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DrivenBI SRK - Six Creative Ways To Visualize Your Data

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1. Radar Chart
2. Funnel Chart
3. Pyramid Chart
4. Bubble Chart
5. Treemap
6. Pivot Widget

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DrivenBI SRK - Six Creative Ways To Visualize Your Data

  1. 1. Radar chart is a convenient way of displaying different quantitative variables in an interesting story telling way. It is ideal for displaying performance of multiple departments in an organization to see a clear overall picture.
  2. 2. The funnel chart shows a process that starts at 100% and ends with a lower percentage where it is noticeable in what stages the fall out happens and at what rate. Examples can include Sales Funnel tracking leads to close or Order Fulfillment funnel tracking orders from inception to process to delivery.
  3. 3. Pyramid charts are put to the best use when items need to be arranged in a way that shows hierarchical structure, as well as quantity or size. For example, business management positions, products sold, or business locations.
  4. 4. The bubble chart introduces a third dimension to analyze the patterns or correlations among the categorized variables by observing the size and position of the bubbles.
  5. 5. Treemap is a great alternative to display hierarchies that gives a quick overview of the structure by comparing the proportions among various categories via the area size.
  6. 6. Pivot widget is an easy way to do data discovery with your data. Quickly explore the relationship between rows and columns in just a few clicks with a simple drag and drop interface. Apply a heatmap to quickly draw attention to higher values.
  7. 7. 1 ’ , % - 1 - 0 Contact Info@drivenbi.com or visit us at www.drivenbi.com for more details. Find all of these charts in SRK!