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Road Safety Condition in Bandung

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by: Aine Kusumawati, Road Design & Transportation Coordinator, Bandung
Presented at Transforming Transportation 2017

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Road Safety Condition in Bandung

  1. 1. www.TransformingTransportation.org Road Safety Condition in Bandung Aine Kusumawati, Road Design & Transportation Coordinator, Bandung Presented at Transforming Transportation 2017
  2. 2. Road Safety Condition in Bandung Pecha Kucha: Cities of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety Aine Kusumawati, Ph.D. BIGRS Bandung - Road Design and Transport Coordinator Washington DC, 12-13 January 2017
  3. 3. Bandung Geographical Position Bandung Source: www.geographicguide.com •  Located in region of West Java. •  Capital of West Java. •  Topographically, located at 791m above sea level. •  Total area of 167.297 km2. •  Consists of 30 districts and 151 sub-districts. •  Population (2014): 2,470,802 persons, which makes Bandung the 4th largest city in Indonesia.
  4. 4. Vehicle Population and Composition Type Population (2013) Passenger cars 330,082 Bus and Microbus 5,568 Trucks and Pick Ups 66,141 Motorcycles 1,041,421 Total 1,443,212 82% 1% 17% 0% Vehicle Population (2013) Passenger cars Bus and Microbus Trucks and Pick Ups Motorcycles Total Road Length: 1,160.80 km
  5. 5. Road Crash and Injury Data Summary for Years 2013 – 2016 (up to July)
  6. 6. Number of Crash Fatalities in Bandung, 2015 Key findings: •  Motorcycle had the highest number of crash fatalities in Bandung, 2015 at 70,42% followed by Pedestrian (23,94%) and Light Vehicle (5,63%).
  7. 7. Other Crash Statistics
  8. 8. Pedestrian Facilities (1) The city of Bandung have managed hard to give a more proper facilities for pedestrian by widening sidewalks on some major streets and adding some aesthetic aspects on them.
  9. 9. Are they creating more hazards to other road users?
  10. 10. Pedestrian Facilities (2) However, we will still have to improve more sidewalks on our streets.
  11. 11. Pedestrian Facilities (3) Even when we have good zebra crossings, most drivers will not give way to pedestrian who will cross the street. We still need many good pedestrian crossing facilities. We do not have many crossing bridges, our people tend to not using the bridge even when it is available near them.
  12. 12. Bicycle Facilities The city of Bandung has just started its bike sharing program. However, we still do not have safe bicycle lanes in our streets. Bicycle lane that is also shared with motorized vehicles. Used to be painted in blue, but now the paint has faded away.
  13. 13. Public Transport Facilities Type of public transport: •  Small bus (Angkot) •  Bus (DAMRI, Trans Metro Bandung) •  Taxi •  Ojek (Paid motorcycle) Need to consider better design and placement of bus shelters.
  14. 14. Roadside Hazards
  15. 15. Intersection Improvement Creating more hazards?
  16. 16. Road User Behaviour
  17. 17. Challenges •  How to balance between safety and aesthetic? •  How to balance the needs of various road users in such narrow roads that we have in Bandung? •  How to educate road users?
  18. 18. What Needs to Do •  Conduct road safety audits on more Bandung roads to improve road safety condition. •  Focus on specific treatments, such as: •  Providing safer pedestrian facilities •  Providing safer bicycle lanes •  Conduct more trainings on road safety engineering for related city officials.
  19. 19. BIGRS Scope 2016 •  Safety improvement of three intersections in Bandung: •  Intersection Jl. Alun-Alun Timur - Jl. Asia-Afrika (three legged, unsignalised); •  Intersection Jl. Surapati - Jl. Pahlawan (four legged, signalised) •  Intersection Jl. Ahmad Yani – Jl. Veteran •  Safety Improvement of corridors: •  Corridor Jl. Ahmad Yani •  Corridor Jl. Kiara Condong •  Corridor Jl. Sukajadi – Jl. Pasirkaliki – Jl. Astana Anyar •  Road safety audits: •  Antapani Flyover Project
  20. 20. Intersection Jl. Ahmad Yani – Jl. Veteran
  21. 21. Antapani Flyover Project Pictures taken from Gun Gun Gunawan facebook account. Thank You Very Much for Your Attention