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5 Impactful Content Distribution Hacks

To craft a successful distribution strategy, brands must emphasize a strong, relevant audience connection from start to finish. Trust is a commodity, and modern companies are in short supply of it. When it comes to making a big important purchase, B2B buyers are much more likely to trust a brand that offers a helpful, personal connection.

Marketers have to be forward-thinking and sensible about distribution, and they must recognize that different channels possess different parameters. For example, an uber-promotional “buy my product” manifesto certainly won’t y for most journalistic outlets, and a series of tweets must be repackaged if they’re to appear in a long-form medium.

While there are countless ways to go about distribution, the following four options should be seen as the fundamental building blocks of your strategy. Pick one, pick them all, or borrow elements from each to create your own mega-strategy.

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