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Eclipse Event Management

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Professional Event Company in Dubai- Eclipse Event Management is a group of highly skilled professionals in organization private and corporate events to help their clients reach new heights. Our Event Company specialize in: Corporate entertainment, Encouragement of employees as a tool for non-monetary motivation Training events Personnel evaluation (negotiating, managerial competence, behaviour in a situation of stress, tactical moves and strategic decisions) Teambuilding Promotion of various goods and services Private events: weddings, birthdays and theme parties Organization of corporate and business events; Integration of the brand in social networks; Representation services for regional and international companies. In order to be able to implement a comprehensive organization of the event, event agency cooperates with various contractors, which include: bands and solo artists, organizations that provide a variety of platforms for the holidays, venue agencies, rental company specializing in rentals of Sound Lighting equipment, transport companies, advertising and press printing companies.

Eclipse Event Management Company, Dubai
Bayswater Tower, Business Bay
United Arab Emirates
P.O.Box 127027

+971 56 915 7172
+971 55 350 5358
+971 44 216091

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