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Blackfire Workshop

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It is difficult to improve what is not measurable! Profiling an application should always be the first step in trying to improve its performance. With this workshop, learn how to identify performance issues in your application and adopt the best application profiling tools in your daily development habits. This workshop will guide you through the use of PHP profiling tools such as Blackfire.io to help you identify performance leaks.

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Blackfire Workshop

  1. 1. Continuous Performance Profiling with Blackfire Dmytro Olaresko dolaresko@adyax.com Oleksandr Senenko asenenko@adyax.com
  2. 2. Profile All the Things The art of performance analysis #DrupalCampKyiv
  3. 3. #SymfonyLive @nicolasgrekas Reduce Costs
  4. 4. #SymfonyLive @nicolasgrekas Increase User Engagement
  5. 5. #SymfonyLive @nicolasgrekas Time
  6. 6. #SymfonyLive @nicolasgrekas I/O
  7. 7. #S y mf o nyL ive @ n ico lasg rekas Memory
  8. 8. Profile All the Things The art of performance behavior analysis #DrupalCampKyiv
  9. 9. Well, is that magic? Let’s see how it works #DrupalCampKyiv
  10. 10. General Workflow #DrupalCampKyiv
  11. 11. Add data intelligence Metrics, recos, assertions #DrupalCampKyiv
  12. 12. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  13. 13. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  14. 14. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  15. 15. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  16. 16. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas Pro-Tip: this will un-aggregate nodes per different values of the first argument in your callgraphs
  17. 17. Let’s automate now Continuous performance profiling #DrupalCampKyiv
  18. 18. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  19. 19. ve @nicolasgrekas ProfilingSlowQueries #DrupalCampKyiv
  20. 20. A Highly Hackable Profiler •Prod ready •SaaS* or On Premise •Programmable •That makes you better at coding! * « hack » plan is free and has all xhprof-like features #DrupalCampKyiv
  21. 21. Installation and configuration • The Agent, and the Client work on Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD and Windows • The Probe works on Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD with PHP 5.3 to 7.3. On Windows , the Probe works with PHP 5.4 to 7.3 • The Companion is currently available for Google Chrome and Firefox • The Website works on all browsers but Internet Explorer)) #DrupalCampKyiv Requirements: https://blackfire.io/docs/up-and-running/installation
  22. 22. Demonstration based on examples • Profiling HTTP Requests • Writing Tests • Writing Scenarios #DrupalCampKyiv
  23. 23. #DrupalCampKyiv
  24. 24. Pro-Tip: Copy as cURL #DrupalCampKyiv
  25. 25. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  26. 26. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas #DrupalCampKyiv
  27. 27. #Symfony_Live @nicolasgrekas
  28. 28. Running Scenarios On-Demand #DrupalCampKyiv
  29. 29. Blackfire SDK • Profiling Microservices • Profiling Postman Requests #DrupalCampKyiv https://blackfire.io/docs/cookbooks/profiling-postman https://blackfire.io/docs/cookbooks/profiling-microservices
  30. 30. Practices #DrupalCampKyiv git clone https://code.adyax.com/asenenko/blackfire-workshop.git composer install docker-compose up -d http://blackfire-workshop.localhost:8000 User admin / admin
  31. 31. Happy Profiling! #DrupalCampKyiv Dmytro Olaresko dolaresko@adyax.com Oleksandr Senenko asenenko@adyax.com