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Young story

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Young story

  1. 1. NAME : Zalavadiya Crystal P.E-NO : 107360592034SUBJECT : NEIMTOPIC : Story of an Entrepreneur SUBMITED TO: Dr. Rajesh Patel
  2. 2. Field marshal is the highest post of the army. Whole energy of the armyis included in the word “field marshal’. In such a way Mr. Popatbhai Patel is a realfield marshal of the company which manufacturing oil engine. Mr. PopatbhaiPatel is started with the zero and at present reach on the top of the mountain. Mr. Popatbhai Patel was born in Kansagara family on 25th January 1934at Patanvav Tal- Manavadar Dist- Junagadh. He completed his primary educationin his village school. After that in year 1955 he went to Rajkot for furthereducation. He got the higher education in chauthari high school. After thecompleting high school education he joined the Parekh Technical Institution forthe study of ITI mechanical. After completing the study, he started to work in small factory of Rajkot.He taught many things when working in factory this experience inspire him tobecome an entrepreneur. In year 1963, it is the turning point of the life of the Mr. Popatbhai Patelbecause in this year he started his own business with 25000 capitals with thename of ‘Masers Patel Manufacturer’ on dhebar road Rajkot. He started themanufacturing with oil engine. He started business with small scale industry andat present it famous with the name of ‘P.M.desal Pvt. Ltd.’ at the state, nationaland international market. This unit provides the employment to 700 peoples. Thisindustry provides the raw material to many other companies. He has to takemany innovations on his product oil engine and also produce many different typesof product. At present company manufacturing the many products their lists areas follows
  3. 3. SLOW SPEED DIESEL HIGH SPEED DIESEL ENGINES MARINE ENGINES MINI TRACTORS ENGINES DIESEL GENERATING DIESEL PUMP SETS PETROL-KEROSENE ENGINES FERTILIZER SETS MUD PUMP CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS MONOBLOCK PUMP ALTERNATORS SETS DOMESTIC PUMP BOREWELL OPENWELL ENGINE OIL SETS SUBMERSIBLE PUMP SUBMERSIBLE PUMP Mr. Popatbhai Patel has to apply the strategy to producehigh quality product, satisfy the customer need and fair trading with dealerswhich leads towards the success. The name ‘fieldmarshal’ is known not only incountry but it famous in international market. Fieldmarshal exports their productto Siberia, Saudi, Arabia, Venezuela, Egypt, etc.