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6. Delivering Data - Karon Cowan

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A bird’s eye view of the data management systems - what they deliver and what to consider.

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6. Delivering Data - Karon Cowan

  1. 1. A bird’s eye view of the data management systems being offered in Ontario. What they deliver and what to consider before you decide. Karon Tracey-Cowan mapping@agtechgis.com @AgTechGIS
  2. 2. • Product highlights/design • Most notable offering • What I see as singular or well done • Sticking point • How do I get data IN? What can I bring in? • Manual entry, import, connected source • How can I get it out? What can I get out? • Dashboards, maps, reports, exports, downloads, exit strategy What is out there?
  3. 3. Consider: Platform and Operating System Data stored “in the cloud”, desktop software, APP or a website connects you with the data and functions. Internet required. Usually priced on a yearly subscription or per user. Web accessed software or data. Must have internet enabled device to access data and functions. Usually priced on a yearly subscription or per user. Desktop software that stores data locally but connects to internet for downloads, updates or data synchronization/backups. Usually priced on a yearly subscription or per user or initial purchased plus yearly maintenance. Phone or tablet APP. Data stored “in the cloud” and/or on device. Internet required, sometimes can run offline with limited functions. May be a companion app to larger ecosystem or hub. May be standalone app. Different subscription models for multi-users. Or considered single user with additional logins for staff and trusted advisor. Access controlled by grower or number of paid users.
  4. 4. Consider: Intended user and relationships with trusted advisors Grower owns account, allows data sharing or viewing with additional logins for staff or trusted advisors. Advisor or company owns account and opens data sharing to their growers via logins, or linked accounts. User has extensive data management tools, map layering and prescription writing functions, unlimited data import and export options. User has limited data management tools, map types and views are set in the program, analytics, imagery and background data provided by the service. Data being collected by service provider to aggregate, analyze, perform AI/machine learning, extrapolate, create derivative products.
  5. 5. Consider: Map-ability of hand held apps Running on a GPS enabled device logs georeferenced locations or can create maps with GPS. Drop Pins for georeferenced notes. Takes georeferenced pictures. Can export a report (PDF) or actual geo file. Can export a report (PDF) or actual picture file. Can export an actual geo file.Can create georeferenced polygons or regions. Can be used to plan or execute sampling mission. Can export an actual geo file.
  6. 6. Consider: Features & Delivered Content Provides to the user their own map files or regional background data such as soil types. Provides an online dashboard combining maps, graphs, charts or statistics. Usually with real time data stream (i.e. weather). Provides automatic analytics such as yield by hybrid, application by zone, actual vs projected, grower vs regional data. Provides detailed fiscal, ROI, break even, cost of production or other management reports. Provides imagery views, NDVI, crop health indices, in season or historical based on field boundaries. Provides live stream weather content, crop modelling, crop staging, forecasting or predictive data.
  7. 7. Consider: Keep a copy/Share a copy If you are using a data view services, or an automated data upload function or device, you can still use a USB at season end to retrieve a copy of your data from your controller to archive or share with other services, keep as a backup. I recommend using an online data storage such as Dropbox to store your data for yourself.
  8. 8. My perspective
  9. 9. My perspective
  10. 10. What is already out there and used by industry?
  11. 11. BASF
  12. 12. BASF
  13. 13. Compass Grower Advanced is fully mobile and integrates accounting, crop plans, grain inventories, crop input applications, soil sampling, yield maps, contracts and more into one comprehensive system. BASF
  14. 14. BASF $
  15. 15. BAYER Not released in North America
  16. 16. BAYER
  17. 17. BAYER
  18. 18. $? BAYER
  20. 20. Crop Modelling Plan Applications Determine Maturity Disease/Insect Monitor Handy Growth Stage Information
  21. 21. Create Geo Referenced Notes
  22. 22. Georeferenced Pictures
  23. 23. • 3 M Accuracy • Flown Every 7-10 Days Satellite Imagery • Crop Health Index • True Colour Satellite Imagery
  24. 24. Climate Corp
  25. 25. Syngenta Not released in Canada
  26. 26. Summary: 1. Understand what you want or need to do that these new products might offer 2. Understand what the product really is ( Allowing you to VIEW or helping you to DO) 3. Understand what you are really paying-End User License Agreement 4. How will you be supported 5. Technology is going to change- what if you want to move your data to another service?
  27. 27. What else is out there? 360 Notes (Encirca) Ag World Scout AgDna AgFiniti Mobile AgPhd Scout Agra Scout Agrian Mobile AgriSite IPM Aphid Speed Scout Crop Records Croptivity Scouting Solution CropTrak DTN Scout eCropScout Farm Dog Field X Journal iSoylScout LandScout 2 Marvx Scout OpenScout Scout Doc Scout Pro Sirrus SMS Mobile Trimble AgMobile Western Bean Cutworm Speed Scout
  28. 28. Karon Tracey-Cowan mapping@agtechgis.com @AgTechGIS www.agtechgis.com http://www.precisionag.com/systems-management/data/data- management-programs-in-a-crowded-precision-ag-market-how-do-you- choose/