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19. Reducing Tillage - Mark Foster

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Grower panel discusses their strategies for making reduced-tillage systems work for them.

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19. Reducing Tillage - Mark Foster

  1. 1. Reduced Tillage System Mark Foster
  2. 2. Tillage…..Why? What? -Build organic matter levels -Control all forms of erosion -Warm Silt loam Soils -Create an even seed bed after manure -Curb tillage compaction -Disturb soil as little as possible -Has to work with cover crops
  3. 3. Less tillage starts at the combine
  4. 4. Salford RTS. 2200I -1 5/8” Coil-Tech Coulter II blade mount -20” dia x 5mm coulter ( Made to handle Stones) -High speed rolling baskets
  5. 5. Need well set up planting equipment -Well maintained -Managed down pressure -No-Till able equipment
  6. 6. Cover crops…The process.
  7. 7. -5lb on the frost in March -No need for more seed -Wheat was burnt down with Eragon Pre-Harvest -Does not turn out like this every year!!!
  8. 8. 2200I RTS. working mature Alfalfa
  9. 9. Challenges with this system -RTS, will not level at all -Have use more aggressive equipment to prepare field for system -Huge power requirement approx.12hp/working foot -must be more aggressive with pre emerge weed control -Fuel use .4Gal/ac +/-
  10. 10. The end result We want this Hopefully not this
  11. 11. Thank You Twitter: @jockbraefarms