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class tests worksheets school exams/board exams/cbse & foundation includi foundation & cbse . we have developed the study ma question bank & test series for jee main manufactures as well as distributors/re-sellers an cbse foundation biology the best teachers study material in coaching br material in coaching brand nam medical entrance coaching ma study teaching care online classes scalar and vector products dimensional analysis and its applications dimensions of physical quantities errors in measurement accuracy and precision of measuring instruments fundamental and derived units. least count s i units technology and society properties sublimation halogens oxidation classification photoelectric effect neet coaching neet home tuition neet home tutors neet online tutors neet online tuition neet exercises. neet study material neet assignments neet mock tests neet tests neet dpp neet study packages neet books neet study notes neet question bank neet test series cbse coaching cbse home 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neet/ categories of study material/study booklets/study #how to make study material for coaching institute mathematics igcse tutors online tuitions jee study material medical en customised study material soft medical entrance exam study ma engineering entrance study how to make study material for medical entrance coaching mat engineering entrance study mat engineering entrance exam st medical entrance exam study engineering some basic concept test se "neet study material" economics business studies accountancy computer science coding classes jee and neet. best tutorials for english olympiads ntse state boards ib icse online tutors and live 1-to-1 coaching classes for online tuition classes free study material by teaching care online tuitio metals and non metals class 10 science (chemistry) -metals and non metal bases and salts acids chemical reaction and equations class 10 chemistry -chemical reaction and equation sources of energy class 10 physics- sources of energy by teaching ca class 10 physics- magnetic effect of current electricity electricity by teaching care online classes control and coordination class 10 biology -control and coordination by teac life processes class 10 biology - life processes by teaching care our environment class 10 biology -our environment management of natural resources heredity and evolution how do organism reproduce applications of e.m. waves gamma rays) x-rays ultraviolet visible infrared microwaves radio waves electromagnetic spectrum transverse nature of electromagnetic waves electromagnetic waves and their characteristics wattless current power in ac circuits quality factor resonance lcr series circuit reactance and impedance peak and rms value of alternating current voltage alternating currents electrophoresis brownian movement tyndall effect preparation and properties of colloids macromolecular and associated colloids (micelles) multi molecular lyophobic lyophilic classification of colloids colloids and suspensions distinction among true solutions colloidal state enzyme catalysis and its mechanism activity and selectivity of solid catalysts homogeneous and heterogeneous adsorption from solutions. catalysis freundlich and langmuir adsorption isotherms factors affecting adsorption of gases on solids physisorption and chemisorption and their characte adsorption van’t hoff factor and its significance. abnormal value of molar mass determination of molecular mass using colligative elevation of boiling point and osmotic pressure depression of freezing point relative lowering of vapour pressure colligative properties of dilute solutions plots for ideal and non-ideal solutions composition vapour pressure ideal and non-ideal solutions vapour pressure of solutions and raoult’s law percentage by volume and mass both mole fraction molarity molality different methods for expressing concentration of polyester and bakelite. nylon some important polymers with emphasis on their mon natural and synthetic rubber and vulcanization copolymerization general methods of polymerization - addition and c general introduction and classification of polymer freons and ddt iodoform environmental effects of chloroform mechanisms of substitution reactions nature of c-x bond properties and reactions variance and mean deviation for grouped and ungrou median and mode of grouped and ungrouped data. cal calculation of mean heights and distances inverse trigonometric functions and their properti trigonometric equations formulae involving multiple and sub-multiple angle addition and subtraction formulae trigonometric functions their periodicity and grap solution of homogeneous and linear differential eq solution of differential equations by the method o formation of differential equations their order and degree ordinary differential equations determining area of the regions bounded by simple evaluation of definite integral properties of definite integral integral as a limit of sum integration using trigonometric identities by parts and by partial fraction integration by substitution exponential and logarithmic function trigonometric fundamental integral involving algebraic integral as an anti-derivative rolle’s and lagrange’s mean value theorems tangents and normals maxima and minima of functions of one variable monotonic - increasing and decreasing functions rate of change of quantities derivatives of order upto two. composite and implicit functions exponential logarithmic inverse trigonometric differentiation of trigonometric product and quotient of two functions difference differentiation of the sum differentiability continuity limits of functions application of vectors to plane geometry scalar and vector triple product components of a vector in two dimensional and thre addition of vectors vectors and scalars condition for y = mx + c to be a tangent and point equations of conic sections in standard forms sections of cones condition for two intersecting circles to be ortho equation of a family of circles through the inters equation of the tangent length of the tangent points of intersection of a line and a circle with equation of a circle when the end points of a diam equation of a circle in the parametric form its radius and centre general form of the equation of a circle standard form of equation of a circle intercepts of a line on the co-ordinate axes parallel and perpendicular lines slope of a line translation of axes locus and its equation centroid & incentre of a triangle condition for collinearity of 3 points and section area of a triangle distance formula recall of cartesian system of rectangular co-ordin test of consistency & solution of simultaneous lin adjoint & evaluation of inverse of asquare matrix area of triangles using determinants evaluation of determinants properties of determinants determinants & matrices of order two & three types of matrices algebra of matrices matrices binomial distributions and its properties probability distribution of a random variate baye's theorem conditional probability addition and multiplication theorems on probabilit probability of an event properties of binomial coefficients and simple app general term and middle term binomial theorem for a positive integral index simple applications r) r) and c(n meaning of p(n permutation as an arrangement and combination as s fundamental principle of counting sn3 . arithmetico-geometric progression. sn2 geometric means between two given numbers. relatio arithmetic and geometric progressions. insertion o formation of quadratic equations with given roots nature of roots relation between roots and co-efficients quadratic equations in real and complex number sys triangle inequality. square root of a complex number modulus and argument (or amplitude) of a complex algebra of complex numbers argand diagram complex numbers as ordered pairs of reals represen principle of mathematical induction and its simple composition of mappings into and onto mappings one-one mapping equivalence relations relations intersection and complements of sets and their alg union sets and their representation basic elements of a communication system bandwidth of transmission medium bandwidth of signals amplitude and frequency modulation need for modulation sky and space wave propagation propagation of electromagnetic waves in the atmosp transistor as a switch nand and nor not and logic gates or transistor as an amplifier and oscillator characteristics of a transistor transistor action junction transistor zener diode as a voltage regulator solar cell and zener diode photodiode i-v characteristics of led diode as a rectifier i-v characteristics in forward and reverse bias semiconductor diode semiconductors nuclear fission and fusion binding energy per nucleon and its variation with mass defect mass-energy relation radioactive decay law beta and gamma particles rays and their properties radioactivity-alpha isotones isobars isotopes atomic masses composition and size of nucleus hydrogen spectrum energy levels bohr model rutherford’s model of atom alpha-particle scattering experiment davisson-germer experiment de broglie relation matter waves-wave nature of particle particle nature of light einstein’s photoelectric equation hertz and lenard’s observations dual nature of radiation uses of plane polarized light and polaroids brewster’s law plane polarized light width of central maximum. polarisation coherent sources and sustained interference of lig young’s double slit experiment and expression for laws of reflection and refraction using huygen’s p wave optics: wavefront and huygens’ principle resolving power of microloopes and astronomical te microscope and astronomical telescope and their ma combination of thin lenses in contact power of a lens magnification lens formula deviation and dispersion of light by a prism total internal reflection and its applications mirror formula reflection and refraction of light at plane and sp a.c. generator and transformer self and mutual inductance eddy currents lenz’s law induced emf and current faraday’s law electromagnetic induction its current sensitivity and conversion to ammeter moving coil galvanometer biot - savart law and its application to current c electromagnets and permanent magnets hysteresis dia- and ferro- magnetic substances. magnetic susc earth’s magnetic field and magnetic elements. para magnetic field lines current loop as a magnetic dipole and its magnetic metre bridge. potentiometer - principle and its ap combination of cells in series and in parallel. ki potential difference and emf of a cell temperature dependence of resistance. electric cel series and parallel combinations of resistors colour code for resistors electrical resistivity electrical energy and power v-i characteristics of ohmic and nonohmic conducto resistances of different materials electrical resistance ohm’s law drift velocity electric current energy stored in capacitor capacitance of parallel plate capacitor and withou in parallel combination of capacitor in series capacitor dielectric and electric polarisation electrical potential energy of a system of two poi equipotential surfaces electric dipole and system of charges uniformly charged infinite plane sheet and uniform uniformly charged straight wire gauss’s law and its applications to find field due torque on a dipole in a uniform electric field. el electric field due to a dipole electric dipole electric field lines superposition principle and continuous charge dist forces between multiple charges coulomb’s law-forces between two point charges electric charges: conservation of charge doppler effect in sound beats fundamental mode and harmonics standing waves in strings and organ pipes reflection of waves speed of a wave. displacement relation for a progr wave motion. longitudinal and transverse waves newton’s law of cooling convection and radiation heat transfer-conduction carnot engine and its efficiency work and internal energy. first law of thermodynam heat zeroth law of thermodynamics thermal equilibrium latent heat change of state calorimetry specific heat thermal expansion bubbles and capillary rise application of surface tension - drops angle of contact reynolds number. bernoulli’s principle and its app streamline and turbulent flow terminal velocity stokes’ law pascal’s law and its applications. viscosity modulus of rigidity. pressure due to a fluid colum bulk modulus young’s modulus hooke’s law stress-strain relationship elastic behaviour stud material geo-stationary satellites orbital velocity of a satellite escape velocity gravitational potential gravitational potential energy kepler’s laws of planetary motion acceleration due to gravity and its variation with universal law of gravitation equations of rotational motion. parallel and perpendicular axes theorems and their values of moments of inertia for simple geometrica radius of gyration moment of inertia conservation of angular momentum and its applicati angular momentum torque moment of a force basic concepts of rotational motion centre of mass of a rigid body centre of mass of a two-particle system elastic and inelastic collisions in one and two di conservative and non-conservative forces conservation of mechanical energy potential energy of a spring power work-energy theorem kinetic and potential energies work done by a constant force and a variable force rolling friction. dynamics of uniform circular mot laws of friction equilibrium of concurrent forces. static and kinet newton’s third law of motion. law of conservation impulse newton’s second law of motion momentum newton’s first law of motion force and inertia uniform circular motion projectile motion motion in a plane resolution of a vector. relative velocity unit vector zero vector vector addition and subtraction scalars and vectors magnetic and dielectric properties. electrical imperfection in solids calculations involving unit cell parameters voids bcc and hcp lattices) packing in solids (fcc unit cell and lattices bragg’s law and its applications amorphous and crystalline solids (elementary idea) covalent and metallic solids ionic classification of solids: molecular cleansing action. cleansing agents - soaps and detergents artificial sweetening agents - common examples chemicals in food - preservatives antihistamins - their meaning and common examples antacids antibiotics antifertility drugs antimicrobials disinfectants antiseptics tranquilizers chemicals in medicines - analgesics their harmful effects and prevention. soil polluti organic wastes and chemical pollutants pathogens depletion of ozone layer - its mechanism and effec harmful effects and prevention. stratospheric poll their sources mist fumes smog dust particulate pollutants: smoke acid rain green house effect and global warming harmful effects and prevention hydrocarbons nitrogen and sulphur tropospheric pollutants - gaseous pollutants: oxid atmospheric pollution - tropospheric and stratosph water and soil environmental pollution - atmospheric collision theory of bimolecular gaseous reactions activation energy and its calculation effect of temperature on rate of reactions - arrhe their characteristics and half - lives differential and integral forms of zero and first rate constant and its units rate law order and molecularity of reactions elementary and complex reactions pressure and catalyst factors affecting the rate of reactions: concentra rate of a chemical reaction corrosion and its prevention. fuel cells dry cell and lead accumulator relationship between cell potential and gibbs’ ene nernst equation and its applications emf of a galvanic cell and its measurement half - cell and cell reactions electrode potentials including standard electrode different types of electrodes specific and molar conductivities and their variat conductance in electrolytic solutions balancing of redox reactions. eectrolytic and meta rules for assigning oxidation number oxidation number redox reactions electronic concepts of oxidation and reduction enzymes. vitamins - classification and functions. denaturation of proteins tertiary and quaternary structure (qualitative ide secondary proteins: primary polypeptides peptide bond glycogen). proteins - elementary idea of ? - amino cellulose maltose) and polysaccharides (starch lactose constituent monosaccharides of oligosacchorides (s monosaccharides (glucose and fructose) general introduction and importance of biomolecule hydrolysis of salts and ph of their solutions common ion effect ph scale ionization of water acid - base equilibria (including multistage ioniz bronsted - lowry and lewis) and their ionization various concepts of acids and bases (arrhenius ionization of electrolytes le chatelier’s principle. ionic equilibrium : weak effect of catalyst pressure factors affecting equilibrium concentration significance of dg and dgº in chemical equilibria equilibrium constants (kp and kc) and their signif general characteristics of equilibrium involving p henry’s law liquid - gas and solid - gas equilibria concept of dynamic equilibrium. equilibria involvi meaning of equilibrium secondary and tertiary amines and their basic char basic character and identification of primary structure reactions and uses. amines : nomenclature dgº (standard gibbs energy change) and equilibrium ds of the universe and dg of the system as criteri ionization and solution. second law of thermodynam hydration phase transition atomization formation combustion enthalpies of bond dissociation hess’s law of constant heat summation molar heat capacity heat capacity heat internal energy and enthalpy types of processes. first law of thermodynamics - state functions extensive and intensive properties fundamentals of thermodynamics: system and surroun haloform reaction cannizzaro reaction aldol condensation acidity of a - hydrogen reduction (wolff kishner and clemmensen) grignard reagent nh3 and its derivatives) important reactions such as - nucleophilic additio relative reactivities of aldehydes and ketones nucleophilic addition to >c=o group reimer - tiemann reaction. ethers : structure. ald nitration and sulphonation electrophilic substitution reactions : halogenati mechanism of dehydration. phenols : acidic nature secondary and tertiary alcohols phenols and ethers alcohols : identification of pr reactions and uses. alcohols bond length and bond energy. elementary idea of me concept of bond order molecular orbital electronic configurations of hom sigma and pi-bonds antibonding) types of molecular orbitals (bonding lcaos resonance. molecular orbital theory - its importan p and d orbitals concept of hybridization involving s valence shell electron pair repulsion (vsepr) theo dipole moment fajan’s rule calculation of lattice enthalpy. covalent bonding factors affecting the formation of ionic bonds concept of ionic and covalent bonds. ionic bonding kossel - lewis approach to chemical bond formation oxidation states and chemical reactivity. valence electron gain enthalpy ionization enthalpy atomic and ionic radii periodic trends in properties of elements d and f block elements p s modern periodic law and present form of the period viscosity and surface tension and effect of temper critical constants. liquid state : properties of l liquefaction of gases van der waals equation compressibility factor deviation from ideal behaviour real gases root mean square and most probable velocities concept of average kinetic theory of gases (only postulates) ideal gas equation concept of absolute scale of temperature dalton's law of partial pressure avogadro's law graham's law of diffusion charle's law gas laws - boyle's law gaseous state : measurable properties of gases numerical problems in organic quantitative analysi phosphorus. calculations of empirical formulae and sulphur nitrogen hydrogen phosphorus and halogens. quantitative analysis (ba differential extraction and chromatography - princ distillation purification - crystallization friedel – craft’s alkylation and acylation nitration mechanism of electrophilic substitution: halogenat benzene - structure and aromaticity polymerization. aromatic hydrocarbons - nomenclatu water and hydrogen halides addition of hydrogen and polymerization. alkynes - acidic character ozonolysis hydrogen halides (markownikoff’s and peroxide effe water mechanism of electrophilic addition: addition of h mechanism of halogenation of alkanes. alkenes - ge properties and reactions. alkanes - conformations iupac nomenclature isomerism shapes of s angular momentum and magnetic quantum numbers) and various quantum numbers (principal variation of y and y2 with r for 1s and 2s orbital concept of atomic orbitals as one electron wave fu y and y2 its important features quantum mechanical model of atom heisenberg uncertainty principle. elementary ideas de-broglie's relationship dual nature of matter limitations of bohr's model derivation of the relations for energy of the elec bohr model of hydrogen atom - its postulates spectrum of hydrogen atom nature of electromagnetic radiation thomson and rutherford atomic models and their lim proton and neutron) discovery of sub-atomic particles (electron chemical equations and stoichiometry. empirical and molecular formulae percentage composition molar mass mole concept atomic and molecular masses laws of chemical combination dimensional analysis s.i. units precision and accuracy physical quantities and their measurements in chem element and compound molecule concepts of atom dalton's atomic theory matter and its nature (some basic principles of organic chemistry how to teach online how to teach teacher teacher training no footer or no watermark of study innovations) cbse and foundation by study innovations for teac editable coaching centers and tuition centers. study inno study innovations provides editable study material study innovations' educational products are : iit students require internet. teachers do not require chapter wise & topic wise. includes: • exhaustive mathematics & biology) as per the exam pattern. • for more free study material visit https://www.stu coaching experts coaching institutes faculties ministry of msme revision rest 80% contribution is due to student’s self stu study innovations is one of the leading content de #jee neet study material. #teaching #teachers #stu #study material for coaching classes #customised study material provider for coaching i #customised study material #study material provider #editable study material the teachers /tutors/faculties etc. can use our st change contents and print contents of the package delete contents add contents modify contents the editable pagemaker version of the study packag for the sake of helping the teachers / tutors and study innovation at international conferences e-ta papers by digital library of study innovations. no flip-books ncert solutions completely free video lectures home tuition x board exams study material how to make foundation study material for coaching foundation study material for coaching classes foundation customised study material provider for foundation customised study material foundation study material provider foundation editable study material foundation soft copy study material jee foundation test neet foundation worksheets jee foundation worksheets jee advanced foundation jee main foundation foundations exercises foundation tests foundation notes foundation question bank foundation test series foundation worksheets foundation study packages editable study material for jee foundation how to make cbse study material for coaching insti cbse study material for coaching classes cbse customised study material provider for coachi cbse customised study material cbse study material provider cbse editable study material how to make neet study material for coaching insti neet study material for coaching classes neet customised study 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