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Is there an AI for my business problem - Benchmark by EBG Berlin 2019

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Is there an AI for my business problem - Benchmark by EBG Berlin 2019 - Artefact

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Is there an AI for my business problem - Benchmark by EBG Berlin 2019

  1. 1. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 Is there an AI for my business problem? In collaboration with
  2. 2. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 Visual and speech recognition: supplier selection methodology CYRIL FEKETE Consulting Partner Artefact Use Case 9:00 AM - 9:15 AM
  3. 3. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 While AI is widely accepted as a major driver for competitive advantage, its delivery and scaling is still a challenge of execs believe that AI will be the most significant business advantage of the future (Pwc - 2017) of US and Europe companies are working on AI projects (DataBricks - 2018) 72% +38% of increased productivity in Businesses using AI technology (Accenture - 2017) 90% of executives find AI hard to integrate with existing processes and systems (Deloitte - 2017) of executives say an obstacle to AI initiatives is that technologies and expertise are too expensive (Deloitte - 2017) 47% 40% 85% of AI projects will deliver erroneous outcomes due to bias in data, algorithms, or project management (Gartner - 2018) AI is a huge game changer, already considered by most companies... … but AI initiatives raise new challenges and uncertainty
  4. 4. digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 LOYALTYACQUISITION Beyond Marketing Automation, data science and AI are true boosters for Client Life-Cycle Marketing... Boost the effectiveness of media campaigns through ADVANCED PROFILING Effortless & Instantaneous DIRECT-TO-CONSUMER LOYALTY PROGRAM for a CPG Optimized customer experience through a SMART SHOPPING LIST 02/03 05/03 06/03 10/03 1 2 3 4 5 04/03 Frequently associated purchases Past purchases 08/03 Meat, tomatoes... Cheese !
  5. 5. digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 AI for Product Development … and AI also started to infuse deeper in organizations, impacting the Product Life-Cycle Extract market insights and detect trends using 1st party data and social data 10/0 3 AI for Desirability Monitor the desirability of your brand by predicting sales volumes Desir abilit y 190 Desir abilit y 154 Desira bility 171 Desir ability 129 Desir ability 120 Desir ability 115 Desir ability 119 Desir ability 120
  6. 6. digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 SCALABILITY TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY First off, where does injecting AI make sense for you? 1. Alignment with long-term strategy and fit with high impact objective breakdown approach 2. Tangible benefits on sales, mass margin, cost savings... 3. Intangible benefits on loyalty, brand image, customer satisfaction… BUSINESS IMPACT 4. Data quality: availability, readiness, volume, label... 5. Machine-learning relevance 6.Technical complexity and ability to integrate the model into existing IT and business tools 7. Ability to deploy the use cases across multiple categories, countries, formats or business units 8. Existing synergies with other use cases We apply a criteria filtering matrix to qualify, select and prioritize use cases
  7. 7. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 A little bit of theory to begin with: Different levels of AI to tackle your problems DEDICATED API “I need to read the content of a receipt” 3 SPECIALIZED ML FRAMEWORK “I need to recognize 1 fashion Top Model among 50” 2 GENERAL ML FRAMEWORK “I need to develop an autonomous driving system” 1 General Specific Simple Complex AI scope Ease of use
  8. 8. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 So now, how to choose?
  9. 9. digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 Is there a GAFIM API that perfectly meets the use case? 01. Choice among GAFIM APIs Which level of AI do I really need? 02. Choice among alternative APIs 03. ML Framework for Transfer Learning 04. Generalist ML Framework Does an API other than GAFIM respond perfectly to my needs? Is Transfer Learning possible? Is the use case known by the community? Does I have an R&D team at my disposal? 04. Internally produced R&D solution Consult or surrender
  10. 10. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 Is there a GAFIM API that perfectly meets the use case? Visual recognition on video Optical Character Recognition Human body modeling from 2D images Face recognition Content moderation Customizable image recognition NLP STT TTSTranslation VISION LANGUAGE
  11. 11. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 With no ideal GAFIM API, does an API from another provider perfectly meet the use case? Handling of french language Proper names recognition Integration of dictionaries of technical terms / acronyms Possibility of isolating the voices of the interlocutors Remarks No speaker diarization More performant than Google on speech to text in French Impossible to work in Python Poor handling of French language Satisfying Average Not satisfying
  12. 12. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 With no ideal GAFIM API, does an API from another provider perfectly meet the use case? Test Work error rate GOOGLE 43% Work error rate 26% Our experience with voice recognition AI
  13. 13. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 If no API exist for my use case, is Transfer Learning feasible? Using a pre-trained model to re-train it to make it specific to your needs Raw model Model training Model trained on 2020 Cruise collection images ~9 000 social media images (3 days) 4 500 images with Chanel looks ~10 000 images in the training dataset Model application Check and optimize Detects: handbag, dress, woman... Detects: Fendi dress ref.8159XF1
  14. 14. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 THANK YOU !
  15. 15. #digitbench19WIFI digitbench19 CONTACT Cyril FEKETE Consulting Partner cyril.fekete@artefact.com