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Tesla Products
Tesla Products
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JB Straubel Keynote

  1. 1. INSPIRED PROCESS Course Number: HIVE107 Course Date: 9/28/16 Provider Number: k029
  2. 2. Best Practice Hanley Wood, an AIA approved provider, will report credits earned by course attendees to AIA CES for the approved course numbers HIVE101-107. If a certificate was requested, it will be emailed to you with all other courses completed by course attendees upon the conclusion of the conference. If you would like to receive credit for this course, please be sure to provide your name and AIA number on the form right outside the room. 2
  3. 3. Course Description JB Straubel, CTO at Tesla, presents how Tesla has been able to spur technological innovation and enforce collaboration to make a wildly successful product, and in so doing, disrupt the automotive industry. This session will help architects and builders identify useful tools that can help disrupt the business model in the design and construction industry, and in so doing, deliver a better-designed product to the people who live in their communities. 3
  4. 4. Learning Objectives 1.Understand key insights on how to disrupt the design process to allow for a more creative and out-of- the-box approach to design commissions. 2.Describe ways to engage the broader community—either designer colleagues or community organizations—to support new approaches to design. 3.Implement new methods to incorporate a new, disrupted design process on a small scale into larger projects for larger clients. 4.Understand how new energy-efficient technologies can be used to bring sustainable innovation to residential design projects. 4
  5. 5. Tesla Motors JB Straubel – co-founder, CTO HIVE Conference Sept 28th 2016 Tesla Innovation and Disruption
  6. 6. Tomorrow’s Infrastructure
  7. 7. Tesla’s Mission: Accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation and energy
  8. 8. Breaking the Rules in 2004: Performance (?) Electric Cars
  9. 9. First Roadster Prototype - 2005
  10. 10. Tesla History & Milestones Headquarters Palo Alto, CA Tesla Factory Fremont, CA Gigafactory Sparks, NVDesign Studio Hawthorne, CA Tesla Energy launch Model X launch 2003 2008 2012 2015 Tesla founded 5 employees Roadster introduced Model S sales begin 2016 Model 3 unveil SolarCity Acquisition
  11. 11. Tesla Roadster GM EV1 VolumetricEnergyDensity[Wh/l] 600 500 400 300 200 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 Year 2010 2015 2020 700 Battery Energy Density Trend 800
  12. 12. Tesla Roadster Industry First Lithium-Ion EV Powertrain Controls and Software 53 kWh Lithium- Ion Battery Pack 250hp AC Induction Motor and Gearbox Power Electronics Module (DC-AC Inverter, Charger) Lithium-Ion Technology  “Can’t work in a car”  “Will never be safe”  “Only for laptops”
  13. 13. Tesla OEM Partnerships Curiosity to Competitor
  14. 14. 1356 vehicles produced through 2010
  15. 15. Model S: Ground-Up Design as EV Only 90kWh Battery Pack  No rule book  1st new car from a new company  “They will fail”  “They don’t know how hard it is”
  16. 16. Tesla Model S  Quickest production car in the world  Highest safety rating in America  Available All-Wheel Drive  Zero to 60 mph in as little as 2.5 seconds (P100DL)  Up to 315 miles range (EPA) “Breaks the rating system” “103 out of 100 points”
  17. 17. Tesla Model X • 7 people plus gear • 289 miles max range (EPA) • 5000 lb towing capcity “Tesla has made the family car cool”
  18. 18. Connected Vehicle / Consumer Electronics Device Full OTA Software Updates New features sent wirelessly The car gets better with each release
  19. 19. Connected Energy Today  70,000+ cumulative electric vehicles  5GWh of batteries Near Future  1,000,000 electric vehicles  70GWh of batteries  10GW Controllable Charge Load
  20. 20. Tesla Fleet Mileage
  21. 21. Tesla Supercharger Network  120 kW power  400 mph charging (30 minutes)
  22. 22. Superchargers Today
  23. 23. Copyright 2014 Tesla Motors, Inc. 2nd Generation: Model S & X 1st Generation: Roadster VehicleAffordability Market Size / Timing 3rd Generation: Model III Product Roadmap
  24. 24. Copyright 2014 Tesla Motors, Inc. Model 3
  25. 25. Copyright 2014 Tesla Motors, Inc. Model 3
  26. 26. Copyright 2014 Tesla Motors, Inc. Model 3
  27. 27. Tesla Gigafactory  Largest battery factory in the world  Under construction in Tahoe-Reno, Nevada
  28. 28. Tesla Gigafactory
  29. 29. • Battery Cost is steadily declining – Higher energy density – less materials / kWh – Production volume increasing dramatically, economy of scale – Production process moving from electronics to high volume Energy Storage Cost
  30. 30. • The cost of solar PV has dropped precipitously • Faster decline than even those closest to the industry expected $0.60 PER WATT MODULE COST IN 2015 Solar PV has followed a similar path
  31. 31. THE MISSING PIECE Renewable Energy Electric Transport
  32. 32. Address all Applications
  34. 34. Storage Behind the Meter Electric Utility Ownership Customer Ownership
  35. 35. Storage Behind the Meter Electric Utility Ownership Customer Ownership Aggregation Utility or ISO
  36. 36. Storage Behind the Meter Electric Utility Ownership Customer Ownership Utility or ISO Aggregation
  37. 37. Storage Behind the Meter Electric Utility Ownership Customer Ownership Utility or ISO Aggregation
  38. 38. Tomorrow’s Electric Infrastructure 1.2 B PEOPLE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY
  39. 39. Lathrop, CA 4MWh Installation Online
  40. 40. Solar and Wind cheaper than Coal: 3.87 cents/kWh
  41. 41. An Island Example – Kauai (Hawaii) 552 square miles 65,000 people Goal: 50% renewable by 2023
  42. 42. Kauai Solar (6 MW array, 10% of daytime load)
  43. 43. Kauai Load Curve
  44. 44. Kauai Load Curve
  45. 45. Storing Bulk Renewable Energy Load Level
  46. 46. Utility Scale Solar Storage Project Size Product Construction Start KIUC 13MW/52MWh Powerpack June 2016
  47. 47. Eliminate 100% of fossil fuel energy use Solar Area
  48. 48. “The stone age came to an end not for lack of stones. And the oil age will come to an end not for lack of oil.” — Sheikh Yamani, former Saudi Oil Minister
  49. 49. Question? Please raise your hand and a mic runner will come to you 55 @HIVE2016 #HIVELA2016