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My Business plan<br />ON<br />ALOEVERA<br /><ul><li>PREPARED BY:</li></ul>SUMIT C. MODHA<br />M.B.A.-3rd semester<br /> RO...
Business plan at glances
Business profile
Unit location
Introduction of product
Raw-material and its suppliers
Cultivation process
Product development
Capacity of work
Implementation schedule
Organizational Plan
Organizational structure
Human resource planning
Wages and salary
Marketing plan
Channel of distribution
Target market
Price determination
Market requirement
Market condition
Market expansion
Total Capital Investment
Application of fund
Financial arrangement
Cost of production
Analysis of income & expenditure
Break even point and marginal cost statement analysis
Ratio analysis
Future Endeavour
Conclusion</li></ul>EXECUTIVE SUMMERY<br />Aloe Vera is not traditional product for cultivation in Saurashtra region but i...
Make growth by adding value to the customer service.
Increase in Profit earning in terms of 15% in 2 years.
Unique enterprise is also want to add more product in their product categories</li></ul>Mission:<br /><ul><li>“The mission...
The most important and affected factor for cultivation of Aloevera is natural climate. It grows in the arid climate and it...
Raw - material:
Raw-material is also important for the production of any goods. Aloevera plant is propagated through the seed, plastic bag...
Infrastructural facility:
Infrastructure facilities like post & telegrams, Banking, Power, Soil land, Road & sea transportation all facilities are e...
Labour:</li></ul>Educated, skilled, and unskilled laborers are required for smooth working of org. labour are available ea...
As I born and lived here so the attachment with native is play vital role in selection of the location. I also like to sta...
 Aloevera reduces fever, prevents detrimental Bacteria, fungus, Influenza Virus, Measles Virus.
Musculoskeletal System – </li></ul>Aloe Vera gel applied topically accelerates the healing of Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers);...
Variety of the new product shch as aloevera shampoo, powder, juice etc </li></ul>CAPACITY OF WORK<br /><ul><li>INSTALLED C...
Corporation</li></ul>We are going to start the business is the “sole proprietorship firm”. proprietorship is a form of bus...
Sales promotion
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  1. 1. My Business plan<br />ON<br />ALOEVERA<br /><ul><li>PREPARED BY:</li></ul>SUMIT C. MODHA<br />M.B.A.-3rd semester<br /> ROLL NO: 47<br /> ACADEMIC YEAR: 2010-‘11<br /><ul><li>INSTITUTION:</li></ul>N.R.Vekariya Institute of business Management studies- Junagadh<br /><ul><li>SUBMITTED TO:</li></ul> Dr. Rajesh Patel<br /><ul><li>GUIDED BY:</li></ul> Dr. Rajesh Patel<br />PREFACE<br />As I am student of management, I have to perform like an entrepreneur and prepare a product proposal report. In this task we have to perform as an entrepreneur and do all kind of that an entrepreneur performs in his business life. The management education is growing popular in the present decade only because of its unique feature like practical approach. <br />In past, the Doctors & Engineers were the other names for the higher education but the Management Education pays its way and now recognized as sophisticated field of knowledge and much is attributed to the practical side of the subject. The project profile report is among its specialty of final year level<br />As per the data to be collected, information and other details which are helpful, I have chosen a project which helps me not only for study purpose but also help me to convert my ideas, skills etc. like opportunity into success.<br />Presence of enormous interest, a systematic research and marketing strategies etc. helps me to make project worthwhile & a lot of information for those who are unknown about Toys industry in some particular manner. Systematic and scientific presentation leaves no room for any difference on any aspect & helps me to go in roots of each & every detail.<br />In this competitive and changing world we have alert about our product and its future.<br />Nowadays the demands of new and different products are emerge and to survive and earn more profit we have to put something new product in the market.<br />Thus, I’m prepared my product proposal report on new product for this Saurashtra region and i.e. ALOEVERA<br />I tried my level best to prepare this product proposal report with my knowledge and ideas. If any error or mistake found in this report, please forgive me as a student.<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />The magic begins when we set goals. It is then the switch is turned on, the current begins to flow and the power to accomplish becomes a reality.<br />For starting every new work and to be successful in that particular work true guidance and help is necessary. I also received some support and true guidance so I was able to prepare this report.<br />I am hearty thankful to our respected director, Dr.rajesh patel under whose guidance, I have prepared this business plan<br />Thank you<br />Date: 25th Nov, 2010<br />Place:junagadh<br /> Yours faithfully,<br />(Sumit C. Modha)<br />TABLE OF CONTENT<br /><ul><li>Executive Summery
  2. 2. Business plan at glances
  3. 3. Business profile
  4. 4. Unit location
  5. 5. Introduction of product
  6. 6. Raw-material and its suppliers
  7. 7. Cultivation process
  8. 8. Product development
  9. 9. Capacity of work
  10. 10. Implementation schedule
  11. 11. Organizational Plan
  12. 12. Organizational structure
  13. 13. Human resource planning
  14. 14. Wages and salary
  15. 15. Marketing plan
  16. 16. Channel of distribution
  17. 17. Promotion
  18. 18. Advertisement
  19. 19. Target market
  20. 20. Price determination
  21. 21. Market requirement
  22. 22. Market condition
  23. 23. Market expansion
  24. 24. Total Capital Investment
  25. 25. Application of fund
  26. 26. Financial arrangement
  27. 27. Cost of production
  28. 28. Analysis of income & expenditure
  29. 29. Break even point and marginal cost statement analysis
  30. 30. Ratio analysis
  31. 31. Future Endeavour
  32. 32. Conclusion</li></ul>EXECUTIVE SUMMERY<br />Aloe Vera is not traditional product for cultivation in Saurashtra region but in Gujarat and in other states Aloe Vera is cultivated and its very useful & helpful plant.<br />Aloe Vera is a semi tropical plant. There are over 250 species of Aloe grown around the world. It contains more than two hundred tonic ingredients including essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes and steroids. Also contains the most essential components required by the human body. <br />Aloe Vera is very useful plant in any human being day to day affair. I’m also used this plant in my daily routine life as medicine. So I’m decided to prepare my business plan on Aloe Vera.<br />OBJECTIVE:<br /><ul><li>The first objective of Unique enterprise is to provide quality to their customer
  33. 33. Make growth by adding value to the customer service.
  34. 34. Increase in Profit earning in terms of 15% in 2 years.
  35. 35. Unique enterprise is also want to add more product in their product categories</li></ul>Mission:<br /><ul><li>“The mission of the unique enterprise is to be the top suppliers among Suarashtra region I n 5 years.”</li></ul>VISION:<br />“The vision of the unique enterprise is to provide quality product to the customer and through that build good relationship and earn profit”<br />BUSINESS PLAN AT GLANCE<br />Name of Unit : Unique Enterprise<br />Location of Unit: Unique Enterprise,<br />Survey No. 08,<br />Village: - Pandavadar,<br />Dist. Porbandar-360579<br />(0286)2277416<br /> Product Manufacturing: Aloe Vera<br />Registered Office &: A-203, Shreeji Sankul Appt,<br /> Communication Near Zundala RailwayTrack,<br />Address Porbandar-360575<br />Size of Firm: Small Scale Industry<br />Types of Firm: Sole Proprietorship Firm<br />Owners Name & Address: Sumit C. Modha<br />Near Gayatri Pragna Temple,<br />Village: Pandavadar<br />Dist. Porbandar<br />S.S.I. Reg. No.: Applied For<br />PAN Income tax department : Applied for<br />Sales tax registration number: Applied for<br />Bankers: State Bank of India<br /> Main Branch, M.G. Road,<br /> Porbandar-360575<br />E-Mail Address:Unique_Enterprise@Yahoo.In <br />Web-site: www.uniqueenterprise.com<br />Capacity installed: 80%<br />Capacity Utilization: 40%<br />Man Power require: 8 Employees<br />Total Capital Investment: Rs. 9, 22,500<br />Fixed Capital Investment: Rs. 4, 63,000<br />Working Capital Investment : Rs. 4, 59,500<br />Owner Fund: Rs. 4, 22,500<br />Govt. Support: Rs. 2, 00,000<br />Bank Loan: Rs. 3, 00,000<br />Break Even Point: In % 36.04 & In Rs.3, 08,150<br />Margin of Safety: In % 63.96 & In Rs.5, 46,850<br />P/V Ratio: 46.26%<br />G. P. Ratio: 29.58%<br />N. P. Ratio: 26.71%<br />BUSINESS PROFILE<br />Unique enterprise was established as a sole proprietorship in oct, 2010. Founded and directed by Sumit Modha. Unique enterprise located their office at the porbandar city and the unit is located at the pandavadar 10km away from porbandar city and on the porbandar Jamnagar highway<br />Location of Unit: Unique Enterprise,<br />Survey No. 08,<br />Village: - Pandavadar,<br />Dist. Porbandar-360579<br />Registered Office &: A-203, Shreeji Sankul Appt,<br /> Communication Near Zundala RailwayTrack,<br />Address Porbandar-360575<br />(0286) 2277416<br />2211675<br />+918866314209<br />Unique_Enterprise@Yahoo.In<br />www.uniqueenterprise/aloevera.com <br />Product Manufacturing/Cultivating: Aloe Vera<br />Types of Firm: Sole Proprietorship Firm<br />Unit Location<br />The proposed location: Unique Enterprise,<br /> Survey No. 08,<br /> Village: Pandavadar,<br /> Dist. Porbandar-360579<br />The location is selected keeping in view all the necessary consideration and most affecting factor suitable climate for the Aloevera.<br />The important factor for location of Aloevera is climate, and other like raw-materials, infrastructure, labour, Govt. support, transportation and also personal factor is playing vital role. Let’s discuss it in detail below<br /><ul><li>Natural climate:
  36. 36. The most important and affected factor for cultivation of Aloevera is natural climate. It grows in the arid climate and it prefers a well drained sandy soil in sunny location. Aloevera needs the temperature of above 40 degrees. They should be potted in the spring season and watered carefully until established.
  37. 37. Raw - material:
  38. 38. Raw-material is also important for the production of any goods. Aloevera plant is propagated through the seed, plastic bags for packing of final product. It is easily available and no problem of short supply.
  39. 39. Infrastructural facility:
  40. 40. Infrastructure facilities like post & telegrams, Banking, Power, Soil land, Road & sea transportation all facilities are easily available for the purpose of quick transaction & transportation without any extra effort.
  41. 41. Labour:</li></ul>Educated, skilled, and unskilled laborers are required for smooth working of org. labour are available easily even unskilled labors are also available from locality.<br /><ul><li>Govt. support:</li></ul>The govt. policy of Gujarat is good and favorable. Govt. provides scheme for development and promoting the small scale industries situated in the Gujarat State. Govt. also provides long term & short term funds & subsidy to the small scale industries.<br /><ul><li>Personal factor:
  42. 42. As I born and lived here so the attachment with native is play vital role in selection of the location. I also like to start from here with some personal consideration and calculation.</li></ul>INTRODUCTION OF PRODUCT<br />Aloevera doesn’t need any introduction as it highly popular and widely used in the market. When we are talking about Aloevera plants they are mostly found in the regions of Africa but can be traced worldwide according to climatic conditions. There are around 250 species of Aloevera plants in the world. Aloevera plant size varies from one inch to a highly complex and spread out colonies consisting of thousand of plants ranging from 2 foot diameter to more. The most commonly known species of Aloevera plant is Aloe barbadensis.<br />Aloevera is cultivated throughout India. It is commonly found in Mumbai, Gujarat and South India. It mainly grows in the tropical and sub tropical areas. It grows well on sandy and well drained soil. Aloe Vera is a very popular potted plant. It is grown in houses for the decoration. Commercial cultivation and utilization of this plant with the application of technology can be of great value.<br />Aloevera have long been in use for a host of diseases, particularly those connected with the digestive system, treatment of wounds, burns and other skin troubles, eye troubles and liver ailments <br />OTHER NAMES OF ALOEVERA: <br />In English:<br />Cape aloe, Aloe Curacao, Barbados aloe, Venezuela aloe, Indian laces, Ghirita, Lu hui, Star Cactus are the other names used for the Aloevera. It is also called miracle plant, Burn plant, medicine plant and first-aid-plant. <br /> CHARACTERISTICS &USES<br /><ul><li>PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:</li></ul>Aloevera grows to a height of 12 to 16 inches. It has a fibrous root system. It does not have stems. It has thick freshly leaves with sharp lancelets spines, which are up to 18 inches long and 2 inches wide at the base. Its leaves are even long and triangular in shape. The tissue in the center of the Aloe leaf contains a gel which yields the aloe gel. Its leaves are rich in water that is why it can survive for years. These leaves have spiky margins and are blotched creams. The roots of the plant are thick and fibrous. The fruit is the triangular capsule containing numerous seeds. It is the member of the Lilly family.<br />An evergreen perennial Aloevera grow at a slow rate. It is in leaf all year, in flower from May to June. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs).The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils, requires well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils. It cannot grow in the shade. It requires dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought. <br /><ul><li>USES & BENEFITS:</li></ul>Aloevera is a fairly well known herbal preparation with a long history of use. It is widely used in modern herbal practice and is often available in proprietary herbal preparations. Aloe Vera is the herbal plant, used to heal the burn marks. Aloe Vera cures the skin diseases. It can also be used to remove dandruff from the hair. Aloe Vera is taken internally for the stomach disorders. The leaves of Aloe Vera are used for the treatment of facial edema or swelling. Its fluid is beneficial in reducing the inflammation and pain. Aloe Vera is used in cosmetics and even in the food industry. Curacao aloe acts as laxative, which is used against constipation. The fresh juice of its leaf blades can be applied directly to the ulcers, burns, sunburns, and fungal infection. Organic Aloe Vera juice reduces acidity. It prevents from fungus, influenza virus, measles, and high fever. <br />It has two distinct types of MEDICINAL USE. <br /> 1)The first one is of clear gel contained within the leaf makes an excellent treatment or wounds, burns and other skin disorders, placing a protective coat over the affected area, speeding up the rate of healing and reducing the risk of infection. This action is in part due to the presence of aloectin B, which stimulates the immune system. To obtain this gel, the leaves can be cut in half along their length and the inner pulp rubbed over the affected area of skin. This has an immediate soothing effect on all sorts of burns and other skin problems. <br />2) The second use comes from the yellow sap at the base of the leaf. The leaves are cut transversally at their base and the liquid that exudes from this cut is dried. It is called bitter aloes and contains anthraquinones which are a useful digestive stimulant and a strong laxative. When plants are grown in pots the anthraquinone content is greatly reduced. The plant is emmenagogue, emollient, laxative, purgative, stimulant, stomachic, and tonic, vermifuge and vulnerary. Extracts of the plant have antibacterial activity. <br />Apart from its external use on the skin, Aloevera (usually the bitter aloes) is also taken internally in the treatment of chronic constipation, poor appetite, digestive problems etc. It should not be given to pregnant women or people with haemorrhoids or irritable bowel syndrome. The plant is strongly purgative so great care should be taken over the dosage. The plant is used to test if there is blood in the faeces. <br /><ul><li>OTHER USES:</li></ul> Aloe Vera is a very popular potted plant. It is grown in houses for the decoration. The leaf sap is used to make a soothing and healing moisturizing cream, which is good for the dry skin. It is used in the making of anti wrinkle cream. It is even used in the preparation of shampoos. <br />BENEFITS:<br /><ul><li>Digestive System - </li></ul> Aloevera juice reduces acidity, detoxes, reduces pH levels and alleviates heartburn. Alleviates the Inflammation of the Digestive Tract, which is associated with Crohn's Disease. It also alleviates Constipation. <br /><ul><li>Immune System –
  43. 43. Aloevera reduces fever, prevents detrimental Bacteria, fungus, Influenza Virus, Measles Virus.
  44. 44.
  45. 45. Musculoskeletal System – </li></ul>Aloe Vera gel applied topically accelerates the healing of Canker Sores (Mouth Ulcers); Decubitis Ulcers (Bed Sores); Burns; Herpes Simplex lesions; alleviates the Itching associated with Hives as well as alleviates Sunburn. <br /><ul><li>Cosmetic Application – </li></ul>Aloe Vera herb has been known to help in anti-wrinkle creams and make up; it is also beneficial for the hair and scalp.<br /><ul><li>Indoor Application –</li></ul>Plants have been grown indoors in pots in order to help remove toxins from the atmosphere. It is also unusual in that it continues to release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide in the dark, making it very suitable for growing in bedrooms.<br />RAW-MATERIALS & ITS SUPPLIER<br />“Raw Material of product is just like bones of human body”<br />Materials are of pivotal importance in the manufacturing of a product. No production process is possible without raw material.<br /><ul><li>Our supplier of raw-material is:</li></ul>The main raw-material is seeds of aloe era which is available easily from :<br />Govt. nursery, <br />Mangrol.<br />The machinery is not important in our firm as its cultivation process, but for cutting of product it required.<br /><ul><li>Our supplier of machinery is:</li></ul>Rajan machinaries,<br />03, royal market,<br />Ambawadi,<br />Ahmadabad<br /> <br />CULTIVATION PROCESS<br /><ul><li>CULTIVATION METHODS: </li></ul>Aloe Vera plant is propagated through the seed. It prefers a well drained sandy soil in sunny location. Aloe Vera needs the temperature of above 40 degrees. They should be potted in the spring season and watered carefully until established. It grows in the arid climate. They should be watered regularly in the summers. But over watering can kill the plant. It also grows in partial shade. It reaches the maturity in one year when the leaves are harvested.<br /><ul><li>Preparation of suitable atmosphere:</li></ul>Atmosphere or natural climate is important for plantation of Aloevera. It grows in the arid climate and it prefers a well drained sandy soil in sunny location. Aloe Vera needs the temperature of above 40 degrees. They should be potted in the spring season and watered carefully until established. It cannot grow in the shade. <br /><ul><li>Plantation of seeds:</li></ul>After the suitable arid climate is prepared now seeds are planted very carefully in well drained soil.<br /><ul><li>Maintaining:</li></ul>After the plantation of seeds in well drained soil it’s time to keep care of planted seeds and watered in right time. After the 15 days the seeds are growing and become a plant. Plant is growing with slow rate so the maintenance is very carefully. Plant is fully growing after the 8 to 10 months and ready for harvesting.<br /><ul><li>Harvesting:</li></ul>Now, it’s time to harvesting the plant after fully developed. At this time of cutting the plant should take very care. And with the help of cutting machine it cut.<br /><ul><li>Storage:</li></ul>After the cutting of plant in proper manner it can store in warehouse.<br /><ul><li>Packing:</li></ul>Now it’s time to pack Aloevera in proper packing. Packing can be made with great care according to the requirement of customer.<br />PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT<br /> Product development is very important part for the any firm. Unique enterprise is has the capacity to develop their product and put new product to the customer<br />Unique enterprise deciding to put into action the following step as product development<br /><ul><li>Unique enterprise want to starts is own new retail store in the city
  46. 46. Variety of the new product shch as aloevera shampoo, powder, juice etc </li></ul>CAPACITY OF WORK<br /><ul><li>INSTALLED CAPACITY:</li></ul>The installed capacity is refers to the capacity of work up to that level.<br />Installation capacity of any company or organization refers in the respect of 100%. <br />The installed capacity of Unique Enterprise is 80%.<br /><ul><li>UTILIZED CAPACITY:</li></ul>The utilized capacity is refers to the actual capacity of work up to that level. The utilized capacity is never Exceeds the installed capacity. The utilized capacity of Unique Enterprise is 40%<br />TECHNOLOGY DEPLOYED:<br />If we want to survive in long time into the market for that we have to adopt the new and updated technology. There are certain benefit we get for using technology which are as under.<br />Maintain quality of the product.<br />Lower the production cost.<br />Required less number of labour.<br />Enhance the life of the product.<br />Produced best quality product.<br />PRODUCT AND SERVICES IN THE PIPELINE:<br />It tell that new innovation and research is on that base some new product is waiting to come into the market and some services also remain to provide is called product or services in the pipeline. <br />IMPLEMENTATION SCHEDULE<br />No.ParticularDays1.Acquisition of land and building15 Days2.Arrangement of Power10 Days3.Acquisition of Machinery25 Days4.Installation of Machinery (including trial runs)15 Days5.S.S.I. Registration30 Days6.Financial ArrangementFor MachineryFor Others20 Days10 Days7.Staff Appointment10 DaysTOTAL135 Days or 4.5 months approx<br />ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN<br />The organizational plan describes the form of ownership and lines of authority and responsibility of members of new venture.it is also helpful to provides an organization chart indicating the line of authority and the responsibility of the members of organization.<br />Form of Ownership<br />There are three basic legal forms of business formation and one new form that is gaining acceptance. The three basic legal form are<br />Proprietorship<br /><ul><li>Partnership and,
  47. 47. Corporation</li></ul>We are going to start the business is the “sole proprietorship firm”. proprietorship is a form of business owner who has unlimited liability, controls all decisions, and receives all profits.<br /> Size Of Organization<br />Generally industries are classified into different size based on different factors such as number of employees, investment, limit etc. the government defines industries on the basic of its capital investment.<br />According to it, industries can be defined as under :<br />Small Scale Industry<br />Medium Scale Industry<br />Large scale industry<br />So far as the definition of SSI is concerned,”the maximum investment is of Rs.3 crores.”<br />So “unique enterprise” is falls under the category small scale industry.<br />ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE<br />Term organizing means the process of identifying activities to be performed grouping these activities into work units, assigning task to job position defining their activity roles and establishing authority – responsibility relationship among them. It involves determination and orderly arrangement of task, function, roles and relation required for achievement of organizational goals.<br />Mainly there are three types of organization structure are as under.<br />Line organization <br />Functional organization <br />Line and staff organization <br />“unique enterprise” Adopts line type of organization .power flow from top level management to bottom level employees and responsibilities flow from bottom level to top level management.<br />OWNER<br />MANAGER<br /> WORKERWORKER WORKERWORKER<br />HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING<br />As the blood is necessary in the body likewise workers are also very important to run a big industry. No business enterprise can exist and function without workers. Workers hold a key place in business. The growth of business also depends mainly on the willingness and ability of its workers. Proper hard work of workers helps the business to get near to the success.<br />IN THE WORDS OF “JAMSHED JI TATA”<br /> “WORKERS ARE THE ASSETS OF THE COMPANY, SO MANAGEMENT OF WORKER IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR EACH AND EVERY FIRM.”<br /> Personnel management is very important for running smooth and successful business unit. If the manpower is being properly utilized, the company can achieve their objective easily and quickly.<br />Unique Enterprise is the sole proprietorship and also small scale. Therefore it is has only 8 employees.<br />WAGES AND SALARY<br />Wages and the payment made to the employees as compensation for the service rendered by them. It is their payment of capability as per their hard work and efficiency. Unique Enterprise gives wages to the workers as<br />Skilled Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 3,000/- (Monthly)<br />UnskilledRs. 1500/-(Monthly)<br />The term salary refers to the reward to be paid to the employees those who engage in clerical and official work. Salaries are also paid to the white collar employees.<br />Salary paid to specialized persons in the unit is between Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 as per their different skill.<br />MARKETING PLAN<br />In the marketing plan includes how the company marketed their products and covers the more market in operating stage. It mainly concern about the strategy which they will using so that they can success in the market.<br />Marketing plan is mainly helpful to know the present market condition and situation by the way of marketing research. It includes the price, product, place and promotion.<br />CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION<br />Production is made to satisfy the needs of consumer. So it reach to the consumer from whom it is made thus a way through which goods flow from the producer to the consumer is called channel of distribution.<br />Distribution channel may be defined as a path traced in the direct or indirect transfer of title to product, as it moves from a producer to the ultimate consumer or industrial use.<br />CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION<br />MANUFACTURER<br />DEALER<br />RETAILER<br />CONSUMER<br />PROMOTION<br />Promotion is an important in new product. It refers to the combination of various instruments of sales promotion. It attempts are not made to promote sales continlaisly, some efforts necessary even to maintain the business as its current level. These efforts can be divided in to four groups. Personal sealing, advertising, sales promotion and publicity. The combination of these four collectivity known as promotion mix.<br />Usually a firm chooses more than one type of promotional tools and the manager of the firm is decide – how he is going to choose the communication medium and bled them in an effective promotion program this firm also uses all the four types of promotion mix’s tool in their marketing activity.<br />Various types of promotion techniques are as under.<br /><ul><li>Advertising
  48. 48. Sales promotion
  49. 49. Public relation
  50. 50. Personal selling</li></ul>ADVERTISING<br />Advertising is an important part of marketing .the main purpose of every commercial organization is to promote sale because it is only one way to commercialize the product. In modern world, no business can survive without advertisement. So advertisement is very important in business. Now advertising has become an essential phase of modern marketing.<br />Pamphlet<br />News paper<br />Magazines<br />Catalogue.<br />SALES PROMOTION<br />Sales promotion is a bridge between advertising and personal selling. Sales promotion consist of displays, shows exposition, demonstration and other special efforts such as bonus, off season discount, coupons, diary, ball pen, banner, clock, bag etc. there are two type of sales promotion.<br />Middlemen sales promotion<br />Consumer sales promotion<br />This firm gives high sales promotion of both the parties middlemen sales promotion and as well as consumer sales promotion is given below.<br />MIDDLEMEN SALE PROMOTION<br />Free advertising material<br />Buying allowance discount<br />Credibly facility<br />Banner<br />CONSUMER SALES PROMOTION<br />Diary <br />Ball pen<br />Bag<br />Wallet<br />PUBLIC RELATION<br />Public relation have now become an important markering function the total process of building, goodwill towards a business enterprise an securing a bright public image the company is called public relation. It credits favorable atmosphere for conducting business. There are four group of public relation.<br />Share holder<br />Customers<br />Employees<br />The community<br />TARGRT MARKET<br />There target market is the very first important thigs that has to be clear in the mind of the seller. Market is the that important part from where the sales is generated and if the right target is fived and achieved it become very much helpful to the seller to formulate the marketing strategy for their product<br />The market for the unique enterprise is the very wide and the firm is target the their customer as follows<br /><ul><li>major pharmaceutical company
  51. 51. small business unit
  52. 52. house made product business unit</li></ul>PRICE DETERMINATION<br />Price of the product simply refers to the value of goods expressed in terms of money. Hence we can conclude that price of product is given to meet all the expenses and profit percentage through product.<br />Price of product is decided by considering various factors such as:<br />Raw Material<br />Processing Expenses<br />Government Policy<br />Packing & Labeling<br />Transportation<br />Marketing Expenses<br />So, the price of Aloevera is net fixed which is approx. Rs. 300/- per kilogram.<br />ADVERTISEMENT<br />Advertising is one of the most common tools companies use to direct persuasive communications to target buyers and publics. Advertising can be defined as follows:<br />Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor.<br />In developing an advertising program, marketing managers must always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives.<br />So for this reason Unique Enterprise advertise through<br />Newspaper,<br />Magazines,<br />Posters,<br />METHODS OF SELLING<br />UNIQUE ENTERPRISE will sell their product direct to the customers as per their order. Customers of unique enterprise are some pharmaceutical company, cosmetic manufacturing company, and export directly overseas. <br />Now by seeing the modern trend of buying and customers we have also developed our website so that customers can give order as per their requirements and choice online.<br />MARKET REQUIREMENT<br />Market can be exist any place and any time but main thing is that the basic requirement should be fulfill than and than market is come to existence. There are certain factors which are as under.<br />We are ready to provides all the market requirement to the market.<br />Customer availability <br />Suppliers of product<br />Transportation facilities<br />Market structure<br />Trade of commerce<br />MARKET CONDITION<br />Due to change in the economic condition the market condition also change so every new entrant must know the market condition before entering into any market. Today there is a cut-thought competition is prevailing into the market so we want to survive into that for that we have to analyze the market condition and that base we have to do our operation. <br />We analyse the market on that base today demand of the shampoo is at the toppest level so we haven’t problems of customers but we are provides best quality product so we can got more market. We analyse this factor. <br />Pricing strategy<br />Demand of the product<br />Customer preferences<br />Market position<br />Competition<br />MARKET EXPANSION<br />Market expansion is a wide term it concerns the it includes all the business strategy of the business. Market expansion means to cover mare and more market share. When a particular product is successful in one market so we have to think that we should also launch the same product in another market also. Same way we also planned to launch the same product in other market as well.<br />Still now we have planning to do our operation in our region only but when we aware about market condition of the others market then we are ready to open our door for global customers as well.<br />TOTAL CAPITAL INVESTMENT<br />The total capital means in beginning of the unit totally how much capital should be need. It refers to the capital, which must be in hand while starting the unit.<br />The following table shows the total capital investment in “unique enterprise”<br />SR. NO.PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.) wellPump setPipelineWorking capital3,00,00070,00020,00035,00020,00018,0004,59.500Total9,22,500<br />APPLICATION OF FUND<br /><ul><li>INVESTMENT IN FIXED ASSETS</li></ul>MACHINERY:<br />The unique enterprise does not require costly machinery. But due to the modern era new and latest technology should be used and be utilized. The cost of machinery will be approx Rs. 40,000 and details of machinery are as under:<br />PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.) Cutting MachinePacking Machines(2)10,00010,000Total20,000<br />LAND:<br />The unit has purchased 5 acer lands at the cost of Rs. 60,000 per Acer and its total cost is Rs. 3.00,000. <br /><ul><li>BUILDING:</li></ul>It has constructed a building. It has been to construct like an office, store room etc. likewise in order and the cost of it has been Rs. 70,000.<br /><ul><li>FIXED CAPITAL REQUIREMENT</li></ul>PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)LandBuildingMachineriesBore wellPump setPipeline3,00,00070,00020,00035,00020,00018,000Total4,63,000<br /><ul><li>INVESTMENT IN WORKING CAPITAL:
  53. 53. RAW MATERIAL:
  54. 54. In type manufacturing the fixed assets are not much required but major part of working capital is required for raw material. The total investment in raw material is Rs. 3, 60,000</li></ul>PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)SeedsPlastic bags for packing1,50,00036,000Total (Yearly)(Monthly)1,86,00015,500<br /><ul><li>WAGES & SALARY:</li></ul>In every manufacturing unit the workers are playing main role in producing and fulfilling the production to convert it into demand. In this unit also the workers are main element. It requires both skilled and unskilled labors. So the cost of wage and salary is also higher.<br />PARTICULARSNO. OF EMPLOYEESRATE Per Emp.Monthly Amt(Rs.)ManagerClerkWatch manSkilledUnskilled111315,0003,5001,5002,0001,5005,0003,5001,5006,0001,500Total Wage-SalaryAnnual Amount (17,200*12)17,5002,10,000<br /><ul><li>OTHER EXPENSES:</li></ul>Expenses for the whole year are as under:<br />PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)AdvertisementInsurance premiumPostage and StationaryPacking ExpensesElectricity expensesWater expensesTransportation expensesTelephone expenses12,00011,0003,5008,00015,0005,5006,0002,500Total63,500<br />Variable cost = Raw-material + wages & salary + other expenses<br />= 1, 86,000+2, 10,000+63,500<br />= 4, 59,500<br />FINANCIAL ARRANGEMENT<br />Finance is the life blood of any unit. Finance is playing vital role in the modern economy of the any unit.<br />The total capital required is Rs. 9, 22,500 that is meet by the Govt. loan, Bank loan & own contribution. For the establishment of unit till at the end finance is needed at each & every step. So the finance is the most considerable factor.<br />SR. NO.PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)1)2)3)Borrowed Capital:Govt. loan under scheme@ 10% interest*Loan from SBI @ 12% p.a.Owned Capital2,00,0003,00,0004,22,500Total9,22,500<br /><ul><li>*under the scheme 20% subsidy is given by govt. </li></ul>COST OF PRODUCTION<br />PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)Working CapitalDepreciation @ 10% On fixed assetsInt. on Capital Investment @ 10%Interest on Govt. loan @ 10%Interest on Loan @ 12%4,59,50046,30042,25020,00036,000Total6,04,050<br />ANALYSIS OF INCOME & EXPENDITURE<br />PARTICULARSAMOUNT (Rs.)INCOME Sales of Product TotalEXPENDITURE Raw Materials Wage & Salary Other Expenses Depreciation @ 10% Interest on Govt. loan @ 10% Interest on bank loan @ 12% Interest on Capital investment @10% Less 8,55,0008,55,0001,86,0002,10,00063,50046,30018,00036,00042,250602050Profit Before Tax2,52,950<br />BREAK EVEN POINT & MARGINAL COST STATEMENT<br /><ul><li>BREAK EVEN POINT (B.E.P.)</li></ul>The main motto of every business and industry firm is maximization of profit because profit is taken to be best measure of its success profit should be properly planned.<br />B.E.P. is that specific level of activity which comes when volume of sales revenue equals total cost. Thus, the Break Point Analysis establishes the relationship among the cost of production, volume of production and the profit.<br />The B.E.P. may therefore be taken as the one indicating the minimum level of production and sales which the firm has to undertake in order to be economically.<br /><ul><li>MARGINAL COST STATEMENT</li></ul>PARTICULARSAmountAmountTOTAL SALES (2,850 * 300)LESS: Variable Cost: Raw Material Wages & Salary Other Expenditure CONTRIBUTIONLESS: Fixed Cost Dep. on fixed assets @ 10 % Interest on own capital @ 10% Interest on Govt. loan @ 10% Interest on Bank loan @ 12% PROFIT BEFORE TAXTax as Per Slab SystemOn 1st 1,10,000 nilOn 110001-150000 @ 10% 4000 On balance 102950 @ 20% 20590 NET PROFIT AFTER TAX18600021000063500463004225018000360008550004,59,5003,95,5001,42,5502,52,95024590228360<br />RATIO ANALYSIS<br />P/v Ratio = Contribution /Sales X 100<br />= 395500/855000 X 100<br />= 46.26 %<br />B.E.P. in % = fixed expenses /Contribution X 100<br />= 142550/395500 X 100<br />= 36.04 %<br />B.E.P. in Rs. = fixed Expenses / p/v ratio<br />= 142550/46.26 %<br />= Rs.308150 <br />Margin of safety in % =<br />= Actual Sales - Sales at B.E.P./Actual Sales X 100<br />= 855000 – 308150/85500 X 100<br />= 63.96 %<br />Margin of safety in Rs. =Actual Sales - Sales at B.E.P.<br />= 855000 - 308150<br />= Rs. 546850<br />Gross Profit Ratio= profit before tax /Total sales X100<br />= 252950/855000 X 100 <br /> =24.49 %<br />Net Profit Ratio =profit after tax /Total sales X 100<br />= 228360/855000<br />= 26.71 %<br />Return on investment <br />= profit before tax / Total investment X 100<br />= 252950/922500 X 100<br />= 27.42 %<br />FUTURE ENDEAVOUR<br />Future plan the word itself tells the story. The assumption or the expectation the company is use to do for future is named as future plan. Future plan helps the organization to achieve demand of the product and to maintain the quality of demand for achieving the predicted goal.<br />In this business plan the unit has utilized 80% of total capacity which suggest that 20% is still remaining. The unit will be trying to convert 80% capacity to 100% capacity in near future. Thus, profit will be increased.<br /> In future unit become manufactures own product like herbal face wash, herbal moisturizer, herbal shampoo and such other herbal product etc. <br />However, future is always uncertain but factual consideration gives trustful results. So it is better to look where we are going, then to see where we have been.<br />CONCLUSION<br />Conclusion means the whole description in just few understanding words. Conclusion reflects the short cut to understand the view given before.<br />To end up the decision, since the starting of the project with the selection of the “ALOEVERA” for a new segment with the greater potentially. <br />This is my pleasure to launching the “ALOEVERA”. As a promoter of this unit, I have made all the required efforts for the successful launching of product, I hope that the will be success in the market and specially my product “ALOEVERA”. The main aim of mine for launching this kind of product is just to associate the society by providing best quality product.<br />Govt. should support these kinds of small scale units to serve the public with qualitative items. I also want to help in generation of employment opportunities and to raise standard of living.<br />At least I am again very thankful to all of the concerned people who helped me in preparing this business plan this is also true for me as I thought my report could express my thought researches for “ALOEVERA”. It was a great experience that I might want to deal in future. That’s all it will be great opportunity for every student. <br />