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Docker Online Meetup: Announcing Docker CE + EE

Docker Community Edition (CE) and Enterprise Edition (EE) are the best expressions of the Docker Platform to date. Whether you’re a developer, an ops team or a enterprise IT-team member, and no matter the infrastructure, Docker CE and EE gives you a way to install, upgrade and maintain Docker with the support and assurances required for your particular workload.

Both Docker CE and EE are available on a wide range of popular operating systems (including Windows Server 2016) and cloud infrastructure. Developers and devOps have the freedom to run Docker on their favorite infrastructure without risk of lock-in.

Michael Friis will give an overview of both editions and highlight the big enhancements to the lifecycle, maintainability and upgradability of Docker.

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Docker Online Meetup: Announcing Docker CE + EE

  1. 1. March 8th, 2017 Online Docker meetup Community Edition and Enterprise Edition
  2. 2. •Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) −A modern app platform for all apps on any infrastructure −EE is certified, supported and CaaS enabled for enterprises running critical apps in production −Community Edition (CE) is the free open source version of Docker for the dev and ops community •Docker Certification Program −Deliver validated & certified value-added technology to the Docker platform −Trusted container distribution and management in Docker Store Docker CE and EE summary
  3. 3. Evolution of the Docker Platform Beginning • Single purpose • Linux developer community
  4. 4. Evolution of the Docker Platform Many purposes, users and infrastructure Today Developer Community Need to experiment and innovate with leading edge tech Ops Community Enterprise Partner Ecosystem Run business critical apps at scale anywhere Extend and add value to a platform with a shared path to monetization Need a predictable system to deploy and run apps
  5. 5. Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) and Community Edition (CE) • Free Docker platform for “do it yourself” dev and ops • Monthly Edge release with latest features for developers • Quarterly release with maintenance for ops Community Edition (CE)Enterprise Edition (EE) • CaaS enabled platform subscription (integrated container orchestration, management and security) • Enterprise class support • Quarterly releases, supported for one year each with backported patches and hotfixes. • Certified Infrastructure, Plugins, Containers
  6. 6. What is a Docker Edition Making things simple for a great user experience
  7. 7. Docker CE availability • Docker CE for Mac and Windows 10 • Docker CE for AWS and Azure • Docker CE for Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS • (Docker EE is available at no extra cost on Windows Server 2016)
  8. 8. New Docker CE variants and versioning • New versioning scheme for the Docker platform • 17.03 is first release • 17.03 has no breaking changes from 1.13.1 • Docker API version (1.26) is the same • Commitment to backwards compatibility remains • Docker CE Edge: Monthly releases with the latest features • Docker CE Stable: Quarterly releases with 4-month overlapping maintenance windows • Deterministic release train means contributors get guarantees on when merged features are in users’ hands
  9. 9. Lifecycle Squaring the circle: Faster releases and better stability
  10. 10. Editions and certification NEW Certification program for Infrastructure, Plugins and Containers Infrastructure Platform Community EditionEnterprise Edition
  11. 11. Docker Certified Launch Partners
  12. 12. Docker EE Subscription Tiers EE Basic EE Standard (Docker Datacenter) EE Advanced CaaS enabled platform x x x Container engine and built in orchestration, networking, security x x x Docker Certified Infra, Plugins and ISV Containers x x x Image management With private registry, caching x x Integrated container app management x x Multi-tenancy with RBAC, LDAP/AD x x Integrated secrets mgmt, image signing, policy x x Image security scanning and continuous vulnerability monitoring x DockerDatacenter
  13. 13. Docker EE Availability Docker Sales Team Windows Server 2016 From Docker OEM: Direct L2 / L2 Support Included Cloud Marketplaces
  14. 14. Docker Store • A commercial marketplace for partners and customers • Publishers gain instant access to Docker users with product delivery in containers • Customers gain ability to search, browse, purchase and manage from a single UX
  15. 15. The Docker Platform Developers Ops Enterprise Ecosystem ONE PLATFORM For Developers and IT For Linux and Windows On Premises and in the Cloud Traditional Homegrown, Commercial ISV, Microservices Docker Community Edition (CE) Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) Docker Certified Docker Store
  16. 16. Questions