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How to create EFFECTIVELY

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Whether it is music, game design or writing, creating is at its best when it takes the form of a habit.

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How to create EFFECTIVELY

  1. 1. The Habit of Creating How to create content effectively
  2. 2. Hi. My name is Dori and I’m addicted to opening blogs... doriadar@gmail.com
  3. 3. Only to stop contributing almost immediately after I open them. (Check out this dead blog at www.worststartups.com)
  4. 4. I opened 6 blogs to date, some were truly awesome And then I just quit.
  5. 5. Trying to understand why this pattern occurs, I realized there’s something wrong with my creative process.
  6. 6. I start off with a great passion that goes away as fast as it appeared.
  7. 7. My process of creating is pretty chaotic, when it should be methodical.
  8. 8. I do not create effectively.
  9. 9. :(
  10. 10. In order to create effectively, creation should take the form of a habit.
  11. 11. Hab-it a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.
  12. 12. How are habits formed?
  13. 13. The energy required for forming a habit is equivalent to the energy needed for a rocket to leave Earth.
  14. 14. 3 2 1 Taking off. That burst of energy that is exactly enough to buy new clothes for the gym and compete your first workout.
  15. 15. 3 2 Flying up. 2-10 first works outs. This is the crucial part where energy 1 tends to run out.
  16. 16. 3 2 1 Space! Little energy is required to keep on flying. Congrats! You have a new habit!
  17. 17. 3 4 2 1 Until one day you run out of fuel and stop.
  18. 18. I have gathered some tips that should help me fly through the crucial #2 phase
  19. 19. And stay in space as long as possible.
  20. 20. Tips 1-3 are common knowledge, but tips 4-6 might surprise you.
  21. 21. Tip #1 Schedule your creating time 1
  22. 22. Don’t wait for the muse to sink in, schedule a date with her instead.
  23. 23. Open your schedule now and save the date for your creative date.
  24. 24. Tip #2 Get ready for your date 2
  25. 25. Keep an ideas/inspiration board during the week and start your creative date browsing through it.
  26. 26. There’s nothing more intimidating than a blank page.
  27. 27. Tip #3 Turn off distractions 3
  28. 28. Starting the creative date with a scroll down your FB feed is a bad habit.
  29. 29. Use your social feeds as a reward to a prolific creative time instead.
  30. 30. Tip #4 Create for a community 4
  31. 31. Think of creating content like rocking a boat in the middle of a lake.
  32. 32. You are constantly making small waves.
  33. 33. At a certain point, those waves will start coming back.
  34. 34. This is your feedback, and it is the #1 motivator for creating content.
  35. 35. The smaller the lake, the sooner those waves will come back.
  36. 36. When creating content for a small niche, chances are you’ll get feedback faster
  37. 37. Which is crucial when trying to make creation a habit.
  38. 38. Tip #5 Template/format your work 5
  39. 39. It is very productive to use a certain framework that works for you
  40. 40. So you can focus on content and not on inventing the wheel each time again.
  41. 41. Here are some examples of formats
  42. 42. =3 Each episode this dude picks 3 viral videos and blurbs about them. 125+ videos
  43. 43. Epic meal time Each episode this team fries the un-healthiest food possible and eat it. 230+ videos
  44. 44. Loonie Smart and witty reviews while playing iPhone/iPad games Countless videos
  45. 45. Time can be an excellent framework too
  46. 46. Jayenkai of AGameAWeek produces and uploads a new game every Tuesday morning. He has made more than 300 by now
  47. 47. Waverly films used to upload a short clip every weekend. They have made more than 100, truely awesome videos.
  48. 48. Tip #6 Beware of perfect 6
  49. 49. Perfection is like chasing the horizon. Keep moving. Neil Gaiman
  50. 50. The most important thing is: finish what you are working on. upload it, and move on.
  51. 51. Recap 1. Schedule your creating time 2. Get ready for your date 3. Turn off distractions 4. Create for a community 5. Try to template/format your work 6. Beware of perfect
  52. 52. Can you make creating a habit?
  53. 53. Can I?
  54. 54. Help me to create effectively and share this deck.
  55. 55. And stick around (subscribe) to see how persistent I am in making them...
  56. 56. Effectivity yours, Dori