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Empowering Your Sponsors and Exhibitors

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Sponsorships are the financial backbone of many live events. In this session you will learn how to empower your sponsors and exhibitors to achieve and exceed their marketing and sales goals, resulting in renewals and expansion for future events.

Perfect For: Roadshows, User or Partner Conferences, Financial Services Client Events, Conferences, Medical or Scientific Conferences, Expos or Tradeshows

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Empowering Your Sponsors and Exhibitors

  1. 1. DOUBLEDUTCH REVENUE MANAGER Keys to unlocking revenue streams across exhibitors & sponsors Rocky Mitarai | Director of Product Marketing Nicole Morrison | Customer Success Program Manager
  2. 2. AGENDA ● What’s the problem? ● The keys to success ● Making it happen
  4. 4. Organizer Challenges • Showcasing value • Minimizing churn • Growing revenue
  5. 5. Exhibitor Challenges • Reaching the right people • Standing out from the crowd • Driving and quantifying ROI
  6. 6. What Do Exhibitors Care About Most? Source: 2015 Exhibitor ROI and Performance Metrics Practices, CEIR
  7. 7. How Do Exhibitors Track Success? Source: 2015 Exhibitor ROI and Performance Metrics Practices, CEIR
  8. 8. Money Is Being Spent With Questionable Return 44% Source: 2015 Exhibitor ROI and Performance Metrics Practices, CEIR of exhibiting companies invest in additional tactics such as digital marketing and sales visits to promote products and services showcased at events.
  10. 10. The Keys To Success Make it easy. Make it targeted. Make it actionable.
  11. 11. DoubleDutch Revenue Manager Potential Buyer Potential Buyer Potential Buyer Exhibitor Empowering Exhibitors with Digital Visibility and Control
  12. 12. Brand Management Target & Meet Scan & Qualify Measure & Optimize A Complete Solution for Exhibitors
  13. 13. Make it Easy Brand Management • Empower exhibitors to manage digital presence on their own • Offer customizable profiles to fully showcase their brand
  14. 14. Make it Targeted Targeted Campaigns • Create promotions seen directly in the app • Target specific attendees to drive the right traffic
  15. 15. Make it Actionable Meeting Scheduling • Campaigns drive face-to-face meetings • Simplify meetings with smart scheduling, invites, and reminders • Manage and share booth staff availability
  16. 16. Make it Actionable Lead Retrieval • No more clunky equipment rentals • Offer quick scanning and qualification • View and export leads in real-time • Measure booth staff performance
  17. 17. Make it Actionable Comprehensive Analytics • Provide campaign visibility and control • Track campaign performance in real-time • Take action as needed to drive more traffic
  18. 18. Powering Exhibitor Success 2.5kaverage impressions on targeted campaigns 54%increase in unique profile views 64%increase in leads scanned
  19. 19. MAKE IT HAPPEN
  20. 20. Make It Happen • Talk with your Account Manager • Leverage our exhibitor outreach tools & exhibitor support center • Include DoubleDutch Exhibitor tools in your prospectus and pre-event manuals • Check out the customer support center or work with our technical team for setup tips