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  1. 1. ELAINE GUZMÁN Trained to analyze and address disputes in the workplace, providing alternatives that benefit the organization. Innovative, productive, and action- oriented.  Legal Research  Writing  Superb Organizational and Planning Skills  Interviewing Expertness  Understand Confidentiality  Problem Identification and Resolution WORK HISTORY 09/01/10 TO 12/03/14 LEGAL ADVISOR PUERTO RICO EMERGENCY MEDICAL CORPS Guaynabo, Puerto Rico Enact and enforce employment and labor policies, write Explanatory Memorandum at the request of the members of the House of Representative and Senate of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, lead administrative investigations, recommends disciplinary action according to the infraction committed, and oversee outside counsel for the handling of various types of litigations including workers claims. Ensure contract procurement and administration policies are consistent with the Office of Management and Budget standards, Controller General guidelines and other regulations, in coordination with others officials. 07/29/10 TO 08/30/10 EXAMINER APPELLATE COMMISSION OF THE HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINISTRATION San Juan, Puerto Rico Hold administrative hearings and investigations necessary to determine questions of fact arising in the course of the proceeding pending before the Commission, analyze and dispose of any interlocutory matter, authorize citations, and issue sanctions according to the law.
  2. 2. 03/16/04 TO 10/31/09 Attorney DEPARTMENT OF THE FAMILY, ADMINISTRATION OF FAMILIES AND CHILDREN, REGIONAL OFFICE Ponce, Puerto Rico Interpret laws, rulings and regulations for the agency, present and summarize cases to judges, and prepare and draft legal documents. ACHIEVEMENTS Design, develop and implement of the Electronic Complaint Filing System of the Puerto Rico Emergency Medical Corps (Cuerpo de Emergencias Médicas Estatal) Develop, review and implement of the Discipline Code of the Puerto Rico Emergency Medical Corps (Cuerpo de Emergencias Médicas Estatal) EDUCATIONAL DEVELOPMENT 2015 University of Puerto Rico, Carolina Campus Continuing Education Division E.D.E.C.E.P. Alternative Resolution Dispute (ADR) Mediator 2000-2003 Law School, Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico Juris Doctor, MAGNA CUM LAUDE CONTACT INFORMATION Email: lic.elaineguzman@gmail.com

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