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Flexmail Brochure - English

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Flexmail Brochure - English

  1. 1. Create captivating email campaigns Manage and segment your contacts Manage your media library online Create personalized messages with dynamic content Design your message with our unique drag & drop Smart Builder Increase your reach and impact with responsive design Enrich your messages with forms, surveys and landing pages Automate your follow-up with marketing automation Extensive dynamic reporting Multi-user management
  2. 2. State of the art and rapidly growing platform As a Flexmail user, you’re always assured that u benefit from the latest ideas and opportunities within our industry. On a constant basis, our team identifies specific needs of our users and new trends and technical evolutions in the industry. This dynamic approach allows us every month to launch new updates to existing features and to develop new tools, that immediately simplify de marketing efforts of our users. Our main focus lies therefore on ease of use and flexibility. Thanks to our advanced platform and personal service we have quickly become the strongest, most complete and most comprehensive email marketing platform in Belgium. We continue this evolution internationally as well: our innovations are also welcomed far beyond our neighboring countries. Personal service and seamless user experience At Flexmail you can always find a solution for all your needs and questions. With our personal approach and expertise, our team makes sure you can get the most out of your email marketing efforts. A dedicated contact person assists you while discovering Flexmail, and remains always available when questions or new requirements arise. In addition to a dedicated support team, that is available by phone or by mail, you also get access to a large knowledgebase of whitepapers, support documentation, practical tips and inspiration. Additionally, Flexmail is the partner of choice for custom solutions. We use consulting, campaign management, copywriting, custom design and custom development to turn your email communications into a success story. Based on your needs, personal preferences and technical specifications, our team offers a flexible solution for you that is perfectly integrated into your familiar Flexmail environment. Why choose Flexmail Flexmail is a powerful and secure online email marketing platform that allows you to effortlessly create and send professional email campaigns to your clients. Flexmail represents a fast, efficient and targeted communication that builds and improves relationships with clients, suppliers, employees, prospects, members and followers. Create captivating email campaigns with the most complete and reliable email marketing platform. Flexmail, fast and targeted email communication! We offer you the right tools, services and expertise to deliver the right message
  3. 3. EMA IL SM S SO CIAL F AX Why Flexmail is different Proactive deliverability management is the key to effective email campaigns. Our built-in deliverability tools help you send successful email campaigns to the inbox of your contacts. Maximum deliverability Our user friendly interface and extensive features simplify your email marketing. Thanks to the clear structure you create and send effective email campaigns in a quick and effective way. Optimal user experience Your information is safe with us and your account is always accessible. Our ISO certified platform meets the highest international standards and is continuously monitored. Safe and reliable systems Our in-house support team is always at your service with answers and advice. Whitepapers, playbooks, cases, webinars, how-to videos, blogs and manuals give you unlimited inspiration to optimize your campaigns. Excellent support Since 2003the Flexmail platform manages and sends email campaigns for organizations and companies at home and abroad. Thanks to our service and experience we build on lasting relationships with our users every single day. First-class reputation Flexmail unites complex and extensive features with a user friendly and intuitive platform. This is why more than 5000 companies, organizations and agencies rely on Flexmail for their email marketing needs: Are you looking for the right partner for custom development or for the creation or optimization of your email marketing strategy? Our team of experienced designers, developers and marketers translate your needs into the right solution. Flexmail Agency Services
  4. 4. DISCOVER OUR EXTENSIVE FEATURES Segmentation Personalization Interest groups Contact Database Manager Subscription module Preference Center Blacklist Centralized contact management 3 different design tools Smart Builder Message Wizard HTML Editor Responsive design Dynamic content Contact Related Content Forms and surveys Landing pages Message Transfer Image & File hosting Text version Web link Free templates Designing messages Test campaigns Message and spam check Email Authentication Send engine AB Testing Reputation and abuse detection Infrastructure Maximal deliverability Easy campaign setup Sending to lists and groups Delayed sending Sending with intervals Marketing automation Exclude lists Duplicating campaigns Relaunching campaigns Effective campaigns Link tracking Email client report Follow up campaigns Bounce management Comparing campaigns Flexible export Custom PDF report Open and click rates History of an email address Link map Extensive reports Flexmail API Ready-made connectors Social sharing Google Analytics Integration Intuitive survey module User management SMS Fax Web to print Social media management Dynamic Domain Manager White label solution Extras
  5. 5. Flexmail stands for flexibility and this can be found in all aspects of our platform. Easily manage all your contacts in one central location. Our intuitive contact management takes care of all new signups, unsubscribes and bounces and automatically detects double and faulty addresses. Furthermore you can also use all contact information to segment and personalize your messages. Flexible import and export Automatic unsubscribe and update functions Subscription module for your website Extensive personalization and segmentation possibilities RELEVANT CONTENT FOR EVERY CONTACT CENTRALIZED CONTACT MANAGEMENT The key to email marketing success is relevance. Flexmail arms you with all possible tools to guarantee a personal approach for every contact. Personalization allows you to approach your contacts personally in your email message. This functionality is linked to your contact sheet in Flexmail. This means that you can personalize your message with any field from the database with just one click. With the segmentation you split your contacts into different target groups. This allows you to easily group contacts with the same contact information, language, location or interests. New subscriptions and added contacts automatically appear in the correct sub lists. Find out what your contact is really interested in with interest groups. We register every action of your contacts. Based on their clicking behaviour we’ll collect the interestssothatyoucangettoknowyourcontactsevenbetter.Allthisinformationcan be used to optimize your campaigns even more. There are countless ways to build lists, but trust is what builds relationships - Hunter Boyle - And then also: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAILING LIST SEND Don’t miss out ! Sign up for our latest updates, tips & tricks, articles and so much more ! FIRST NAME EMAIL ADDRESS Newsletter Events Promotions Extend your contact sheet yourself with an unlimited number of personal fields. This allows you to create even more opportunities to personalize and segment. Extend your subscription form with a Preference Center. By adding preferences you give your contacts the opportunity to determine at any moment which information they wish to receive from you, or what they’re interested in. Save your unsubscriptions on the Flexmail blacklist to secure your unsubscription information with future imports. Convert website visitors in email contacts using a subscription form. In the opt-in module you can compose your form and personalize every message and every page in the opt-in process.
  6. 6. The Flexmail Wizard turns the layout of a professional email message into child’s play. Flexmail offers you a number of basic templates that you can customize with your own style. The image size, fonts, colours and structure of your message are built into the template so that you only have to add the text and upload the photos. Can’t find your idea in the template gallery? Flexmail can develop a custom template for you. This saves you expenses and effort, and with every email sent you’re working on your visibility. Employees without HTML knowledge can easily create an email message that perfectly responds to your company’s branding. Smart Builder Design your message with your favourite tool Html fanatics can fully enjoy themselves in the WYSIWYG HTML editor. Here you enjoy maximum flexibility in a recognizable environment. Code or build your own messages from scratch or start with one of our 50 HTML templates. Easily upload your own custom HTML file directly as a template. As designing is different for every email client you can always consult our CSS tips. This guide lists all exceptions you have to take into account when designing for email clients. Made a mistake? Using the rollback function you can always return to one of the last ten saved versions. Are you creative, but not an HTML expert? Then you’ll definitely fall for our Smart Builder! This unique tool allows you to create top notch designs by dragging and manipulating only 3 types of building blocks on a canvas with pixel precision. The properties of each block allow you to easily determine colours, margins, fonts and dimensions. Because the Smart Builder generates the HTML code based on your design, you are sure of a correct display in all email clients and on every mobile device. Image block settings http:// http:// 1 2 3Message Wizard HTML Editor
  7. 7. Create hyper relevant content for all your readers. The Contact Related Content of Flexmail ensures that an article is only displayed when the contact meets certain criteria, based on interest or contact data: whether or not living in a specific region or being member of an interest group. By focusing the information in your email message on contact information and interests, you keep your audience intrigued with really relevant content and your results will reach new heights. Would you like to fill your email messages with content from your own database? Then an XML template is the perfect solution for you. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly becoming the most popular device on which contacts read their email messa- ges. With responsive design you can adapt accordingly and ensure a perfect rendition on mobile devices. Every contact automatically receives a version of your message which is modi- fied to fit the size of the screen on which he or she is opening the message. This way you offer an optimal reading experience to every single reader. Take it one step further and create a completely unique message for your mobile readers. GO MOBILE Dynamic content tailored to your contact Quickly and easily place social media buttons in your message. Go for interaction in your email messages: create and link to registration and order forms, surveys or landing pages. The results are collected in your report. UsetheMessage Transfer toquicklyandeasilytransferemailsfrom your inbox to your Flexmail account to use it in your future email campaigns in Flexmail. With the free image and file hosting you store all your files on the Flexmail servers. That way you’re avoiding large attachments and making it easier for your email message to pass the spam filters. In the Image Manager you can even edit your images without needing external photo editing software. Generate a text version of your message so that even users who cannot display HTML can read your message correctly. In addition, the text version has a positive influence on your deliverability! Viathe web link youcanshareyouremailmessageswithevenmore potential clients. Use the secure URL to publish your messages, forms and surveys on your website, blog and social media pages. While designing your message you can request a real-time preview and send a copy to your email address. Looking for inspiration? In our template gallery you will find hundreds of free templates spread over various categories, such as newsletters, e-commerce, holidays, birthdays, reminders, … Easily design eye-catching messages You have to understand that nothing appeals to everybody. Gene Simmons of KISS - And then also: -
  8. 8. During this test you can check how your message is displayed in the various mail clients before actually sending your email campaign. The level of spam of your content is also tested immediately for the various spam filters. The result is a professional email that is ready to be sent and gives you peace of mind. To send a large volume of emails you obviously need more than a click on the right button. We have equipped our send engine with powerful tools to ensure that we deliver your message flawlessly at the right destination. Our abuse detection system automatically detects bad rates and suspicious senders. This allows us to keep the sending reputation of the Flexmail servers at the highest level. Furthermore we constantly maintaina good relationship with the most important ISPs and stay up to date with the current industry and technology developments. Test your message with the proactive message and spam control An optimal delivery rate is a vital element of the success of your campaign. With Email authentication you’re optimizing your delivery for even better results. Through the implementation of the SPF, Sender ID and DKIM record on domain level the receiving server considers the sending servers as legitimate, resulting inaconsiderablyhigherdeliveryrate.Authenticationis a way to prove an email is not forged. Increase your delivery rate with email authentication MAXIMUM DELIVERABILITY The Flexmail Bounce management automatically records which messages could not be delivered. When an email address returns a certain amount of times with the same error code the email address is automatically set to “inactive”. This keeps your mailing lists clean so that you can count on a good reputation. With the integrated test campaigns you first send your message to a test list before launching your campaign to your target public. Has your campaign already been sent and do you have new contacts that should receive the samecampaign?InFlexmailyoucaneasilyre-launch your campaign.Yougetajointreportand contacts that have already received the original campaign are automatically deduplicated, so that they won’t receive the mail a second time. And then also:
  9. 9. Come up with a catchy subject line, choose your message from the list and enter a send and reply email address. Then determine your target group by combining mailing lists, sub lists, interest groups and preferences. Of course you can also send your campaign to individual contacts. Before you press on the send button you will get a detailed summaryofallcomponentsofyourcampaign.Afterafinalcheck,youchoosewhetheryourcampaignshouldbesent immediately, at time intervals or planned for sending on a later time. Whatever you choose, we ensure that your campaign will be sent out under the best circumstances. COMPOSE YOUR CAMPAIGN IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS Quickly and easily launch your campaigns Do you use multiple mailing lists? Prevent specific contacts from receiving your messages by excluding mailing lists. Send the campaign immediately or plan it for a later time. This allows you to cater for the various time zones, or you can simply create your campaign when it suits you best. Duplicate existing campaigns to easily send reminders and similar campaigns. Our Dynamic Domain Manager will replace every reference to Flexmail in your message with your domain name. Your campaign on its way under ideal circumstances And then also: AB Testing allows you to test small adjustments and new techniques with a part of your target group. Immediately optimize the results of your campaign with AB Testing on subject line, sender, content and call to actions. Choose which test you’d like to run, add your different variants and decide on thesizeofyourtestinggroup.Next,thevariantthatgotthebest results will automatically be sent to the remaining contacts in your campaign. That way you improve your results with every AB test that you run. Optimize your campaigns for the highest ROI
  10. 10. MARKETING AUTOMATION With the actions of the Flexmail Workflows you build your own fully automated scenario that perfectly meets your strategy. Choose from the different parameters, make your selections with the conditions and determine the number of steps your series should contain. Build automated flows to assign contacts to lists, prefe- rences or interests, send specific follow-up campaigns and update contact details. Perform actions based on behavior in campaigns, messages, contact fields, forms, surveys, landing pages, or based on a date or time. Set up your own automated marketing machine Consider which information your contacts need at each stage of your process. By combining our various actions and parameters, you can set up the right lead nurturing campaigns yourself. Send email campaigns or SMS campaigns when your leads meet certain conditions. Using internal notifications to your team, your sales department knows exactly when it’s the right time to follow up on a lead. Keep track of the interests and the clicking behavior of your contacts by storing new data in their profile, moving them into other lists or updating their preferences or interest groups. That way you put your leads into the workflow that is the most relevant for them, while still offering them a personal approach throughout your entire email marketing strategy. Marketing automation for an automated follow-up An effective follow-up is essential to your business. With Flexmail’s marketing automation you can use real-time data from your contacts to provide relevant, contextual experiences to every contact in your database automatically. By building automated workflows based on contact data and real-time triggers, you will set up the perfect follow-up, step by step. Standard flows for inspiration and a quick follow-up Build your own flows using actions, parameters and delays Only execute actions when a contact meets specific criteria Use conditions and time intervals to target your next action The right message to the right contact at the right time Optimize your marketing and improve your ROI
  11. 11. GetthemostoutofyouremailcampaignswithFlexmail.Viewthe results in real time for your email campaigns, autoresponders, mailing lists, forms, surveys and landing pages in the many detailed and extensive reports. You will get a summary of all important rates and core figures of your campaigns, both in graphs and in numbers. In addition you can further dive into the history of individual contacts with open date and time, links clicked, survey results and more. All results can easily be exported to 6 different formats. On top of all that you can even create your own reports. Discover which mobile devices and email clients your contacts use to open your email messages. You can use this information to optimize your next campaigns. REALTIME ROI Launch follow-up campaigns from within your reports. This allows you to send a new campaign to a specific group of recipients. You can also save the selection of recipients directly as a mailing list, or send them an sms or fax campaign. Smart follow-up campaigns Client reporting REPORTING & ANALYSIS Get a clear overview of the impact of certain changes in your campaign by comparing various campaigns. Automatically receive a summary PDF report of the most important campaign results directly in your mailbox. Determine to whom and when the report needs to be sent, and which information you wish to include. In the mailing list report you get a summary of all subscriptions and unsubscriptions. Discover the full history of the actions of a contact in the contact report. Visually discover the success of every link in the link map. This information is essential for optimizing the positioning, the layout and the content of your call to actions. Identify your most interesting contacts And then also: People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou -
  12. 12. Do you use an external CRM system? Then there is a good chance that we’ve already developed a connector. Ready-made connectors are available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Efficy and Archie. Manage contacts and launch campaigns directly from within your CRM and get the campaign statistics in your familiar environment. Encourage your contacts to spread the word by adding social media links to your email message. With our social media integration your contacts can share your complete message or just one article. You can immediately see who shared your message in the reports. Email marketing is becoming an ever more important part of the global commercial and marketing activity of a company. Get more from your email marketing by integrating external solutions. Ready-made connectorsSocial sharing Set up an extensive integration between the database of your own application and the database of Flexmail. The elaborate API is laced throughout the entire platform. By choosing which elements of Flexmail you wish to integrate you create your own solution, completely tailored to your needs. With more than 50 different services the integration possibilities are endless. On top of that the integration is easy to realize with the numerous examples in our online documentation. The API provides a quick and secure connection. BUILD YOUR OWN CONNECTOR WITH THE FLEXMAIL API Our reporting allows you to get to know your contacts very well. With the Google Analytics integration you can take this to the next level. Further investigate the complete visit of your contacts on your website every time they click on a link in your email message. Google Analytics SEAMLESS INTEGRATION Flexmail campaigns
  13. 13. Multi-channel FlexFAX Flexmail offers a wide range of optional modules and add-ons that you can add to your account. These offer you great opportunities to manage your Flexmail account more effectively and to get more out of your email marketing efforts. LOTS OF ADDITIONAL ADD-ONS FlexPRINT FlexSMS E-MAIL SMS FAX PRINT Extend the Flexmail platform with three additional channels: sms, fax and print. Manage 4 marketing channels from within one platform through a central contact management. With this module you send an sms message to a list of mobile phone numbers from your contact management. The real time report allows you to see who received your sms. You can even start a new sms campaign from within one of your email campaign reports. Send a PDF file to a list of fax numbers from your contact management. Simply upload your PDF file and select your list. The report shows you the processing info and the results of your campaign. For the web-to-print solution Flexmail has established a successful cooperation with 2Imagine, one of the leading players in Europe. The software is fully integrated in Flexmail so that you can create and manage all documents for digital print from within a trusted environment. Monitor your social media accounts and plan posts Getacompleteoverviewofallyoursocialmediaactivitiesfromwithin your familiar Flexmail environment. Manage your social media accounts and various feeds, plan posts, interact with your audience and analyze the reports of your different accounts. Using the search onyourdashboardyoudiscoverpoststhatcontainthekeywordsthat are relevant to you. That way you can quickly respond to any customer service issues, track your responses to your online marketing campaign or get an overview of feedback on your recent launch.
  14. 14. Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale - David Newman - Dynamic Domain Manager Create your own professional surveys and get to know your contacts even better. With this neat module you build your survey by combining various question types and pages. You can alsobuild scenarios based on answers to specific questions and adapt the layout to your company’s branding. The answers are collected in clear and real-time reports for you to print and export. 8 different question types, including text fields, multiple choice options and answer matrixes Spread questions across multiple pages Set up scenarios based on answers Determine banners, colours and fonts Create anonymous or named surveys Secure web link for your website Real-time and extensive reporting Export the results to 6 formats Progress indicator for your participants Explanatory notes per page and per question End your survey with a message, URL or landing page Intuitive survey module White label solution Present the full Flexmail platform under your name with your own domain name and look & feel. This way you can introduce your own email marketing solution to the market, and let us worry about the technical issues and perfor- mance of the platform. The Dynamic Domain Manager replaces every reference to Flexmail in your message with your domain name. Links to images and files will point to your domain. That way you can send professional campaigns to all your contacts without revealing in any way that you are using an external sending platform. User management The Flexmail User management allows you to set up different user profiles based on different access rights. That way you can secure certain key elements of the platform. For every new user profile you can compose a separate set of rights. Users are then created and linked to a user profile. Every user can access your account with his own login and password. ADD-ONS Key features
  15. 15. SEPTEMBER What do UITP, G4S, Brother, Kyocera and Stihl have in common? They rely on the Flexmail email marketing platform to build relationships with their readers. Our send engine has been helping to shape the growth of local companies and international organizations since 2003. References
  16. 16. Flexmail nv Felix Delhassestraat 20 1060 Brussel Tel. +32 (0)2 669 20 20 www.flexmail.be Fax +32 (0)2 669 20 21 contact@flexmail.be www.flexmail.eu - contact@flexmail.eu