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education australia ahp tourism quality six sigma usa portugal matlab customer artificial intelligence internet marketing supply chain computer vision composition construction climate change data mining classification network fashion industry environment energy ethiopia empowerment risk banking industry steel ethical responsibility voltage stability total factor productivity investors’ perceptions flexural behavior raspberry pi automobile industry feeling lost/anxious warpage taguchi method design of experiment carpet association carpet expert council carpet weavers' wage handmade carpet strength characteristics maximum dry density optimum moisture content cotton clothes design models water resources management liner regression model method irrigation rest api android development yolo webrtc green revolution contribution to export rmg sector csr vs csv britannia’s tiger biscuits bendigo and adelaide bank tata motor business models creating shared value fair treatment customer’s service 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development financial technology project management project cryogenic entrepreneurship black cotton soil cbr edm tax revenue working capital management children flood zimbabwe indebtedness qos palestine factors contractors psnr flexural strength research evaluation mutual fund banking education system bioenergy inventory management mathematical model biometrics population job performance paytm waiting time throughput switch hardness test employment port harcourt decision management information system commercial banks financial performance social media branding corrosion stability compressor culture tax wastewater tds aluminum ann foreign trade preference farmers dar-es-salaam firms building breast cancer decision trees association rules biodiesel diesel engine rivers state productivity marketing research marketing strategy cnn linear programming total quality management temperature regression analysis electron-impact ionization cross section collision software company bhilad enjay it solutions extraction ozone-friendly gossypol lepidoptera pink bollworm board size board independence public shareholding ownership pattern asset utilization ratio mahindra & mahindra mrf tata motors tractors motorcycles military vehicles three-wheelers jeeps multi-utility vehicles transportation network cmie reliance petroleum limited refining industry crude oil importer middle east consumer of oil and petroleum options futures capital market derivatives cost assessment greenhouse gasses power plants carbon capture and storage hamiltonian equations smart material magnetorheological fluids bio-manure food waste sustainable development fin-tech faith crypto-currencies student preparedness disaster awareness school drrm disaster management reforms accomplishments battle legal status global scale surrogacy legal implication khap panchayats law commissions honour killing approach cultural literacy digital business msme products dynamic pressure feedback modal space 6 dof parallel mechanism hydraulically driven ecosystem north india data analysis coca-cola products soft drinks lssvr eemd memd forecast organizational profitability interdepartmental collaboration storage management procurement management materials management psat svc voltage collapse snel sensitivity factor stability margin student centric learning teacher’s centric learning employable skills innovative teaching pedagogy scholarly articles neuromarketing rural areas women empowerment smart energy access smart energy comprehensive influence degree ahp-dematel influencing factors daily maintenance cost national and provincial trunk highway fast food restaurants perceived price revisit intention sales covid -19 pandemic undergraduate students wireless applications sensor nodes economic responsibility legal responsibility philanthropic responsibility csr net profits car ratio capital adequacy data envelopment analysis (dea) small-scale industries nanded financial performance evaluation fraud prevention bank verification number identity management student learning style student acceptance trusting beliefs e-learning acceptance model glass fibre density bf slag sugar cane bagasse ash causes variables delays data envelopment analysis färe-primont index relative price change matlab/simulink statcom tcsc pickup and discharge of passengers transit service delay running time travel time privatization and globalization liberalization economic reform foreign direct investment consumer buying decision technical capacity new product development higher education institutions sri lankan universities self-motivation cost management quantity takeoff building information modeling (bim) double wishbone suspension magnetic damping electromagnetic actuator development countermeasure rural collective economy rural revitalization strategy offline learning currency notes bank regional economy industry issues asset appraisal industry western region gst collection (leadership in energy & eco-friendly design) leed (leadership in energy and environmental desig ieq (interior eco-friendly quality) griha (green ratings for integrated habitat assess global economy covid – 19 currency futures rates future spot exchange rates bailout package eurozone information cognition formal credit constraint heckman model relationship network scale relationship network quality system dynamic model management mode carbon sink supply bamboo forest carbon sink phyllostachyssinensis forest posenet neural network ml5.js tools and techniques calabar small and medium scale enterprises electricity supply input structure mixed efficiency satisfaction level insurance coverage mse spiht dual tree complex wavelet transform(dtcwt) discrete wavelet transform(dwt) theories of learning reasoning critical thinking logical reasoning conditioning deconditioning life style mental health corona virus grape farmers indian wine social life employability winery impact 4g/lte gps unethical practice and impact drug promotion pharmaceutical industry central government national financial reporting authority (nfra) institute of charted accountants (icai) customer preference public sector banks three-port converter (tpc) maximum power point tracking photovoltaic power system economic growth and auto-regressive distributed la financial openness financial development critical path method cultural differences buying behaviour lattice beam finite element analysis cold-formed built-up i section joist beam furred section cold-formed section surveillance stun/turn overhead equipment(ohe) overhead contact line(ocl) mast stagger implantation electric multiple units garni medicine tracker medical adherence elderly care independent game tower c# defence game the law of mass action the modified logistic equation monod equation export import women safety night vision camera vehicle monitoring wifi module palm kernel stone dust pavers water quality operating profit revenue net profit gross profit roi ratio regex text classification performance of smes network structure network content network governance business networking circuit power loss power failure withdrawal/escape compulsive usage techno-overload techno-invasion smartphone framework waterfall medical and drags cold storage mfi injection molding life cycle flatness fiber workpieces spot welding asi 304 runner system nylon electrical discharge machine process parameters d3 steel surface roughness tester advanced manufacturing ems 45 wire edm financial institution awareness of pacs credit society primary agriculture a-star games maze game brain computer interface human computer interaction electroencephalography (eeg) devices neurosky brain wave kit random forest classification and regression business intelligence in education e-shopping e-shoppers wireless communication audio instructions visually impaired people image identification voice recognition text-to-speech speech-to-text human resource & payroll cost estimation triangulation evidence review of literature the thing qualitative research number of transactions and delivery percentage volatility stock returns stock prices cryptocurrency banking tech indian fintech market fintech soft landing sites craters lunar terrain efficiency sieving construction workers occupational safety and health construction safety virtual classroom online classes cooperative learning teacher isolation relationships craftsmanship flexible self-efficacy verbal behaviors collegiality teacher collaboration collaboration professional learning community cognitive coaching revenue generation manufacturing companies training and development practices manufacturing firms ghana hate speech classification algorithm uttarakhand hills and planes rural and urban start-up start-up entrepreneurship document detection tesseract optical character reader (ocr) opencv muzaffarnagar sugarcane decision tree crop consumer goods companies market share entrepreneurial orientation mission external environment strategic planning strategic management hospitality career selection 3d image clothing virtual regulations ppp ptc mathcad catia v5 ansys2020r consumed energy electric motor rotor maize crushing design hammer mill machine metals casting software sand casting oil & gas company managerial culture organizational culture strategic drift attitudinal change milk products consumer attitude dairy products waste creation manufacturing industry industrial waste sources of waste scheduling job shop minimization makespan erode district traditional practices teaching geo polymer fly ash ash baggase gaza strip undergraduates students bim education ipcc coastal town east africa johansen cointegration test data stationarity vix tqm benefits barriers of tqm tqm elements tqm elements key social stigma domestic violence socio-cultural factors zambia mobile money services barriers susceptibility landslides kaski frequency ratio level of utilization of operational quality potent commercial operational quality technical and operational quality operational quality operational characteristics rolling stock urban public transport wedding banquets attributes venue event industry unit price reduction cost reduction agudu farms limited project risk management project budget payment of financial dues social sciences for packet statistical test government agencies academic qualification waste materials quarry dust bituminous concrete swot analysis mushroom freeze drying technique significance types weather forecasting inflation deflation money supply monetary policy ecb geographical feature spatial-temporal feature forecasting probability proportional to size (pps) sampling simple random sampling without replacement (srswor relative efficiency mean squared error (mse) air flow cfd computer literacy international computer driving license (icdl) shipping maritimetrade national development deep seaport online banking wuhan iot for smes industrial iot industry 4.0 public work engineering leadership manager boss contracts real estate importer exporter port tools used in e-commerce software service providers e-commerce platforms e-commerce companies crm initiatives evolution of e-commerce star graded hotels food and beverage service mohammed najeeb main street pedestrian environmental quality index measuring the sustainability of the streets of kha economic organisational performance leadership styles sleep alert microsleep brain wave supply chain social sustainability (sscm) barrier practice social sustainability construction materials erbads creek u7box girder shoring method sustainable solution ankeng light rail mrt system (alrms) modulus of elasticity of concrete organizational agility electronic human resource management offshore oil & gas production mature wells artificial lift d2 tool steel punch life blanking process police reform unemployment rate gun control criminal justice reform population density industrialization economic transformation pragmatic economic policies work well-being workplace spirituality state universities and colleges faculty members s3 bucket and query pl/sql erp aws cloud vanet efficient recommender system financial application medical application product medicine item rural consumers mdd ucs omc probase tx-85 soil stabilizer & strengthener probase sh-85 soil hardener probase pb-65 soil sealant effectiveness of agile usage agile usage agile methodology rural markets rural marketing constraints economic and trade cooperation china-africa community of common destiny ge jack welch influence vision direction organizations employee performance employee retention talent management virtual learning environment present pandemic situation competitive edge new normals virtual learning talent and knowledge management step transition probability matrix discrete function adjacency matrix nutrition intake migrant workers elastic innovative work behavior emotional intelligence telecommunications industry competitive advantage supply chain management mhelath ehealth miot medical internet of things reverse migration migrant labourers children and attributes depression mental anxiety scalability and visualization of data knowledge discovery and computational complexities data storage and analysis big data analytics health records habits covid-19 test results shared risk & shared responsibilities collective trauma intrapreneurship fellow-compassion fellow-feelings people management dysfunctional conflicts managerial good practices work excellence customer behaviour marketing sector copper oxide zinc oxide xanthan nanoparticles water based drilling fluid united states farms agricultural censuses seventh proviso to sec 139(1) sec 80eeb sec 80eea schedule di itr-1 (sahaj) for a.y. 2020-21 filing income tax return fairlie decomposition blinder–oaxaca child malnutrition cascade control ball balance industries servicing equipment required skills acquired skills technical smart learning environment personalization of space learner-centered-environment design studio ai digital technology government initiatives trends impact crisis dual otp aes algorithm blowfish algorithm online transaction stock market analysis stock market volatility % change women in advertising sexual objectification gender studies body image placement master’s degree sir model ├ m┤|├ m┤|├ c┤|∞ queuing model new crown epidemic situation man-in-the-middle (mitm) modification attacks taguchi technique material removal rate peak current and feed rate pulse on time h-13 die tool steel technology acceptance model (tam) ict integration digital education adoption benefits and salary job stress employee job satisfaction fair secure dominating set secure dominating set fair restrained dominating set restrained dominating set long-term cost benefit function the linear weighted sum method acceptance departure personnel military agricultural wastes contaminated water crude oil community services campus operation training university stakeholders greening initiatives women education world bank lpg niger delta crude oils heptane plus fractions condensate molecular weight pvt properties api gravity specific gravity r language multiple collinearity regression diagnosis stepwise regression inductor coils electrical load sectors coronavirus adaptability change in school school life attitude towards management occupational stress job anxiety geometry golden ratio fibonacci sequence revenue productivity indirect tax vibration noise slm spl automated washing machine super fair dominating set super dominating set real gross domestic product economic impact brain drain droop controller islanded microgrid fuel cell diesel generator flexibility ready food food ordering and delivery applications compaction characteristics and improvement index properties palm kernel shell ash basketball league fuzzy comprehensive evaluation time series model winning probability prediction crank 4 stroke vcr cylinder malaysian construction industry bim implementation causes of accidents types of accidents fatal accidents rate of occurrence decision-making information systems decision support system al-hussein bin talal university sustainable development goals (sdgs) united nations (un) empathy post adoption process technology adoption cycle pivoting use innovativeness ethnography gui results ensemble method dataset women employees conflict resolution conflict management steepest descent newton's method mathematical programming unconstrained optimization nonlinear programming problem labour social security fair globalization ilo banks in ethiopia atm tcn lstm time sequence program trading price prediction small and medium maximization profit young adults consumer behaviour traditional media video streaming services type 2 diabetes jamu graph tri-partite fuzzy clustering organizational climate effect cultural diversity dg microgrids interconnected mode pq controller distributed generation eas competencies organization performance employee engagement talent retention information customer relationships management recruitment retailers detrimental criticism bullying online impulse shopping post purchase behavior factor affect impulse shopping apparel impulse shopping impulse buying behavior water absorption of concrete crm in hospitality crm in insurance crm in banking iot environment iot security human intellectual capital digitization artificial intelligence (ai) insurtech amhara region quantile regression consumption expenditure electricity ir led ir sensor wireless power transmission tesla coil public key infrastructure electronic fund transfer digital signature cyber crime cyber security biometric cointegration equity malicious logistic regression url private universities growth of student population strategic communication qualitative measurement crm gap kano servqual organizational behaviour sdr decoder hdl tree decoder software defined radio(sdr) talent fierce edge empirical enlargement human resources knack management cashless transactions friction tensile and fracture toughness fracture properties fsp aluminium alloy drives and needs rewarding employee motivation fabric herbs ingredients protective clothing diseases ultraviolet long-distance transport new prospective of hyperloop technology ultra-high-speed vactrain sustainable transportation technology hyperloop technology arima foreign exchange time series us dollar iraqi dinar currency exchange rate information and communication technology himalayan mobile doordarshan dth all india radio ihr autonomous vehicle mobile application augmented reality critical failure reasons business process reengineering (bpr) coefficient of determination transig activation function prediction modelling levenbergmarquardt back propagation feed-forward neural network corotating discs axisymmetric flow b2g g2b c2g g2c g2g c2b b2c b2b electronic trade online association tax evasion taxation property land titling internally generated revenue mysore district newspaper television financial reforms sirajgonj pabna topographic survey geometric parameters road environment accidents transportation algorithm weighted ordered fp-tree weighted model ordered fptree particle swarm optimization(pso) genetic algorithm(ga) improved multi objective harmony search algorithmi distributed generation(dg) raw material biogas osmotic shock lipid extraction cultivated microalgae pome three star hotels hyderabad hotel ph salinity natural polymers rheological properties drilling mud broadband wimax voip umts nairobi school bus bus crashworthiness tests inspection vehicle public domain health monitoring optical sensors intelligent transportation system logistics data transmission energy efficiency smart sensor network off dock terminals off dock cargo pricing cargo volume inland container depots accuracy skills comprehension skills short term information retention retention interval (ri) / span note-taking note-making note-reviewing hydropower plant nepal hydropower non-linear objective function optimization closure law guide vanes projects software engineering reverse engineering object relational mapping ntier architecture impedance mismatch distributed systems organizational development - psychological contract ebrahim khalil kanoo multi directional perceived employee performance formal activity basic activity career management active planning active management safety case study rnn index system lng tank container mysore pathanjali awareness fmcg ayurveda venture capital private mediation analysis and banking industry intrinsic motivation job performances job rotation practices living organisms chlorofluorocarbons (cfcs) bioclimatic envelopes greenhouse gases global warming public universities university audits system non-conformities certification iso 9001 selected county government financial reporting reforms public financial management reforms worm image segmentation model rgb screening algorithm hough line detection canny edge detection quercus mongolica business networking frequency time commitment gender risk attitude financial capital entrepreneurs solar cell device simulation tcad anti reflecting coating deae-cellulose column chromatography dialysis ammonium sulphate fractionation amylase bacillus subtilis forecas neural solar transmission smart cane facebook server pic 16f877a ldr bluetooth ultrasonic sensor heat supplied work output and efficiency rankine cycle brayton cycle trolley refill booking pic controller leakage detection lpg automated booking system mathematics students gulf country undergraduate r-mars rating scale foundation anxiety thermal properties tensile properties stearic acid calcium carbonate recycled low-density polyethylene canada undergraduate-level teaching programming non-native english speakers non-it background students structural health monitoring payload compression tinyos wireless sensor network quality management iso standard qms bamboo fibre cubes fibrers employee-employer relationships digital age erecruitment e-hrm electrical power theft sms unauthorized tapping wireless data transmission and receiving electrical current theft partnering design-build design-bidbuild construction contract construction project risk allocation history of cimpor cimpor (current portuguese cement company) the first portuguese cement companies privatization of petrogal (galp energy) creation and development of petrogal petrosul) cidla sacor the first portuguese oil companies (sonap sem test. tensile test al 6061 titanium dioxide metal matrix composites renewable energy solar charging stations electric vehicle grid connected charging stations sustainable transport physiochemical wild boar meat sensory attributes proximate composition meat quality parameters electrocardiograph diagnosis arrytmia cardiac religion gandhiji data sharing artix-7 fpga encryption and decryption dwt image steganography lsb automation how can we maximize system performance with minimu logic and adaptability human judgment automated controls technical advancements radiology technology swaziland medical imaging technology utilisation technology acceptance technology diffusion blume leaf extract rhynchostylisretusa antioxidant activity rhynchostylisretusa (l.) blume silver nanoparticles novel green synthesis m35 rice husk ash ordinary portland cement building materials migezrate gabor filter medical imaging application vlsi fpga architecture medical image analysis gabor tonsilitis pid plen2 humanoid robot humanoid balancing fully-connected neural network labor market insurance migrants ame ssif ub network protocol interoperability personality trait optimal solution initial basic feasible solution transportation cost transportation problem ernakulam unskilled workers in kerala labour migration in kerala kerala economy working environment labour migration digital energy meter psu lcd liquid cristal display m-commerce banking sector human development index trends gdi human development report hrm statistical analysis ranking (statistics) keystroke dynamics identity management systems closed-set identification hybrid air compressor crankshaft power transmission mild steel solenoid valve bicycle türkiye selective oxidation ceo2-γal2o3 and fe2o3-γal2o3 catalyst carvone selectivity limonene oxidation business expansion textile cluster business operations problems of textile business textile owners return on total assets correlation analysis shareholders’ value economy of a country financial crisis botmaster c&c botnet bots knowledge sharing academics palakkad district insurance companies financial benefits lic policyholders family interference with the work work interference with family cement industry economical development chief executive officer quality of work life poverty alleviation job creation mathematical morphology digital ultrasound images follicle detection bi-dimensional empirical mode decomposition histogram equalization ovarian classification gasoline n-butanol exhaust gas temperature exhaust emission brake thermal efficiency dangku sembilang fertilizer dosage plant conditions peat land oil palm abw cognitive system sustainable value co-creation ethical cognitive couture crucible furnaces black smithy setup crucible thermal efficiency pit furnace routing protocols routing metric route optimization link reliability ad hoc routing protocol signal strength mauritius cost effective taxi quick transport taxi booking taxi dispatching system taxi drivers technical education differently abled disability assistive technology sme business environment stages of business small and medium enterprise energy saving manual compressor african countries v belt pulley chain tank sprocket artisans flywheel machine air stepper motor sensing distance steering angle conventional light system adaptive front lighting system (afs) andhra pradesh rationing public distribution system (pds) fair price shops (fps) food security pudukkottai self- help group financial women tilting mechanism water heating system flat plate collector solar energy fpc civilization publicity scope of newspaper scope of research to find out why growth in india defying the trends in western coun publicity media and news paper inverted lsb insertion steganalysis cover image peak signal to noise ratio least significant bit steganography physical market vectors exposed components sensitivity analysis dengue fever basic reproduction number hybrid scheme symbolic computing labeled hybrid petri net formal verification ams soc sand brick bayesian network tensile strength hooke’s law guwahati high performance liquid chromatography (hplc) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pahs) high traffic activity area benz(a) pyrene pyrene manufacturing systems six sigma quality root cause analysis statistical process control control capability variation process simulink monitoring system transformer dos attack wifi iee802.11i wpa tkip rsne cipher 4 (rc4) secondary school students strategies and activities reading methodologies reading competencies reading program tax governance tax assessment personal finance financial planning investments savings finance money product quality accounting landscape blockchain technology accounting professionals portuguese material deprivation likelihood ratio test structural equation models. satorra-bentler scaled correct chi-square estimato multi-group analysis eu-silc data ondo state agency for road maintenance and constru osarmco monitoring and control air separation unit isotherm parameter activated alumina molecular sieve steady state simulation aspen adsim aspen dynamics aspen plus pressure swing adsorption distillation column heat conduction model simulated annealing algorithm nonlinear programming fourier heat conduction law high temperature working clothes pune call centre indian scenario public relations marketing strategies marketing channels direct marketing commerce service providers advertising city bank limited customer satisfactio retail banking children mental response cartoon behaviors indian economy shareholders startups ethanol bio-fuel acidcatalyst esterification bio-oil localization error geometrical method wireless sensor networks wsn localization centroid of a triangle south india zhejiang wenzhou preferences of chinese and indian food indian cuisine chinese cuisine food culture tyre waste omc & mdd rubber crumb retail format patronage retail consumer characteristics psychographic profile purchasing behavior demographics retailing linear distribution ptdf post contingency flows outages lodf distribution factors contingency mechanical characterisation al-sic-mg electrical discharge fabrication xrf mrr composite customs clearance logistic cluster analysis logistic performance indexes indian postal services curse environment friendly alternatives environment pollution hygiene micron ban on plastic globalization central assistance ols regression govt. expenditure tax elasticity s-plus software statistical model probability density function prior bayesian method weibull distribution larsen & turbo cash flow statement readiness level of effectiveness saudi electric company organizational change cost people traits educational facilities educational tourism correlation coefficient code profiling privacy preserving data mining data mining techniques software development agile development continuous integration kota reuse recycle municipal solid waste waste generation moisture content compost socio-economic factors solid waste management impact of flood kashmir water hygiene and sanitation rainfall gandhinagar investors preference investment avenues investors categories financial knowledge raw material inventory control anfis adaptive system tourism destination tourism industry digital marketing strategy digital marketing mix digital marketing farmers suicides agriculture marginal crops suicide distress natural vagaries capital scare modernization of agriculture agricultural credit tcs bscs network coding vanet stakeholders green building commercial properties built environment decision making behavioral economics nudge marketing application biological remediation chemical remediation heavy metals contaminated soil soil remediation fibre concrete microbia split tensile strength calcite reed fibre product development row geometric mean method kansei engineering approximate model matching mimo zero frequency decoupler decoupler amm decoupling time delay coupling controller v-trans responsibility feedback risk return analysis pharmaceutical companies indian stock market beta alpha return signal processing cardiac arrhythmia lead-ii configuration electrocardiogram (ecg) construction projects gaza owners cost escalation block image coding image coding mdc bits per pixel speck multiple description coding discrete wavelet transform cloud platform utility computing virtualization resource management cloud computing research women security smart alarm system message transmitting gsm sim 800a arduino microcontroller machining automated process planning smart manufacturing computer integrated manufacturing computer aided process planning solar panel laying system solar panel laying system multi-objective optimization genetic algorithm path scheme comparison customers classifying pricing transit freight modulus of elasticity curing partial replacement slag embodied office building simulation analysis dynamic game effect of energy-saving policy lean canvas model mobile payments fundamo structural entropy factor analysis global energy internet energy & power retail marketing marketing strategies for rural segment factors in favour rural retailing external cultural steward internal cultural steward strategic hr hr cultural steward chennai primary school teachers employees satisfaction organisation welfare measures bottle water companies in port harcourt total loyalty and motivation employees companies followers institutions in rivers state reduction error and physical environment work climate high productivity institutions employee committee environmental innovations sustainability-oriented innovations management accounting and control systems alwar investors indian banks practices human resource management innovations indian education system solution issues tiruchirappalli tamilnadu addiction pattern of drinking alcoholics spirituality alcoholism filipino workers in bahrain retirement ofws living with children living arrangement late-life movement independent living fuzzy inference system palm oil risk management and change management. quality control (qc) quality assurance (qa) quality management system (qms) continuous improvement the cost of external failures the cost of internal failures appraisal costs prevention costs the cost of non-conformance the cost of bad quality the cost of poor quality the cost of conformance the cost of good quality the cost of quality communication paths determination of desired trajectory energy minimization time minimization lans of drones oman global marketplace intellectual capital quality and excellence philippines peacebuilding participation perceived risk and medium enterprises small micro business for peace organised systems economic order system maintenance cost implication redeemer’s university allocation resources optimal toyota calya buying decision marketing mix brand image banking/payment services in kericho town kericho small busines cyber crimes payment gateway m-banking energy management university of dhaka solar pv system dhaka carbon emission solar photovoltaic energy audit staff performance rating question-answering fingerprint attendance concentric circle ambiguity pose estimation monocular vision patna development in india northern nigeria logistics management outbound logistics inbound logistics firm performance rmg sector of bangladesh supplier selection selection criteria fuzzy rmg low cost data logger pv panel shs solar system bank employees bahrain bank employees bahrain empowerment construction companies promotion and recognition customer satisfaction of ewallets paytm services ewallet ports turnaround time databases load balancing hubs router cloud buffer shared nothing clustering brkss architecture contribute to society risk taking self identity challenges of entrepreneurship women entrepreneurship non coated hss tool chromium nickel zinc wear test pvd coating high speed steel long term credit short term credit primary cooperative banks district central cooperative banks state co-operative banks adoption implementation behavioral aspects activity based costing loop thermal resistance pulsating heat pipe helical riyadh soft skills small scale businesses velocity distribution temperature distribution finite element radiator tube lebanon mb-lbp haar-lik real-time systems boosting face detection commercial banks in kenya offshore oil and gas production system cathodic protection system corrosion control corrosion threats business process efficiency value stream process approach business process lightweight material lightweight construction conventional brick replacement autoclaved aerated concrete machining parameters conventional fluids vegetable - animal oils plain carbon steels phoenix man social mobility stigma attracting retention employee employer quality of higher education lean business improvement higher education institutes product evaluation consumer purchase decision coi country of origin image brand evaluation computer-aided design oil and gas industry virtual reality geometry parameters iran florida shallow water equations finite volume method sediment transfer flow hydraulic channel junction artificial neural network skin cancer fake fake product genuine reviews fake reviews bag-ofwords tagging tokenization native bayes classifier decision tree classifier sentimental analysis automotive body coating process coating process automotive body color durability machine tools air bearing hyperlop transportation system tubes eloun musk hyperloop natural fiber-based bio composites lamination method prosthetic leg artificial limb anti dumping law wto gatt coimbatore manufactures manufactures in coimbatore city kmo climate hrd wastewater treatment colacassia plant tss bod cod root zone domestic wastewater image enhancement esihe gfsihe image histogram equalization moroccan context co-creation services wc-feal mechanical property stir casting method tungsten carbide iron neural network configuration ccp arpanet food supply chain network soybean agroindustry driver assistance active safety traffic sign recognition lane and road detection environment perception and modeling intelligent vehicles transfer ratio stable domain title hierarchy indian foreign trade direction and volume of trade local or global brands consumer and goods demographic local branded barley contract farming sponsoring firms smallholder contract farming tanzania quantity surveyors satisfaction job game theory stranded assets esg divestment stewardship engagement arithmetic progressions difference equations difference operator development in cameroon trus polytechnics in niger delta niger delta academic staff recruitment and selection politicians breast cancer recurrence recurrence private housing finance companies operating ratios profitability ratios hfcs (housing finance companies) bloomberg trai (telecom regulatory authority of india) factors affecting the satisfaction of consumers vodafone-idea airtel digital transformation telecom industry reliance jio kazakh clothing market global market nigerian atlantic offshore wind ocean current west african ocean characteristics offshore renewable energy marine diesel engines fuel private sector progress of banks in india rbi bank in india bonny oil and gas industrial democracy industrial relations and social challenges and con aluminum plate optimization of process parameters aa 7075 welding current gas flow rate tig welding capacity building organizational effectiveness hei nsu market environment huawei company brand weighted linear combination (wlc) priority land paddy field white sweet potato sweet potato starch properties characteristics chiller units cooling coil chiller units performance analysis heat transfer fin cleaning ambient temperatures air cooled condensers small enterprises small enterprises growth mudra jan dhan yojna 4 th census of msme msme financial inclusion passenger screening artificial neural networks advanced image technology transportation security administration mathematics learning mathematical problem number and shape combination workforce diversity climate top management support personal diversity experience co-workers behaviour self-driven car reward function reinforcement learning heuristic basketball league matches prediction function entropy weight method grey system theory waste conversion technological backwardness hightech technologies innovative development equilibrium hiv tuberculosis pharmaceutical manufacturing companies operational performance banking services bank customer satisfaction financial institutions problems housing finance housing jordan project success trust team building payment cards electronic payments performance appraisal compensation and benefits career planning perception of performance human resource practices oil and gas bonny musa paradisiaca thin-layer models slice thickness drying etabs wind load outriggers tall buildings infrastructure companies ndian construction company-wise analysis esop quantitative qualitative creditworthiness sap 2000 baffle wall time history analysis elevated water tanks model manual of prison administration incarceration under trials correctional administration rehabilitation
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