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Elad goldenberg: How to Develop your eCommerce Strategy

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How to Develop your eCommerce Strategy
The 3 verticals of strategy:
1 - The Offering: What?
2 - The Experience: How?
3 - Marketing Channel: To Whom and Where?

Newest strategies, leading companies and useful tips.

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Elad goldenberg: How to Develop your eCommerce Strategy

  1. 1. How to Develop YoureCommerce StrategyElad Goldenberg
  2. 2. The 3 Verticals of eCommerce Strategy 2The 3 Verticals of eCommerce StrategyTheOfferingTheExperienceMarketingChannels
  3. 3. The offering 3The OfferingCan you translateyour offlineexperience toonline?2.Who is yourtargetaudience?3.What do you do anddoes it worth sellingit online?1.
  4. 4. Bricks & Clicks 4The Offering1. Bricks & Clicks - Integration of Offline & Online presences
  5. 5. Immaterial going physical 5The Offering2. Immaterial going physical
  6. 6. Mass Customization 6The Offering3. Mass CustomizationIndividualized products based on buyer’s choice ofaesthetic, functional or contextual components
  7. 7. The Experience 7The ExperienceClear and consistent experience serves to:Build trust &confidence1.Put productsin front ofcustomer3.Provideinformationand context2.Make purchasingas easy as possible4.
  8. 8. Key components of eCommerce purchasing process 8Key components of eCommerce purchasing processView itempageRegistrationShoppingShippingAdd itemsto cartUp-sell /Cross-sellBilling ConfirmationRevieworder
  9. 9. 9The average shoppingcart abandonment rate65%
  10. 10. Face-to-faceinteractionLoyaltyIn-storeAtmosphereNon verbalcommunicationInventory displayBrandingTouch, feeland try theproductPersonalattentionPurchasing confidenceWaiting in line
  11. 11. Why web buyers abandon shopping carts? 11Why web buyers abandon shopping carts?Highshippingcost44%Wantedto saveproductsfor later24%Not readytopurchase41%Websitetoo slow11%Not enoughpaymentoptions7%Highproductprice25%Spam withoffers6%
  12. 12. The Experience - Delivery 12The Experience - DeliveryKnowing the delivery timeestimate - key factorin shopping decisionmaking42% of online shoppershave abandoned their shoppingcart because of delivery dates2/3 peopleChoose the most economicalshipping option most of thetime delivery dates60% of the USconsumers expect tosee the availability of2-3 days delivery
  13. 13. The Experience - Shipping and Returns 13The Experience - Shipping and Returns63% of online buyers look at the retailer’s returnpolicy before making a purchaseImportance oftracking number24/7 human responseis appreciatedmore than 50% of the shoppers tell a friend whenreceiving their product when expected & as described
  14. 14. The Experience - Personalization 14The Experience - Translating offline to online✦ Contextual visualization -Augmented RealitySolving ‘real-life’ problems
  15. 15. The Experience - Personalization 15The Experience - PersonalizationThe use of technology in ways to better understand theindividual and mimic face-to-face interaction✦ Active vs. passive✦ Crowd wisdom -‘most’, ‘people who’✦ Searchandising✦ Up-sell / cross-sell
  16. 16. The Experience - Personalization 16The Experience - ContentProvide an added value to your customers and learn howto convert to business✦ Persistency✦ Expected and surprising✦ Freshness✦ FAQ✦ Edutainment✦Newsletters and e-Zines✦ Free or paid✦ Turning selling place intoa discussion zone✦ Be an advisor
  17. 17. Marketing Channels 17Marketing ChannelsLeveraging your offering and experience to the rightcustomers at the right placeWhat is the rightbrand strategy foryour company?1. 2. How to drivetraffic to yourstore?3.How to choosethe rightchannel?
  18. 18. Single brand vs. Marketplace 18Marketing Channels1. Single brand vs. Marketplace
  19. 19. Drive traffic 19Marketing Channels2. Drive traffic✦ SEO✦ SEM✦ Ad campaigns✦ Shopping comparison✦ Blogs & product reviews✦ Affiliation networks
  20. 20. Where’s the traffic coming from? 20Where’s the traffic coming from?71.2%13.6%9.6%1.7%$1052.6% 2.4%$104$1001.4% 1.2%$102 $1210.5%Averageconversion rateAverageorder value
  21. 21. Drive traffic 21Marketing Channels2. Drive traffic - Offline to Online
  22. 22. Make it social 22Marketing Channels3. Make it social
  23. 23. Make it social 23Marketing Channels3. Make it social - It’s all about sharing
  24. 24. Make it social 24Marketing Channels3. Make it social - Social Merchandising
  25. 25. Make it mobile 25Marketing Channels4. Make it mobileBy 2014, mobile internet usagewill exceed desktop usageBy 2020 there willbe 10 billion mobileconnected devices2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015$31.0$23.7$17.2$11.6$6.7$3.5US m-commerce Sales,2010 - 2015Sales stemming from mobile devicesaccounted for only $3.5 billion in 2010but are projected to grow to $31 billion in 20
  26. 26. Geo-location 26Marketing Channels5. Geo-location - where we are and what’s around us
  27. 27. Emerging channels 27Marketing Channels6. Emerging channels - Flash-sales & coupons
  28. 28. Emerging channels 28Marketing Channels6. Emerging channels - Personal subscription
  29. 29. Emerging channels 29Marketing Channels6. Emerging channels - Collaborative consumption
  30. 30. 30Thank You!linkedin.com/in/eladgoldenbergslideshare.com/eladgoldenbergElad Goldenberg