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EiTESAL IOT DAY 26-10-2016

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EiTESAL IOT DAY - Giza Systems Presentation.

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EiTESAL IOT DAY 26-10-2016

  1. 1. Internet of Things 26th October 2016
  2. 2. Agenda • About Giza Systems • Reference Projects (sample) • Giza Systems & IoT • Implemented Use Cases • Potential Applications • Business Model
  3. 3. At A Glance Leading Systems Integrator (SI) in the Middle East and Africa; we design and deploy industry-specific technology solutions for asset-intensive industries. We also offer cloud enablement and space virtualization services. What We Do In Numbers 2000 42 25 4 800 Number of satisfied clients Number of years in market Number of countries we work in Regions of operation Employees 800 Employees 33% 47% 20% By Function Support Operations Sales
  4. 4. Our Offices Egypt: Cairo (Headquarters) Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Jeddah and Al- Khobar UAE: Dubai Qatar: Doha Kenya: Nairobi Nigeria: Abuja Uganda: Kampala Tanzania: Dar Es Salaam Egypt & North Africa, 49% KSA, 45% WECA, 5% GCC, 1% Orderbook 2015 By Region Our Footprint
  5. 5. GS Group of Companies Established in 2004 as the distribution arm of Giza Systems Established in 2007 to cater to clients exempt from sales tax & custom tariffs Established in 2009 to serve the UAE & Gulf markets Established in 2011 as the contracting arm of the group Established in 2012 to serve the Qatari market Leading storage distributor and integrator in the Egyptian market operating in cloud enablement and virtualization space Handles all integration business in Egypt Established in 2006 to serve Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in our industry verticals
  6. 6. Scope of Services Industry / Vertical Engineering Services IT Services            Bringing the Best of Both Worlds Giza Systems has established itself as the only systems integrator in the MEA region capable of fulfilling the dual functions of IT-based & engineering services specifically focusing on the Telecom & Utilities industries. Its know-how and its experience in vertical integration are what differentiate Giza Systems from its competitors Telecom Utilities Oil & Gas Manufacturing Hospitality & Real Estate Transportation Operations Support Systems (OSS) Business Support Systems (BSS)
  7. 7. Process Control Enterprise Business Solutions Transmission & Distribution Transportation & Technology Infrastructure SCADA Smart Buildings Cloud Enablement Electro-MechanicalField Solutions Distribution Our Lines of Business
  8. 8. Water & Wastewater Oil & Gas Manufacturing Transportation Power Financial Services Contracting, Hospitality & Real Estate (CHR) Telecom Our Verticals
  9. 9. Success Stories Client Issue Need to monitor and control a 420-Km pipeline that transports gas from Egypt to Jordan Benefits to Client • RTUs collect pressure, flow rate and other readings in addition to connection to pipeline control valves • Pipeline graphical representation • Display of pressure and flow readings • Alarms detection and pipeline control (open or shutdown) • Advanced reporting • Generate leak alarms and detect leak location at the pipeline Fajr Egypt-Jordan Gas Pipeline
  10. 10. Success Stories Client Issue Need to install 7 wellhead control panels (WHCP) hydraulic system. The 7 WHCPs need to communicate with the central control unit, and ensure availability for solar power system to support the operations Benefits to Client • Solar energy system to sustain remote locations • Primary WiMAX connection and secondary GSM • 7 wellheads connected through a central control room • Timely response to alarms • Fully integrated solution • Portable skid • Integrates with existing systems • Scalable to accommodate future additions • 10 years availability of spare parts and after sale service Agiba 7 wellhead control panel
  11. 11. Success Stories Client Issue Need to upgrade the national irrigation network to automate the irrigation of 3500 farms Benefits to Client • Develop the existing irrigation and drainage network • Rationalize the use of irrigation water • Shift towards automation and process control in agriculture Converting Open Irrigation Channels to Closed Pipelines in Al-Hassa
  12. 12. Success Stories Client Issue Need to collect readings for pressure, flow rate, tank levels, pumps and power consumption Need to have graphical representations and advanced reporting of readings, alarms detection, and efficiency measurements Benefits to Client • Enable monitoring and controlling of 100% of water treatment facilities in Greater Cairo. • Cover 40 water treatment plants and boosters in Greater Cairo. Greater Cairo Water Central Project in Egypt
  13. 13. Success Stories Client Issue Making use of field data to generate information that supports business decision. This can only be achieved by integrating field layer (OT) with business layer (IT) using SAP. Benefits to Client • Automatic data feeding to SAP • Improve asset management and reliability • Improve availability and quality • Optimize the O&M workforce • Enhance reporting and analysis of field events Royal Commissioning in Jubail and Yanbu
  14. 14. Success Stories Client Issue Need to manage the energy utilization in the multi-use mall in Nairobi and to manage energy data collection and billing. Benefits to Client • Proven billing accuracy up to 99% • Minimize efforts of data collection • Multi-tariff billing (Day/Night – Generator/Transformer) Smart Metering for The Hub Karen Mall in Kenya
  15. 15. Success Stories Client Issue Need to install smart building solutions to the newly built headquarters in New Cairo. Benefits to Client • 1st Platinum LEED certificate building in Egypt • Smart BMS • Smart lighting control • Fire alarm system • HVAC control • Smart metering for power, water & natural gas • Air quality control Smart Building for Crédit Agricole Egypt
  16. 16. Success Stories Client Issue Need to deploy Integrated Building Management, Life Safety and Security Systems for two towers 38 floors, 4 parking and podium. Benefits to Client • Fire Alarm System • Camera Surveillance System • Access Control System (online and hotel locking system) • IP Infrastructure (Ethernet data network, Active, Passive & NMS) • IPTV and MATV systems • Intruder Detection System • Voice system • IP Intercom system • Parking management system (rising bollards and gate arm barriers) • Guard tour system Integrated Building Management Systems for St. Regis Hotel in Egypt
  17. 17. Success Stories Client Issue Need for vessel and convoy management for port authority to be fully integrated Benefits to Client • 190 km coverage with sensors every 10 km • Unified software to manage hydrological & meteorological sensors • Fully automated integration and standalone set-up in case of emergency • Fully redundant communication solution Hydrological & Meteorological Project for Suez Canal
  18. 18. Success Stories Client Issue Need to track and monitor vessels, and communicate with platforms and vessels located in any area of open water Benefits to Client • Achieve enhanced visibility of: − Vessel Identity − Itinerary − Cargo • Ensure safety and security: − Location information − Warning notices and alerts − Potential threats (e.g. oil spills) − Illegal activities (e.g. dumping) Automatic Identification System (AIS) Project for RASHPETCO
  19. 19. Giza Systems & IoT
  20. 20. Giza Systems & IoT Giza Systems delivers E2E IoT connected solutions for mid-size and large enterprises that leverage machine data to enhance and extend business process across marketing, sales, services and operations. We combine creativity with deep industry-specific and technical expertise to connect people, systems, devices and data. Our services include: • IoT Business Consultation • Applications Ideation to Development • IoT implementations & Integration • Knowledge Management & Analytics
  21. 21. IoT Technical Resources Teams Solution Architects Application Development Connectivity Development Platform Development Testing & Support Team Industry SME
  22. 22. Our IoT Capabilities • Network of Partners on all levels • Technical Team Certified • Development Lab • Delivered end to end IoT projects • Published products on different partners’ marketplace
  23. 23. Implemented Use Cases Smart Homes Street Lighting Smart Meters Environmental Monitoring
  24. 24. Environmental Monitoring Emergency City Operations Transportation Smart Grid Smart Irrigation System Logistics Operations Structural Health Monitoring Water & Wastewater Management Street Lighting Smart Parking Vehicle Traffic Monitoring Smart Factory Predictive Maintenance Smart Buildings Smart Metering
  25. 25. Business Models
  26. 26. Business Models B2B • Delivers E2E IoT Solutions to customers mid-large enterprises hosted at customer premises • Sell IoT applications to customers as services hosted at Giza Systems or on 3rd party IoT platform. B2B2C • Partner with Tier 1 telecom operators as IoT solution provider where Telco sell these applications to their corporate customers • Managed Services to Telcos: includes support, presales, vendor management, service delivery, connectivity development and certify HW
  27. 27. Thank You! ©2016 Giza Systems. All rights reserved. Giza Systems, a leading systems integrator in the MEA region, designs and deploys industry-specific technology solutions for asset-intensive industries such as the Telecoms, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transportation and other market sectors. We help our clients streamline their operations and businesses through our portfolio of solutions, managed services, and consultancy practice. Our team of 800 professionals are spread throughout the region with anchor offices in Cairo, Riyadh, Dubai, Nairobi, Dar-es- Salaam and Abuja, allowing us to service an ever-increasing client base in over 40 countries. For more information, please visit http://www.gizasystems.com. www.gizasystems.com