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Social Fashion

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Social Fashion presented by Marc Held from Bodek and Rhodes and Dana Zezzo from Jetline. Interactive session to learn how to turn apparel trends and knowledge in social media content in the promotional products industry.

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Social Fashion

  1. 1. SocialFashionHow to Market Apparel Trendsin the New Social Media AgeMarc HeldDirector of SalesBodek and RhodesDana ZezzoChief Marketing OfficerJetline
  2. 2. Apparel GuruSocial Media ActivistMarc HeldDana Zezzo
  3. 3. Apparel GuruWHY ARE THESE TWO EVEN QUALIFIED TO PRESENT THIS TOPIC?• 17 Years Industry Experience• PPAI Rising Star• ASI Sales Rep of the Year• AIA Sales Rep Of the Year• Premier Group Service AwardMarc HeldDirector of SalesBodek and RhodesCell - 215-783-4790mheld@bodekandrhodes.comwww.bodekandrhodes.comFavorite Color – RED
  4. 4. WHY ARE THESE TWO EVEN QUALIFIED TO PRESENT THIS TOPIC?Dana R ZezzoChief Marketing OfficerJetlineCell – 440-344-5933dana@jetlinepromo.comwww.jetlinepromo.comSocial Media Activist• 20+ Years of Industry Experience• PromoKitchen Chef• 2010 ASI Hot List• 2010 Stitches Top 20 “Creative Thinkers”• 2011 PPB Magazine’s “Best Bosses” List• 2011 PromoLabs Industry Voices Award• 2012 TRASA Pioneer Award• 2012 TRASA Triangle Technology Award• 2012 PPAI Volunteer of the Year• 2012 PPAI Golden Image Award - ElectronicSupplier CatalogFavorite Color - CAMO
  5. 5. What You Will Learn Today.• 2013 Apparel Trends• Social media content you can use to marketthem quickly, easily, inexpensively• Wake up – this will be interactive!
  6. 6. • Bright “The happy colors”– After Recession everyone wants to feel good• Neon’s– Everything makes a come back• Pastels– Soft hues for men and woman• The color Navy and Red– conveys power, importance, and confidence• Heathers are Hot!• Collegiate Colors– Texas Orange, Vegas Gold, Carolina Blue
  7. 7. Brights
  8. 8. NEONS
  9. 9. Classic Black
  10. 10. Heathers & AntiquesWhite threads with heathers, black with antiques
  11. 11. Collegiate Colors
  12. 12. Lets Post it!#getsocial #expoeast
  13. 13. • Slub Fabric– Occasion lumps create a random texture weave, slightirregularity in yarn twist thread.– Every piece of slub is unique• Tri Blend- Cotton, poly, and rayon blends• CVC- Chief Value Cotton– More cotton than poly, softer• Snag Resistant material• Denim is still strong– today light blue vs. Dark• -100% Poly (Performance, easy care, color fast, shrink resistant)• Temp Control Fabric• Thermals
  15. 15. Slub: a random textured weave
  16. 16. TRI-BLENDSThe ultimate insoftness
  17. 17. Vintage Sheer JerseyPerfect for the ladies
  18. 18. CVCSilkier with atouch of heather
  20. 20. Performance Fabric
  22. 22. Easy Care &Wrinkle Resistant
  23. 23. Anti-Microbial
  24. 24. WICKING
  25. 25. ThermalWarm and cozy
  26. 26. Lets Post it!#getsocial #expoeast
  27. 27. • V Neck for Men• -Scoop Neck and V Neck for Ladies• -Tank Tops (first used in 1920’s, to resemble swim suit)• -Burn Out (still strong)• -Stripes are back, texture look.• -Flowy Look• -Hoodies (more than crews)• -Dolman sleeve (tight around the arm, open up to waste)• -Color Block
  28. 28. Fine JerseyOur best sellerCottonJerseyOur best seller
  29. 29. OmbreGradated dips of coloron burnout
  30. 30. The BurnoutEach piece an original
  31. 31. Hoodies
  32. 32. Hoodies / Color Block
  33. 33. Lets Post it!#getsocial #expoeast
  34. 34. ThankYouMarc HeldDirector of SalesBodek and Rhodesmheld@bodekandrhodes.com215-783-4790Dana ZezzoChief Marketing OfficerJetlinedana@jetlinepromo.com440-344-5933