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Your story

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Your story

  1. 1. Your storyAs far as your story is concerned I would like to talk about the rajubrothers engineering. Raju engineering now a days buzz word in Rajkot.Today it is very well known industry. Raju name is taken from the onebrother out of three. This industry is located in Sapar at Rajkot highway.It’s producing ball bearing and plastic bag’s machine. And now days thisindustry is well producing and well growing.Now I would like to discuss about earlier story before they started thebusiness. At that time their living condition was not so good andfinancial condition too. They have struggled very hard in their pastyears because at that time they were not able to procure highereducation due to some financial reason. As well as they have noelectricity connection in their home so that they did not get that mucheducation which they deserve. After the passed out such a poorcondition they have not loose the confidence and they got some ideasto establish their small business.After generating this idea they started their first small business ofcotton. After that their cotton industry will grooming and grooming.Due to this cotton industry so many people get employment. And wecan say that this cotton industry play very vital role to developing orimproving people who get employed in cotton industry. This cotton
  2. 2. industry is beneficial for the garment industry because due to thisindustry garment industry get cotton as raw materials.After getting success from cotton industry then after they startedbusiness of of producing ball bearing and plastic bag machines. In thiscompany there are many departments are there.now this industry isconsidered as a large scale company and around more than 300workers are working over there. And now they are contemplating toexpand their business around the world. And many branches are therewhich located out of Gujarat such as madras, Calcutta and so on. Nowtheir next generation are ready to manage the command of thecompany and they are practicing over their.So according to my point of view this company is very adorable oradmiring company. This company’s progress and growth is inspirationalfor other people who want to establish their business. My best wishesto them that their business will reach to apogee.Thanks to Raju engineering.