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How to overcome the fear & give the best presentation.

  1. How to Overcome the Fear and give the best Presentation? Be the Winner
  2. Why have I uploaded this presentation ? why are you reading it ? You should always have the Purpose. My Statement of purpose - All successful people in the world are good presenters & I want to be one of them & I want you to be one of them too. What's yours ?
  3. Are you afraid to present in front of Audience ? or You want to be the best presenter ? Think & Write in the comment box Ok lets start
  4. Before Presentation Know your topic in detail Read Books ,Articles, Blogs, websites about your topic. Understand the topic & concepts related to it. Mindless memorization is useless in presentations. Never Copy. Discuss with knowledgeable person about your topic. Their experience will definitely be helpful.
  5. • Your presentation should include everything about the topic. You can skip doubtful things but not important things .Cut the content short. so you can explain it. Diagrams, images, graphs play very important role. • Add self-explanatory photographs (high definition) in your presentation along with nice readable font . Make it easy not poetic. • Nice color combination makes people feel good and makes them interested in the topic. Remember the rule. Every Slide should look beautiful to hypnotize the audience.
  6. Don’t make your presentation over-complicated or hard to understand. Remember, its your presentation not a Suspense- thriller. Never use slangs & informal contractions like (Bob’s your uncle, Gonna ,wanna ,Imma, etc ) in formal presentations. Make it funny with smiley & cartoons but not boring. Make your presentation Simple & Sober. People will like it when they understand it easily.
  7. Your “First-Slide & Last-Slide Images” present what you feel about presentation & in general about life . So don’t put the wallpaper of “Batman sitting in the dark”. It should be Inspiring & Encouraging to others. It should show positivity of life like (Sunrise, Scenery, Babies, skyscrapers, quotes or anything related to topic) Include History, Recent Advances, Survey data & Ongoing research. This is what people generally forget. It makes your presentation solid , memorable & complete.
  8. • Guess questions which will come from audience & keep your answers ready. • Use Audio-Visuals . It clears many doubts from audience’s mind. • Keep small cards in hand or use “Notes” option in ppt to show you keynotes which will keep you on track.
  9. Complete your presentation before 2 days. It will boost your confidence level. Read it yourself 5 times at least. You will find some additions & deletions every time. Practice presenting your PPT 3 times before final presentation (without any help) in front of your friends. Get their feedbacks & correct your mistakes. It will give you lots of confidence. Sleep well on the last night before presentation. Pulling “All-nighter” will be foolish. Otherwise , Your brain will be restless, you will lose mind-alertness & forget things.
  10. On the Presentation Day Always remember that millions of people present power point presentation everyday. So you are not the one. so relax. People who are sitting in front of you have come to listen to you not to scold you . Focus on your ppt not on audience.
  11. Forget everything & Like a king Click here
  12. some people sitting in front of you may have “low-level intelligence”. They like scolding you rather that listening to you. Remember, you were not born to please them. Leave them with what they have and make them speechless with your smile & Confidence. In short , Don’t give them a DAMN
  13. Wake up early, Have a healthy breakfast. Wear Sober & presentable cloths. Reach your destination half an hour before everybody else. It boosts your confidence. Have some Chocolates & Cold water. It reduces anxiety. Remember, for next few minutes you are the strongest & dominant person in the room. So just go be it. Free your mind of Everything & Start
  14. Intra - Presentation Your body should be stable and every movement should be confident. Your body language should show respect to people sitting in front. Your voice and Pronunciation should be loud and clear. Grammatical mistakes are not allowed at all. It gives very bad impression.
  15. If they question you and you don’t know the answer . Tell them straight away that you don’t know it (with respect) . Don’t worry, nobody on this planet knows everything. Its ok to not know something. Its not the end of the world. Don’t ask doubts while presenting. It will be foolishness. You can ask afterwards. Don’t guess the answer . This is your presentation not a movie climax.
  16. Its ok if some mistakes happen. We are humans not Gods. Just don’t repeat them. Mostly you will have “dry mouth” while presenting . Its normal. You can drink water . Nobody is going to punish you for that. Loudness of your voice should be same till the end . It shows your sincerity, confidence & your understanding of the topic.
  17. Tricks to shut the fools up Add distractive image 5 slides before presentation. It generally sidetracks foolish people and they forget their foolish questions made to put you down. Ask them Questions , Change the topic smoothly. It can resolve any debate on this earth. If they are senior , avoid them with a smile 
  18. • Add references to your presentation at the end . It helps you and listeners find the information about the topic. Add “Take home notes” at the end of your presentation which tells audience what to take from this presentation. • Ask for questions. Answer them nicely & respectfully. • Provide listeners the Evaluation forms if possible . Their remarks will be beneficial for you. • Complete your presentation with a nice photograph saying Thank you. It’s the sign of showing respect.
  19. Add some Imagination , Creativity & Madness to your presentation. Routine is boring. If you want to be remembered, Stand out.
  20. Take home notes Be knowledgeable Be organized Be positive Be confident Be Fearless Be the champion & Be ready to Conquer everything.
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