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Register-Login Educator Guide

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Register-Login Educator Guide

  1. 1. Educator User Guide EasyBib School Edition
  2. 2. Getting Started Using EasyBib EasyBib subscriptions can be setup one of two ways: 1. Using your schools IP address. This is called IP Authentication. 2. Using a unique coupon code for access. We will show you how to register and login using both methods. If you are not sure how your subscription is setup, please your account manager or Laura Bryant at (212) 674-6738. EasyBib subscriptions can be accessed from anywhere.
  3. 3. Getting Started with IP Authentication Registering from IP authenticated school computers instantly gives all users premium access. Creating an account allows users to save work and access it from anywhere! Schools setup with IP Authentication must have all students register at the school, before accessing from home. • Go to www.easybib.com • Click on Register. • Fill in the information fields, leaving coupon code blank. • Click Register!
  4. 4. Getting Started with Coupon Codes When you setup your subscription, you should have received a coupon code unique to your school. Coupon codes only need to be entered once to tie a user to your subscription. Coupon codes can be entered from anywhere. Register using your code: • Go to www.easybib.com • Click on Register. • Fill in the information fields, include your unique coupon code • Click Register!
  5. 5. Getting Started using Third Party Login Using a third party login means that users don’t need to create a new password specifically for EasyBib. It allows them to use their existing accounts on other sites to access. Users can register using existing accounts through third party services such as Google, AOL, Yahoo, OpenID and Facebook. • Go to www.easybib.com • Click on Register. • Click on the button for the third party you would like to use. This will open a new window to put in your login information. • Click Register! Please note: If a third party, such as Facebook, is blocked at your school, students won’t be able to use it for login from the school.
  6. 6. Getting Started - Login Once a user is registered, they can login to their account from anywhere. • Go to www.easybib.com • Click on Login. • Fill in your EasyBib account information or select the third party account you used to register with. • Click Login!