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Voicemail as a science

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Do you have an OUTSTANDING initial outreach? Our free webinar “Voicemail as a Science” has been applauded as being one of the best webinars on the recruiting process. I want to personally invite you to join me

Some of the concepts covered:
◦Defining voicemails: not all voicemails are the same
◦What are the major types and how effective are they?
◦How to assess your team’s current voicemail skill, it may shock you!
◦How to craft, measure and score a voicemail message
◦How to coach your team into voicemail gurus
◦The importance of peer review
-How to get a return call 9 out of 10 times

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Voicemail as a science

  1. 1. Voicemail as a sciencePresented by:Donato Diorio | Founder & CEOBroadlook TechnologiesWebinar starting at 2:00 pm EDTCopyright 2012 Donato Diorio & Broadlook Technologies, All rights reserved. Do not distribute without permissionSponsored by:#vmailscience
  2. 2. A walk in the woods
  3. 3. Who is sharing my walk in thewoods today?Poll
  4. 4. I save crappyvoicemails
  5. 5. The ProblemFirst time outreach response is plummeting
  6. 6. Are you spending more off-hourstime trying to catch up?Technology, social medial,unwanted communications, etc.Poll
  7. 7. Sales day 2003 vs 2013• Less time planning• Less time with customers,partners, colleagues• Less free time• More tech distractions• More time to find significantbusiness info• More time scheduling• 3X more time dealing withunwanted communications• 1/2 the free/unscheduled time• 2X more time after hours8.5 hour day9.7 hour day
  8. 8. National Sales Executive Survey•2% of sales are made on the 1st contact3% ofsales are made on the 2nd contact5% of salesare made on the 3rd contact10% of sales aremade on the 4th contact80% of sales are madeon the 5th-12thVoiceMail is an additional touchpointon the journey to a sale
  9. 9. The BIG Idea•80% of calls go into voicemail•90% of 1st time VM are never returned•You must be good at VM•It can be measurable,coached, improvedVoice mail is here to stay“the glengarry leads”
  10. 10. Do you take time to (1) craft, (2)A/B test (3) score and (4) peerreview your standard voicemails?Poll
  11. 11. A tale of 3voicemails
  12. 12. Straw: A Voicemail Disaster• Hi, Mr. Diorio, this is Sarah Smith from the Sales TrainingCenter and I’m just calling you to let you know about ournew sales training program that, um may be of interest toyou. If you could get back to me at 414-555-1212, I’d liketo set an appointment with you to discuss this powerfulnew sales training program in detail. Thank you and I lookforward to speaking with you”Score: 10I’m just callingI’m just callingmay be of interestmay be of interestI’d like toI’d like toIfIfyou could get back to meyou could get back to meumum
  13. 13. Stick: An Acceptable Voicemail• Mr. Diorio, we’ve increased sales at Donnely Technologyby 25% using our new sales training program. This is SarahSmith and if you are interested to see if we can do thesame for you, let’s connect and I’ll explain how we did it atDonnely. I’m with The Sales Training Center and can becontacted at 414-555-1212. Thank you.Score: 50
  14. 14. Brick: A Solid Voicemail• Mr. Diorio, we’ve increased sales at Donnely Technology by25% using our new sales training program. In the next fewminutes, I’ll be reaching out to Dan Hughes and John White.This is Sarah Smith. If you are interested... to see how wecan do the same for Broadlook, let’s all connect and.... I’llexplain how we did it at Donnely. I’m with The Sales TrainingCenter and can be reached at 414-555-1212. Again thenumber is 414-555-1212. Thank you and keep a look out forIn the next few minutesIn the next few minutesI’ll be reaching out to Dan Hughes and John WhiteI’ll be reaching out to Dan Hughes and John WhiteScore: 83
  15. 15. Phelps or Jordon?
  16. 16. What percentage of voicemailsdo YOU delete immediately?Poll
  17. 17. The Why
  18. 18. Voicemail types & attributesType Cold Gotresponse History Warm Educate Oppor-tunity Nurture1st cold X X Xfollow up cold X X XFollow up X X X X X XDialog/volley X X X X XDrop XResponding(to them) X X X X XTerminate XDangerDangerDangerDanger
  19. 19. The “follow up” danger• In volley communications, fine to refer toprevious non-response to outreach.For prospecting, never refer to a previous outreachthat was not responded to:Puts you on defensiveNatural escalation at 3rd, 4th, etcEvery outreach should stand alongDo record in CRM, make determination tocontinues or not there
  20. 20. Path to Voicemail successRealityCheckCoachAssess
  21. 21. Reality CheckIt’s about a decision point. You can’t continue to fail at anessential part of the sales process1st place: Cadillac2nd place: Steak knives3rd place: your fired
  22. 22. How effective is yourorganization in getting aresponse from an initialvoicemail?Poll
  23. 23. The Instructions
  24. 24. Voicemail test: Instructions• In front of you is a fictional Dossier on a prospect.You have 5 minutes to review it. At the end ofthe 5 minutes call my line and leave me avoicemail as if I am that person. You only get onetry.1:1 meeting with each personDo not give advanced notice for the testDo not do it in a group (favors people who are last)• Measure all people as quickly as possible• Give written instructions:
  25. 25. The Recording
  26. 26. Why record it?Don’t get caught into “I did say” or “did not say”something. Audio doesn’t lie.Remember: we want a real world simulationYou will need the recording for “The Meeting”Voicemail test: The Capture
  27. 27. The Dossier
  28. 28. Guilty: I’ve done this in an interview• “Make believe I am a prospect for yourcurrent company. Leave me a voicemailso I can hear what your message soundslike”What is wrong with this?
  29. 29. • Shooting baskets, alone, doesnot prepare you for abasketball game
  30. 30. • Tossing a football back and forthdoes not prepare you to take ahit
  31. 31. We need a real worldsituation to prepare for thesales game
  32. 32. Prospect’s Bio
  33. 33. Sphere of Influence
  34. 34. Company
  35. 35. Something to talk about
  36. 36. Atlanta News
  37. 37. Wikipedia
  38. 38. News
  39. 39. Actionable News
  40. 40. The Measure
  41. 41. The Eight C’s•Clear•Concise•Conversational•Credible•Cadence•Consistent•Customized•Compelling
  42. 42. Voicemail Measure• Clear• You must be understandable• Foreign accents are fine, but not if clarity isreduced• “The British Effect”• Concise• If single person outreach, keep it to 17 seconds• If leveraging SOI, 5 extra seconds per person
  43. 43. SOI Reminder: Brick voicemail• Mr. Diorio, we’ve increased sales at Donnely Technology by25% using our new sales training program. In the next fewminutes, I’ll be reaching out to Dan Hughes and Jason Morse.This is Sarah Smith. If you are interested... to see how wecan do the same for Broadlook, let’s all connect and.... I’llexplain how we did it at Donnely. I’m with The Sales TrainingCenter and can be reached at 414-555-1212. Thank you.•SOI metrics vs. regular
  44. 44. Voicemail MeasureConversational•Don’t sound like you are reading off a script.•The only time a script works is when you are sellingsomething on price (B2C): ”...save you $30 on cable TV”•Scripts are for the first few day of sales, after that, usebullet points to cover.Credible•Who have you helped?•If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it
  45. 45. As a regular practice, do youhave a peer listen to a newlycrafted voicemail?Poll
  46. 46. Voicemail MeasureCadence•Don’t be afraid of strategic pauses•Vary the speed of delivery•Single cadence is boring•A slow down allows a speed up•A speed up allows a slow downTypical: "My telephone is 414-555-1212 x2. I look forward tohearing from you"Better: "My telephone number is (Pause) 414-555-1212 (Pause)Extension 2. I look forward to your call. (Pause) Thank you,John"
  47. 47. Voicemail MeasureConsistent•Is the message you leave reinforced by your website?•Is your message reinforced by your email message?•Does your voicemail signature reinforce messaging?•Are you consistent across departments?•Does your own voicemail message reinforce?
  48. 48. Brand Enforcement
  49. 49. Broadlook website - Feb 2012
  50. 50. Broadlook website - March 2012
  51. 51. Voicemail MeasureCustomized•Use their name•Beware of assumptive phrases “companies like yours”.Be specific or go home.•Customized call to actionCompelling•If you don’t speak with authority, borrow it•Leverage previous successes in industry•Use SOI to inspire action•Refrain from cliche phrases, “leader in”, “best in class”.Be specific!
  52. 52. The Coaching
  53. 53. The MeetingCaptainJanewayCaptainArcher
  54. 54. Influence Metrics# 1 2 3 4affect 1 2 3 4Contact venuesPeer influencers# 1 2 3 4affect 1 16 24 ?Industry knowledgepercentile 20 40 60 80 100affect 2 4 6 8 10Prospect knowledgepercentile 20 40 60 80 100affect 2 4 6 8 10-OR-
  55. 55. 4 Spheres of InfluenceContactContactVenuesVenuesContactContactVenuesVenues•Are you capturing new venues?•Does your CRM support it?•Are you leveraging them for sales?•Are you capturing new venues?•Does your CRM support it?•Are you leveraging them for sales?
  56. 56. 4 Spheres of InfluenceCo-founder Advisor Office Mgr Client ConsultantContactContactVenuesVenuesContactContactVenuesVenuesPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersersPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersers
  57. 57. Conventional wisdom for peer influencersis a myth. Leveraging a second point ofcontact into an organization does notdouble your success.It triples your successEach additional point of contact multiplesyour chances by 3. Having and leveraging 3points of contact in an organization yields a9X success factorPeer influence myths vs. metrics
  58. 58. 4 Spheres of InfluenceContactContactVenuesVenuesContactContactVenuesVenuesPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersersPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersersIndustryIndustryKnowledKnowledgegeIndustryIndustryKnowledKnowledgege
  59. 59. 4 Spheres of InfluenceContactContactVenuesVenuesContactContactVenuesVenuesPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersersPeerPeerInfluencInfluencersersProspecProspecttknowledknowledgegeProspecProspecttknowledknowledgegeIndustryIndustryKnowledKnowledgegeIndustryIndustryKnowledKnowledgege
  60. 60. Phone call +1Additional contact venues, each +1Prospect knowledge or Industry knowledge 0-10Sticky 0-5Leave contact information 2x 0-2Peer influencers, leveraged (minimum 2) x8Clear 0-8Concise (within time limit) 0-8Conversational 0-4Credible 0-4Cadence 0-4Consistent 0-4Customized 0-4Compelling 0-4Passion 0-15Fillers, er, um, ahh, your know -5 perWeakeners: “I’m just”, “I wanted” -5 per40151610101010Grading an outreach24174
  61. 61. Average individual grade / 2 50 point maxConsistency across team 10 point maxCompany provides pre-callresearch30 point maxAll outreaches are recorded inCRM for tracking & metrics10 point max100 point maxDoes your team haveoutreach mojo?
  62. 62. How many points wouldyou / your team scoreon the voicemail test?Poll
  63. 63. Voicemail MeasureMinimumcompetencyAverageoutreachStandardscriptsSOIscripts
  64. 64. PollHave you used 1:1(personalized) video in salesoutreach?
  65. 65. If you are supplementing outreachwith customized videoAdd 25 points to your vmscore
  66. 66. Why video enhances voicemail:Capturesattention(Shock and Awe)MultipletouchesMessagequalityImpactmessagingRandomsuccessWithout a multiple touchesyou do not motivate peopleto act by building your brandand messagingBrandfailureWithout a messagequality you don’tget a secondchance and do adisservice to yourbrandYour message canbe tremendous...but if it is nevercaptures theirattention it is “lostin the ocean” ofoutreachesLost inthe ocean
  67. 67. Don’t forget your own vm message:Do you provide an alternative number toreach you (mobile, other office)?Do you specifically tell the optimal way tocontact you?Do you recommend a fall back person to call?How would it score?Did you craft it or “wing it”
  68. 68. Spring training• Practice on a department that is NOT your target• Accounts Receivable or Payroll• Employees in these departments are taught to answer telephones andreturn messages.• Customer service is important to their job function. They will talk withanyone.• Ask some questions and get a lot of useful information before asking totransfer to another extension.
  69. 69. See Broadlook’sName-generationtechnology atwww.broadlook.comYes, that’s how to get the names ofall those people to call
  70. 70. Contact us: 877-977-8080Email: ddiorio@broadlook.comTwitter: iDonatoLinkedIN: www.linkedIN.com/in/donatodiorioBlog: www.iDonato.comEmail: ddiorio@broadlook.comTwitter: iDonatoLinkedIN: www.linkedIN.com/in/donatodiorioBlog: www.iDonato.comwww.broadlook.com/voicemailsign up for a demo at:Broadlook clients:Get the Presentationin the client centerWant the slides?Get them onSlideShare.com