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Doctors 2.0 &you 2015 pre programme (fr)

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Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter le pré-programme 2015 de Doctors 2.0 & You! Des thématiques actuelles de la santé digitale, des cas pratiques et concrets, une riche communauté internationale avec des speakers venant d'Europe, des Amériques, d'Asie, du Moyen-Orient et d'Afrique, patients, cliniciens, universitaires, industriels, associations... Bref, un événement riche, intense et passionnant qui se passera les 4 et 5 juin prochain.

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Doctors 2.0 &you 2015 pre programme (fr)

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE | INSIGHTFUL | INSPIRING www.doctors20.fr WEBSITE Paris, 4-5 Juin, 2015
  2. 2. Le congrès le plus tweeté de sa catégorie #doctors20 : 15k tweets en 2 jours ! "État de l'art" des outils digitaux avec des exemples médicaux concrets 80 Communications + Activités Ÿ Mobile Apps / Connected Objects / Quantied Self Ÿ Articial Intelligence / Big Data Ÿ Serious Games / Simulation Ÿ Communities / Social Media Ÿ LIveTweet permanent Ÿ Connexion vidéo avec un congrès américain simultané Ÿ Démos, dont la Réalité augmentée Ÿ Start-up Contest Ÿ Concours pour les participants
  3. 3. Speakers inscrits à ce jour Témoignages “This is going to be the 5th Doctors 2.0 And You I attend and looking at the agenda, I'm amazed. This is going to be the best event ever covering all digital aspects of medicine. You must be there!” Berci Mesko (Hongrie) “Doctors 2.0 & You is a must event if you want to understand the evolution of the practices and use cases that will be the basis of tomorrow's relationship between the patient and clinician” Fabrice Angelini, Thermosher (France) “I support the Doctors 2.0 & You conference. It combines the expertise of healthcare professionals from Europe, Asia and North America and also allows patients to have a direct contribution towards the healthcare industry. Every medical conference should be like this.” Dr Bart Brandenburg, Physician, (Pays Bas) “It was an honor to meet some of the most inuential minds in global health as we learned all about digital health, and that it took place at such a patient-included conference.” Vanessa Carter, ePatient advocate (Afrique du Sud) “I attended Doctors 2.0 & You in Paris in June 2014. Not only was I very impressed with the creative structure and concept of the meeting, but also with the wealth of experience and expertise Denise clearly has in the area of digital health. Wholeheartedly recommend the event and the team behind it.” Aidan Brain, EyeForPharma (UK) Ÿ Venant d'Europe, des Amériques, du Moyen Orient, d'Asie, d'Afrique Ÿ Patients, cliniciens, universitaires, ofciels, industriels, associations, "accélérateurs", start- ups, programmeurs, designers...
  4. 4. 12:30 Lunch + Networking + Expositions 13:30 Sessions parallèles internationales Ÿ Advanced Healthcare Social Media Strategy and Techniques with award-winning blogger and consultant, Marie Ennis O'Connor (Master Class) Ÿ Serious Games and Simulation : Two State of the Art Examples from the UK and the Netherlands demonstrating large scale applications for citizens and professionals Ÿ Digital Health Entrepreneurship from Physicians and Patients with speakers from Silicon Valley, Europe, India En français : Ÿ Clés de succès pour réussir sa visibilité sur les réseaux sociaux et notamment avec de la vidéo (Master Classe) Ÿ Réalité augmentée, impression 3D : regard pratique avec des “makers” 10:00 Accueil + Badges + Expositions 11:00 Sessions parallèles internationales Ÿ Dening and Designing a Successful Digital Health Solution with speakers from Living Labs Denmark (Master Class) Ÿ ePatient Opinion Leaders and Pharma: How is this new territory being dened and navigated in Europe and the US? Ÿ Start-Up Contest Pitches En français : Ÿ Gestion de données de santé avec la CNIL Ÿ mSanté et communautés : exemples Ÿ Evaluating 20 Connected Objects with their user Berci Mesko (Master Class) Ÿ Impact of Social Media on Medical Practice with speakers from Latin America, Philippines, Europe Ÿ Social Media and ePatient Advocacy with speakers from US, Europe, Africa En français : Ÿ Le digital est-il stratégique pour les industries de santé avec la FNIM, Ipsen Pharma, le G5, le LEEM : sondage et analyse Ÿ La relation Patient/Médecin 2.0 : cas concrets et étude inédite 15:00 International Parallel Sessions Ÿ Connected Objects and the Law, Responsibility of 3D Printing, Emerging Devices in Epilepsy Ÿ Big Data Visualization + To be announced Ÿ Patient Responsibility 2.0 with Quantied Self Tracking En français Ÿ Réussir la conception d'un outil en santé digitale (LIving Labs-Dk) Ÿ En cours 16:15 Café + Networking + Expositions 16:45 International Parallel Sessions PROGRAMME JOUR 1 - JEUDI 4 JUIN 2015 18:00 Keynotes to be announced 18:30 Cocktail and Awards Ceremony
  5. 5. PROGRAMME JOUR 2 - VENDREDI 5 JUIN,2015 8:00 Breakfast & Goodies 9:00 Welcome from the Do It Yourself World of 3D Printing for Health Vanessa Carter (South Africa) Thierry Oquidam (France) 9:15 A Strategic Vision Denise Silber (France) 9:30 Collaborating with IBM Watson in Parkinson's Disease to Enhance the User Experience Norrie Daroga(US) Martin Kelly, (Irlande) Ÿ Case study : medical virtual assistants (avatars) for observation, assessment, entertainment, and patient support in Parkinson's disease and related conditions. Ÿ Story of the building of an innovation-enabling ecosystem 9:55 Healthcare Information & the Web: Long Live Human Experts Tal Givoly(Israel) Jan-Christoph Loh (Allemagne) Case studies from Doctors 2.0 & You 2014 winning start-ups 1° expert online network for curating healthcare information (Medivizor) 2° Providing second medical opinions thanks to a web-based service (Medexo) 10:15 New Way Forward for Pharma Research: Hackathons? Dr. Vincent Varlet (France) 10:30 Diabetes 2.0 Innovation From a physician-led social media movement in the Philippines to a patient-led start up in Belgium Pr. Iris Thiele Isip Tan (République des Philippines) Margot Vaneteren (Belgique) (TRADUCTION SIMULTANÉE)
  6. 6. 10:45 Networking Break (coffee, exhibits) 11:10 Hospital 2.0 (1° Social Media Saving Lives Pr Didier Pittet (Suisse) Case Study from the inventor of the alcohol-based handrub: Using Social Media to propel hand hygiene globally 11:25 Hospital 2.0 (2) Digital Health IRL Pr Larry Chu, Stanford (US) Pr John Hixson, UCSF (US) Pr Didier Pittet, HUGe (Suisse) What is Digital Health IRL (In Real Life) for hospital professionals at leading institutions? Stanford Medicine, UCSF, University Hospitals of Geneva are the backdrop for this discussion with Clinicians in Anesthesia, Neurology, Infectiology 11:55 Cancer, Bowel Disease, Fertility : More Web 2.0 Initiatives Three social media inuencers and leaders, two patients and one physician, analyze the key success factors of their initiatives Dr Aniruddha Malpani (Inde) Andrew Schorr (US/Espagne) Michael Seres (UK) 12:25 Lunch, Networking, Exhibits 13:20 Power of Gamication (Applied Games) Ellis Bartholomeus (Pays Bas) Veronica Bluguermann (Danemark) Jurriaan Van Rijswijk (Pays Bas) 3 design thinker/doers Demonstrating a combined Game and Mobile App, recognized for its value by a kidney patient Conclusions of the Doctors 2.0 & You Workshop on Human-Centered Design Conversation with the founder of Games for Health about investment and progress of applied games in Europe.
  7. 7. 13:50 Rheumatology and Auto-immune disease: Patient-generated data + Apps Mette Dyhrberg (Danemark/US) Seth Ginsberg (US) Power of patient-generated data from two complementary perspectives: for research thanks to a relationship between a patient association and the US government and in the form of a mobile app devised by a patient turned entrepreneur for use in the patient-physician relationship. 14:05 Health Prevention Videos and CEO Engagement Jean-Paul Berthomé (France) Expanscience CEO will present the Health Prevention Video Awards from the Doctors 2.0 & You- Expanscience partnership and explain how senior management can commit to digital strategy. 14:20 Rare Disease, Online Communities, & Pharma Alan Thomas (UK) + Pharma (France) What are the latest advances in the use of Web 2.0 and Social Media tools to improve the management of rare disease? Launching a mobile app in pharma (speaker to be announced) and a rare disease patient opinion leader. 14:45 Connected Objects Exciting demos. Details to follow. 15:15 Networking Break (Exhibits, coffee) 15:40 Technologies and the Human Touch Dr Bertalan Mesko (Hongrie) Exciting new talk about the human touch in this digital age 16:00 Changing the Practice of Medicine with Online Communities and Tools Thibaud Guymard (France) Elie Lobel (France) Insights in Medical Practice from Pharma Community, from a Publisher (to be announced), and the introduction of a new government-produced mobile app
  8. 8. 16:45 Amazing Start-Ups, Amazing Pitches Let's hear from the best in digital health. More details to come. 17:15 Prizes, Wrapping it all up... 17:30 Farewell Cocktail Dernières rencontres. Dure de dire « au revoir ». Doctors 2.0 & You est partenaire Ÿ d'événements Ÿ Stanford Medicine X, Games for Health Europe, Digital Health LIve Dubai, French Health Communication Festival. de médias Ÿ AppointmentsEasy.com, Atelier, Atousanté, Buzz eSanté, Buzz Médecins, DSIH, eHealthNews.eu, Fnim, Healthcare Engagement Strategy, HealthIsAll, Medical Expo, mHealthspot, MMT, Pharmaceutiques, Pharma Marketing News, pharmaphorum, RendezvousFacile.com, Videum Nous sommes très reconnaissants de nos premiers partenaires sponsors 2015 Ÿ Expanscience, Ipsen, Novartis, the G5, the LEEM, Global Healthy Living Foundation.
  9. 9. 10:00 Welcome + Badges + Exhibits 11:00 International Parallel Sessions 15:00 International Parallel Sessions 18:00 Keynotes to be announced 18:30 Cocktail and Awards Ceremony Contact Us Website: www.doctors20.com Email: doctors20@basilstrategies.com Phone: +331 45045851 Suivez l'actualité de Doctors 2.0 & You grâce à notre hashtag #doctors20 Au plaisir de vous voir à Paris les 4 et 5 Juin, Denise Silber, fondatrice de Doctors 2.0 & You