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Building Highly Scalable Immersive Media Solutions on AWS

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Immersive media content such as 360 degree video places a unique set of demands on cloud-based infrastructure from a complete end to end solution point of view. A key goal for any solution of this nature is to keep costs low while not impacting availability, scale and compute performance. In this talk we will look at how to solve ingest, processing, storage and delivery of live and on-demand content for immersive media delivery, and present a reference design for 360 degree streaming using best-practice architectural patterns.
Speakers: Konstantin Wilms, Principal Solutions Architect M&E, AWS and Chad Schmutzer, Specialist Solutions Architect SPOT, AWS

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Building Highly Scalable Immersive Media Solutions on AWS

  1. 1. Building Highly Scalable Immersive Media Solutions on AWS Konstantin Wilms & Chad Schmutzer Amazon Web Services
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Immersive Media in the Cloud
  3. 3. Origination Delivery MULTI-CAMERA MEZ, LIVE OR VOD CONTENT B2C PLAYBACK TO CONSUMER OR B2B DELIVERY Encoding CDN Devices Cost Most of these can be tackled by utilizing media encoding and transport standards along with best practice cloud design patterns for low latency, elastic, highly available infrastructure Immersive Media Challenges
  4. 4. AWS Marketplace Amazon Elastic Transcoder Elemental Technologies AMI Model Licensed S/W Minimal Disruption Proxies Fast Integration UGC & Prosumer On-Prem & Cloud Live, VOD, JIT Professional DIY BYO PaaS / SaaS BYOL Self Contained Custom Solutions Media Processing on AWS
  5. 5. VOD Workflow G2 Distribution B2C (Viewers) Live Workflow G2 Archive Source Encoder B2B (Organizations) A Cloud-Native Immersive Media Solution  360 Live & VOD Pipeline  Infrastructure as Code  Optimized Service Consumption  Lowest Possible Cost  Cloud Native Patterns  100% Open Source  Designed for Growth  Reference Architecture
  6. 6. 16 Regions – 42 Availability Zones – 68 Edge Locations Region & Number of Availability Zones AWS GovCloud (2) EU Ireland (3) US West Frankfurt (2) Oregon (3) London (2) Northern California (3) Asia Pacific US East Singapore (2) N. Virginia (5), Ohio (3) Sydney (2), Tokyo (3), Seoul (2), Mumbai (2) Canada Central (2) China Beijing (2) South America São Paulo (3) …with Global Deployment Capability Announced Regions Paris, Ningxia
  7. 7. So where do we start?
  8. 8. BUILDING A PIPELINE Mapping Services & Partners to an End to End Workflow
  10. 10. Ingest PUSH OR PULL MEZ, LIVE & VOD AWS Services  AWS Direct Connect: For high bandwidth, deterministic live media  Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration: Remote location ingest  AWS Snowball: Petabyte scale data transfer (in and out)  Amazon Cloudfront: Global content delivery network  Elemental Appliances: On-prem video encode/prep for ingest Partners Media Ingest
  11. 11. AWS Services  Amazon S3: Highly scalable, durable object storage  Amazon Glacier: Secure, durable, petabyte-scale data archival  Amazon EFS: Simple, elastic, scalable file system  Amazon EBS: Persistent block storage  AWS Marketplace: Partner solutions for storage (on/off-prem) Partners Store CREATE A CENTRALIZED CONTENT LAKE ON S3 Asset Storage
  12. 12. Transform MEDIA DELIVERY AND/OR HANDS-ON POSTPRODUCTION AWS Services  Amazon EC2: Scalable CPU/GPU computing capacity  Amazon Workspaces: GPU accelerated desktops in the cloud  AWS Marketplace: Partner solutions for storage (on/off-prem)  Amazon Appstream: Run existing Windows Applications in the cloud Partners Content Transformation
  13. 13. Process SCALE OUT ON ELASTIC CAPACITY FOR ALL PROCESSING AWS Services  Amazon EC2 Spot: Low Cost spare GPU/CPU capacity at high scale  AWS Batch: Fully managed batch processing at any scale  Amazon ECS: High scale, high performance container management  ThinkBox Deadline: Hassle-free scheduling for rendering & compute  Elemental Cloud: On-demand, scalable video processing Partners Elastic Processing
  14. 14. What if we maximized EC2 Spot usage …across the entire pipeline VOD Workflow G2 Distribution B2C (Viewers) Live Workflow G2 Archive Source Encoder B2B (Organizations)
  15. 15. EC2 SPOT Compute Capacity at Scale
  16. 16. On-Demand Pay for compute capacity by the hour with no long-term commitments For spiky workloads, or to define needs AWS EC2 Consumption Models Reserved Make a low, one-time payment and receive a significant discount on the hourly charge For committed utilization Spot Bid for unused capacity, charged at a Spot Price which fluctuates based on supply and demand For time-insensitive, transient, or stateless workloads
  17. 17. Spare Capacity at Scale • AWS has more than a million active customers in 190 countries. • Amazon EC2 instance usage has increased 93% YoY, comparing Q4 2014 and Q4 2013, not including Amazon use.
  18. 18. EC2 Spot instances are spare EC2 On-Demand capacity with very simple rules… What are EC2 Spot Instances?
  19. 19. Markets where the price of compute changes based on supply and demand You’ll never pay more than your bid. When the market exceeds your bid you get 2 minutes to wrap up your work The Very Simple Rules of Spot
  20. 20.  Since Spot instances typically cost 50-90% less than On-Demand, you can increase your compute capacity by 2-10x within the same budget  Or you could save 50-90% on your existing workload  Either way, you should try it! Get the Best Value for EC2 Capacity
  21. 21. AZ1 AZ2 Frankfurt Total Capacity P2 C4 M4 I2 R4 D2 Shared Dedicated Shared Dedicated Understanding EC2 Capacity
  22. 22. $0.27 $0.29$0.50 2b 2cc2a 8XL $0.30 $0.16$0.214XL $0.07 $0.08$0.082XL $0.05 $0.04$0.04XL $0.01 $0.04$0.01L C4 $1.76 On Demand $0.88 $0.44 $.22 $0.11 Each Instance Family Each Instance Size Each Availability Zone In every Region Is a separate Spot Market Capacity & Spot Markets Recap
  23. 23. Bid Price vs. Market Price 50% Bid 75% Bid You pay the market price 25% Bid
  24. 24. Fault toleranceStateless Multi-AZ Loosely coupled Instance Flexibility EC2 Spot Best Practices
  25. 25. ~ 21% less than 1 hour ~ 35% less than 2 hours ~ 40% less than 3 hours In total roughly 50% of all instances live less than 6 hours My Instances Cannot be Interrupted!
  26. 26. Using a single additional parameter Run continuously for up to 6 hours Save up to 50% off On- Demand pricing $1 EC2 Spot Blocks
  27. 27.  Requested 1000 vCores over 30 days  Minimum 960 vCores Mode 1024 vCores Average 1012 vCores  Average Price of $0.012 per vCore 0 0.05 0.1 0.15 0.2 0.25 0.3 0.35 0.4 0.45 0.5 250 350 450 550 650 750 850 950 1050 1150 Number of Cores Running Average Hourly Price Per Core  Savings of over 80% Batch Processing with EC2 Spot
  28. 28. DESIGN Media Protocols, Transports & Cloud Architecture Patterns
  29. 29. Source Playout http://bit.ly/2fRnwvv  Secure Compute/Rest/In-Flight (SSM)  Live & On-Demand (live recordings to VOD)  RTMP live ingest (RTP-FEC optimal, i.e. 2022)  Ingest – bitrate conform & pre-stitching  4k, AVCI, HEVC, H264/AAC – HLS + DASH  ‘Internet’ / Direct Connect Ingest  EC2 Spot for transcode (& proxies!) using dynamic CPU/GPU FFMPEG on NGINX  ECS - Docker to abstract dependencies  ForgeJS DASH, Clappr HTML5, Unity Mobile  Origin-Based remap using FFMPEG (PGM) & Facebook transform filters End to End Media Requirements
  30. 30.  Infrastructure as Code – Error-Free Repeatability (Cloudformation)  Event-Based Pipelines – NGINX & S3 bucket events (nVOD)  Circuit Breaker Pattern – Proactively Drain ALBs (Spot)  Origin Proxy Pattern - Edge@Origin (fan out processing)  Service Discovery – via EC2 Instance Tagging, DNS  Bootstrap / Container Pattern – immutable infrastructure  Multi Server Pattern – Multi-AZ (automatically consume all AZs)  Decoupling Pattern – asynchronous & resilient (SQS, SNS) Cloud Architecture Patterns
  31. 31. SOLUTION ARCHITECTURE Live & nVOD Immersive Media Delivery
  32. 32. Backup Origin Primary Origin G2 G2 Ingest Bucket S3 Events SQS Queue Source Encoder SPOT or On-Demand Edge Cache Fleet Failover ALB CloudFront Viewers Diversified SPOT Fleet G2 M4 Egress Bucket GPU / CPU
  33. 33. Reference Architecture Available Soon (ask us!)
  34. 34. Thank You!