service offerings help you embed intelligence across your enterprise12
  13. 13. Demo 13