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Project Incubator Award 2009 - COOGES

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Project Incubator Award 2009 - COOGES

  2. 2. PRESENTATION OF THE STRUCTURE• COOGES is an agricultural cooperative that brings together around 700 producers with a cultivable area of 2245 ha for a production of 1.5OO tons of cashew nuts; it gives an average of 670 kg per hectare. It was established on 21 June 2002 and approved under No - 008-10-1-6 with a capital of 36 402 EUR
  3. 3. ORGANIZATION• General Assembly (GA)• Board of Administration (CA)• Commissioner of Accounts• Management Team
  4. 4. LOCATION• COOGES is located in the sub-prefecture of SAPLI-Sépingo in the region of Zanzan Republic of Côte dIvoire. Sépingo- Bondoukou is distant 32 Km
  5. 5. THE ACTIVITIES AND PROJECT DESCRIPTION The production of COOGES is mainly focused on the cashew nuts. Because of a low price of raw nuts (ranging between 0.22 and 0.30EUR), the members decided to establish a shelling factory of cashew nuts with a capacity of 2,800 tons of raw nuts per year, or about 550 tons of kernels, view that kernels costs between 3.81EUR and 4.87EUR per kilo and more according to the market (biological, FLO and common market). This factory will employ around 3793 people including 1623 women and 2170 men.
  6. 6. OUTLETS• The bulk of this production is for export to EU countries, Canada, United States and some African countries like Ghana and South Africa. Only 10% is for the local market. The aim of 10% is to introduce first cashew kernels in the diet of local populations.
  7. 7. STRENGTHS• The success of this project depends on the availability of manpower mainly rural and the raw material of good quality. The Out-turn nuts is between 48 and 55 for a kilogram graining which varies between 170 and 220.
  8. 8. OVERVIEW OF CASHEW NUTS PRODUCED BY COOGES AND ITS NEIGHBOURGS• In 2004: 3 438 tons in 2005: 3 752 tons in 2006: 4 169 tons and the production increases as the aging orchards and new plantations are being created. The initiative of shelling is recommended view it offers a minimum and non- fluctuated price of 0.38EUR per kilo, and it employs the same producers of cashew nuts.
  9. 9. investment• The total investment cost is estimated at 1 660 540 EUR, part of which is produced by the cooperative to the tune of 341 957 EUR.