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The Perth Cleaning Client Base: ECA

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Domino's and few other big Restaurants in Western Australia, the Perth cleaning client base of ECA Extreme Clean Australia, cleaning company being relied upon.

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The Perth Cleaning Client Base: ECA

  1. 1. www.extreme-clean.com.au 24 Drynan St, Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia 6053 ECA Extreme Clean Australia Your Specialist Hot Water High Pressure Cleaners
  2. 2. It Includes but not limited to The Perth Cleaning Client Base
  3. 3. Domino’s Pizza Check out the Western Australia Stores and the Store in Western Perth. Do you know? Paul, the current Director of ECA, and a mate started out with a small pressure cleaner on a trailer doing work for Domino’s Pizza. Today, ECA is the reliable cleaning service partner of Perth’s Dominos.
  4. 4. Wokinabox Wokinabox, renowned for Asian cuisines, another restaurant in the row to be associated with ECA’s cleaning service. Over 30 stores in Australia, we wish them more and happy to be behind the scenes.
  5. 5. The cleaning business, it all started with Paul’s decision to enter into the commercial kitchen cleaning business in 1999. So, it doesn't matter if a big chunk of ECA’s client base comprises of Perth Restaurants. Of course, later it evolved into Outdoor cleaning, Graffiti removal and much more cleaning services without a compromise on quality. Lets hear it from Clients… Testimonial
  6. 6. The Coffee Club The 25+ yr old Coffee Club, another feather in the cap of Perth’s expert Pressure cleaning company, ECA. With 2 stores in Perth, a store in Perth Airport and West Perth, ECA feels good to be the Cleaning service provider. Client Base continues…
  7. 7. Brumby’s Brumby’s has got a store in West Perth and a couple of stores in Western Australia. The rich history of Brumby’s is well known, one of the largest franchise groups in Australia. ECA feels proud to be the preferred cleaning company of Brumby’s Bakery.
  8. 8. Hog’s Breath Cafe One of the multinational restaurants of Australia (they do it in New Zealand too), Hog’s Breath Cafe. From Mandurah to Mindarie, the cleaning works being reigned by ECA, the Mandurah, Mindarie and quite few branches of Hog’s Breath Cafe trust us for the complicated cleaning service.
  9. 9. ECA Extreme Clean Australia web: www.extreme-clean.com.au e-mail: info@extreme-clean.com.au phone: 0430 998 258 | 1300 398 736
  10. 10. 24 Drynan St, Bayswater, Perth, Western Australia 6053