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Fish of North bengal Vol.iii

Images and brief information.

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Fish of North bengal Vol.iii

  1. 1. Fish diversity of Uttar Banga (North Bengal), India Vol. III Published : 24.02.2020 Dr Tusar K. Ghosal Department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari-736165, West Bengal E mail: drtkghosal@gmail.com
  2. 2. Exotic Fish of N.B. বিদেশী, িবিরাগত িা বিন্নদেশীয়
  3. 3. Cyprinus carpio carpio Common Carp কমন কার্প/র্াবত কার্প
  4. 4. Cyprinus carpio nudus Leather Carp.
  5. 5. Cyprinus carpio communis Scale carp
  6. 6. Cyprinus carpio specularis Mirror Carp It is commonly called as “common carp” is a native of temperate Asia but now it has a world-wide distribution. It was initially, imported in 1939 from then Ceylone and was transplanted in Nilgiri.
  7. 7. Grass carp or is a native of flat land rivers of China and the middle and lower sections of the river Amur in Russia. In India it was introduced in 1959 Ctenopharyngodon idella Grass carp/White Amur গ্রাস কার্প
  8. 8. Mylopharyngodon piceus Black carp / Snail carp কাদ া কার্প It was introduced from China in 1983. It mainly feeds on live snails and is therefore often known as snail carp.
  9. 9. Hypothalmichthys molitrix Silver carp / Amur বস িার কার্প It is commonly called as “silver carp”. This exotic species is a natural inhabitant of Amur basin of Russia and China. It was introduced in India in 1969
  10. 10. Hypothalmichthys nobilis Bighead carp মমাটামাথা কার্প It was introduced in 1981 from Nepal. It naturally occurs in the riverine system of China
  11. 11. Piaractus brachyomus Red-bellied pacu রূর্চাাঁো Piaractus brachypomus was unofficially introduced possibly during 2004 via Bangladesh. There are 12 species of pacus. Red-bellied pacu and black pacu have been
  12. 12. Barbonymus gonionotus Java Barb Thai Sarputi It was brought о India from Indonesia (Java) in the year 1972 and was first introduced in the ponds of West Bengal. It is an inhabitant of the Southeast Asian riverine system.
  13. 13. Puntius javanicus Tawas Javani Puti Introduced in India from Indonasia (Java) in 1972
  14. 14. It was brought in 1989 from Thailand although it is a native of Africa. . African magur is omnivorous in feeding. At the young stage, it has high tendency of predation. It can stand in water containing oxygen as low as 0.02 ppm. Clarias gariepinus African Magur আবিকান মাগুর
  15. 15. It was imported from Thailand in 1989. The fish is highly tolerant to the changes in salinity, pH, dissolved oxygen and even pollution. Owing to its fast growth about 1 kg in 3 months, the fish is already established as a profitable species for aquaculture in W. B. and A. P. Pangasius sutchi African Pangus র্াঙ্গাস
  16. 16. Pangasius pangasius Pangas Catfish র্াঙ্গাস
  17. 17. Osphronemus gouramy Gouramy গুরামী It is a native of fresh water ponds and streams of Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Veitnam. Gouramy was brought to India from Java to Calcutta and then from Mauritius to Madras in 1916
  18. 18. Oreochromis niloticus Nile tilapia নাইদ াটিকা
  19. 19. It is a native of Soutrh Africa. It is being cultured in both fresh- water as well as in brakish water ponds. The first consignment of Tilapia was brought to India in August 1952 from Bangkok. Tilapia mossambica Tilapia মত াবর্য়া
  21. 21. Tenualosa ilisha Hilsa / Indian Shad ইব শ
  22. 22. Ilisha megaloptera Big Eye ilisha িড় মচাখা ইব শ
  23. 23. Tenualosa toli Toli shad চন্দনা ইব শ
  24. 24. Sardinella longiceps Indian oil sardine সাবড প ন মাছ
  25. 25. It is sea fish and found in warm offshore waters of the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. Chanos chanos Milkfish মচদনাচ
  26. 26. Megalops cyprinoides Indo-Pacific tarpon নানবচ মকারা
  27. 27. Osteobrama cotio Cotio ম ািাছুরা/ মে া
  28. 28. Lates calcarifer Native Vetki মিটবক
  29. 29. Brama brama Pomfret র্মদিট এই মাদছ প্রচুর এনাবজ প , বিটাবমন -এ, বি ও বড র্াওয়া যায়। এই মাদছর মত বশশুর মানবিক বিকাদশ সিায়ক। ওদমগা-৩ প্রচুর থাদক ফদ মরাদকর ঝ ুাঁ বক কমায়। এই উর্োন মবিদের মকাি বিকাদশও সিায়ক
  30. 30. Mugil cephalus Flathead grey mullet র্ারদশ
  31. 31. Sarotherodon melanotheron Mango Fish / Cichlid তপসে
  32. 32. Otolithoides pama Red Pama Croaker মর্ায়া মাছ
  33. 33. Minytrema melanops Spotted Crocker/Put Pua Fish পুট পপোয়ো মোছ
  34. 34. Raiamas bola Trout barb মেবশ মিা
  35. 35. Harpadon nehereus Bombay Duck ম াদট
  36. 36. Setipinna phasa Gangetic hairfin anchovy ফ্াাঁসা
  37. 37. Rita rita Rita রিঠো
  38. 38. Rita chrysea Mahanadi rita রিঠা
  39. 39. Salmo truttafario Salmon Fish তাইল্লা মাছ
  40. 40. Thunnus alalunga Albacore Tuna Fish . Tuna fish can have a surprising impact on heart health.It’s full of omega-3 fatty acids, help to reduce omega-6 fatty acids and LDL cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels
  41. 41. Poecilia reticulata Millionfish and Rainbow fish গাবি মাছ
  42. 42. Narendran T.C. of Kalicut University, Kerala Viraktamath, C. A. of U.A.S. bangalore Ramamurthy V.V. of I.A.R.I, New Delhi Vasuki Belavadi of U.A.S. bangalore Dedicated to my respected world famous Indian Insect Taxonomists .