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Auto-Rickshaw and Share-Auto Reforms in Chennai - Raj Cherubal

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SESSION 4A - ‘Role of Rickshaws/Taxi in Sustainable Transport’

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Auto-Rickshaw and Share-Auto Reforms in Chennai - Raj Cherubal

  1. 1. Auto-rickshaw and Share-AutoReforms in ChennaiRaj Cherubal, Chennai City Connect
  2. 2. Auto-rickshaw andShare-Auto Reforms in ChennaiRaj CherubalChennai City Connect
  3. 3. Few years ago in ChennaiBan autos/share autos!Competition to MTCNuisance on the roadCheating customers, no transparentfareWe did auto and share auto studiesEconomic and social surveySustained campaign and lobbyingLot of Media coverage
  4. 4. Studies22 Lakhs trips per day by IPT54 Lakhs trips by MTC9 Lakhs by trips by suburban30% idle -> with IT, process efficiency21km/liter, ->24km/liter if maintainedwellEntrepreneurial opportunityBranding and fleet creationChange in attitude at policy level
  5. 5. Few interesting issuesFare not revised from 2007We have given Hakim Committeemodel to GoTNTimes of India and activists conductedpublic campaignFile stuck in Home MinistryPolicing, not transportationRegulator, operator separated by ministry
  6. 6. Few interesting issuesCNG, LPG, new ideas and techNeed for proper studies, not speculationsOne auto has many driverLPG is a problem for driverReal and imagined issues – Rainy dayAll share autos are illegalThey are not permitted to be stagecarriages. Only MTC can in Chennai
  7. 7. Current problemsG-Auto and Autoraja conceptswelcomed by allIndividual auto drivers see benefitUnions wary of “profit seekers”Without fare revision new models willloose moneyApplying their own fares,transparently, is illegal!
  8. 8. CUMTACUMTA functioning for 4 yearsAct passed 2 years ago, yet to be notifiedCCC member, ITDP advisorThree working groupsIntermodal IntegrationNMTFinanceBranded share auto integrate with MetroCommon TicketingRevenue sharing
  9. 9. CUMTA and intermodal integrationEmbarq helping GoTN prepare IPTpolicyITDP standards for Metro station areaProper place and weightage for IPTparking, etc.Complementary routes?Improved MTC route “steals” customersfrom share autos
  10. 10. Thank you