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Why some people will always be fat

  1. Why some People will ALWAYS be FAT! Learn the following: - Myths about fat - Why does our body burn fat - What medication helps us burn fat? - What helps us lose excess fat? - How many calories per day? - What should I eat? - Down load “30 tips” from our blog By Bruce Bair PAC and Anne Vaillancourt PAC
  2. Most of our stored fat is not dietary fat, it is made from Carbohydrates we eat
  3. Fat storage is linked to insulin levels
  4. Anytime we need more energy for daily activity between meals we burn fat
  5. When glucose is not available or ignored by our cells
  6. Synthetic hormones are used to boost metabolism
  7. Some medications supress appetite
  8. Others block nutrient absorption
  9. Do an hour a day of very low intensity exercise
  10. Stop eating anything with any form of added sugar
  11. Only eat fruit whole, not juiced
  12. Eat only exactly what you need for your ideal weight
  13. If you work in an office and drive or bus to work 12cal/lb of IDEAL body weight
  14. 14 cal/lb of IDEAL body weight daily if you walk an hour a day
  15. Easier – no sugar, no second servings, no snacks
  16. Avoid soy in all its American forms!
  17. Eat fresh food or left overs but not processed food
  18. Too dark or unsafe for a walk – Dance indoors
  19. Have a competiton: stand on one foot or walk back and forth across a room in a certain time period
  20. The Diet is 80% and Exercise 20% Download our 30 tips to avoid weight gain Implement some of the tips, But Only do one or two new ones each week Have a competition with some friends or Hire a Coach or Join a group that Encourages a healthy lifestyle There is no secret except PERSISTENCE In doing the right actions
  21. Anne Vaillancourt PAC and Bruce L Bair PAC Invite You to read their blog Leave them comments and questions and to become a member of Before prices go up June 30, 2010 Listen to Bruce discuss the info on the blog On his show Ask an Expert Every Thursday night at 730PM EST

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  1. Why some people will always be fat 1.They believe myths and half truths 2. They don't understand how their own body works 3. They want a solution paid for by insurance that they just swallow every day 4. They don't understand what to do to lose excess fat. 5. They do not know how much they should or do eat 6. They think fun is playing video games, surfing the web or watching a movie 7. They think they have to hurt to be healthy.
  2. Fat is not inert. It is an active tissue intended to help keep us alive. The fat storage system is a genetic adaptation to prevent starvation. Many of us eat too much and are still starving for the correct nutrients. Fat is made from fat but the government surveys NHANES says we are eating much less fat than ever. Some stats say we are not eating much more carbohydrate either but we are eating carbs that are higher in their glycemic load meaning they get into the blood fast and cause high levels of insulin. Insulin is the number one hormone stimulator of fat storage. Others are cortisol – our natural steroid and estrogen which we produce but which we also eat!
  3. Our bodies burn fat when we don't have glucose to use as fuel. The body prefers to burn a mixture and long slow exercise seems to enhance the burning of fat. More important than burning fat is not storing fat and fat storage is stimulated by insulin, especially when insulin levels are high and high insulin levels are from carbohydrate consumption.
  4. There is no medication that causes us to burn more fat directly. Known medications and some herbs enhance metabolism which causes more caloric consumption at rest. Other medications block the absorption of macro nutrients. Mostly fat. But long term use has some side effects like incontinence and diarrhea and extereme flatulence. They also interfere with the absorption of fat soluable vitamins like A, E, D and K.
  5. Adequate sleep is a must. Remember cortisol? Lack of sleep stimulates cortisol production and cortisol stimulates fat storage. Low intensity exercises – walking, yard work, playing tag, playing catch, lifting heavy stuff and carrying it like bags of mulch and other stuff at home all facilitate fat burning. 5 minutes here and there 12 times a day is equal in effect to 1 continuous hour of walking Cut the excess carbs especially sugars from fluids like soda, sports drinks and juice. If is it made from or contains large amounts of sugar, don't eat it.
  6. If you eat 10 calories per pound of weight per day so if you weigh 150 pounds and you eat 1500 calories and do nothing but lie in bed all day, you will not lose weight. If you weigh 150 lb and are sedentary and should weigh 125 then if you eat 12 cal per pound of ideal weight (125) each day you would eat 1500 calories and you would slowly lose weight. If you are active for one hour a day then 14 calories per pound per day or 125 x 14 = 1750 calories per day are necessary to maintain 125 or lose from 150. It is important that you do not eat simple carbs like sugar, only complex carbs from whole fruits and veges
  7. You should become familiar with the charts of high glycemic index and load foods you like. Google the words and you will find lots of information Remember I talked about estrogen stimulating weight gain? Often our food has soy additives that are loaded with plant estrogens. Many of these estrogens are active in our bodies. Soy that has been fermented for 30 days in the traditional Chinese fashion loses this property but in America, additives are used to give soy the same characteristics in much less time. Fat is good for you but you have to keep it in line with your total calories.
  8. Play is under rated. It helps stress, lowers adrenalin, cortisol and insulin in our blood and is a great way to get in that hour a day of activity. Many of us are competitive. Hold occasional competitions with friends and family. Buy a cheap digital camera and get out and start taking pictures, walk around and shoot pics of flowers, insects, neighbors, cars and anything that interests you. Just get out and do something - move!
  9. Diet is 80% of weight loss. Focus on diet, eat well, eat less and avoid anything processed. Our 30 Tips document can be downloaded when you sign up for it and join our blog. You receive emails of blog posts, special treats we prepare just for blog subscribers like our toll free line to our Ask an Expert radio show and other special treats from time to time. There is no special plan and the only thing you need are decent shoes. If you need some special advice to get started you can arrange for a paid consult with Bruce. You use Skype, an internet phone service and agree to pay him by the minute but you do not pay a thing unless you start the payment, Bruce can not charge you, but you can pay him – 65 cents per minute.
  10. There are 3 things you can do 1. read the blog and remain annonymous 2. read the blog but become a subscriber 3. join the membership site and gain access to Interviews with experts in the life of a menopausal woman. You also get extras prepared by Anne and Bruce and you get to talk to them in a group setting for up to 3 hours per month. They can not be your doctor or take care of your medical needs but they can give you perspective, alternatives and opinions, ultimatly your helath care is between you and your doctor