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I will not even try to answer what this Buick is, apart from a metaphor of the American society and their cars: cars are nothing but ravenous and rapacious monsters that are running after humans and trying to devour them alive and kill them all: it is so nice on the other side of this world, on the side where you end up torn up, minced, blended and rotting. Death is our sole and unique end: life is fatal and cars are the direct agent of death that takes away all those who are nearly dead and buries down under all those who have just passed away or who have been forgotten for a small suspended time.

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  1. 1. Enter in the car and step into the drama King’s Buick 8 and a lot more soon https://medium.com/@JacquesCoulardeau/kings-buick-8-and-a-lot-more- soon-7921deb2402cc STEPHEN KING — FROM A BUICK 8–2002 This book is about a car as is written on the cover, but in fact, it is not about a car at all, since it is not a car, though we do not know what it is and we will never know anyway. What is important though in Stephen King’s work is the use of cars in many novels and short stories. In fact, we could find a car, more or less benevolent or malevolent, in most stories, most novels. […]