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Emaar MGF Horizons jan 2014

  1. HORIZONS The Emaar MGF Newsmagazine | January 2014 CREATING A NEW INDIA Emaar MGF Land Limited ECE House, 28 Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi - 110 001. Tel.: 011-4152 1155/4120 3444 a new perspective
  2. T he New Year brings with it a new energy and a promise of many possibilities. It brings with it a new dawn – filled with new beginnings, new opportunities, and new adventures. If last year wasn’t what you’d hoped it would be, the New Year gives you the opportunity to wipe the slate clean – a time to say goodbye to the disappointments, frustrations, and fears of the year that has passed. It’s a line in the sand, allowing us to let go of what isn’t serving us, and embrace all that lies ahead. On the first day of the year, it seems like the possibilities for our future are endless. We at Emaar MGF begin this New Year with a new Resolve. A Resolve which brings with it the determination to move towards a better and brighter future, one that will guide us towards our end goal of being the ‘most admired and respected Company in real estate’, despite the challenges we may encounter along the way. Here’s to new energies, new dimensions, new horizons, and a whole new perspective. In this New Year we bring to you Horizons in a striking new format of a news-magazine. It is visually strong and brings to you all the new developments at Emaar MGF. We hope you will enjoy reading it. Happy 2014.
  3. As we begin 2014 I take this opportunity to extend my warmest greetings to colleagues, partners, customers and their families as I wish them a very Happy New Year. I am particularly excited about the year ahead as we move forth with renewed vigor and determination. We have spent the last few months taking large strides in streamlining our organisational processes in keeping with our ambitious goals to build mega communities which support the building of a ‘New India’. These large strides are our commitment to move Emaar MGF towards higher business competitiveness and sustained market leadership, taking us a step closer to our vision to be ‘the most admired and respected real estate Company in India’. Emaar MGF brings with it a promise of world class expertise. We are very conscious of our responsibility to deliver the best in quality and design in keeping with international best practices. We are committed to set a new benchmark in real estate practices and lead by example, having well trained and highly motivated real estate professionals who provide top quality, superior value to our customers. We would like to assure our customers that we are aware of the issues and concerns faced by them and our steps have addressed changes at every level. "MANAGEMENT IS DOING THINGS RIGHT; LEADERSHIP IS DOING THE RIGHT THINGS." — Peter Drucker, Management guru Shravan Gupta Executive Vice Chairman and Managing Director Shravan Gupta has been a director at Emaar MGF since February 2005 and became the Managing Director in November 2005. With a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Shriram College of Commerce, Delhi University, Mr. Gupta has over 15 years of experience in the real estate and financial services sectors. 2 We are committed to setting new benchmarks in real estate practices and to lead by example. The year gone by saw the appointment of new CEOProjects, a strategy review, governance restructuring, an operational restructuring and a process streamlining which looks at every aspect of our business across Planning, Procurement, Contracting, Project reviews, Cost Control and Change Management. All steps in the right direction towards becoming a formidable brand. We hope to achieve this with the finest real estate services in the region, based on the highest standards of ethics, value, professionalism and client care, while at the same time respecting and complying with safety, environmental and legal requirements. It is our sincere endeavour to contribute effectively towards a brighter and better future as we embrace these changes. We look forward to your continued support and partnership in our journey and earnestly hope this is a successful and prosperous year for us all. 3
  4. India is going through an interesting and challenging phase, where business, economic and political status quo is being challenged. The impact is being felt with slowdown in growth and demand, and high inflation. Though, the investment outlook, both at corporate and individual levels, is currently bearish, the Indian economy is fairly robust to withstand such temporary phases of slowdown. With sustained initiatives at the economic, business and regulatory levels, it is a matter of time, when the wheels of growth shall start moving to a desired pace. We focus on long term value creation and brand building through the development of our projects. We have been able to insulate ourselves from the short term adverse market conditions, by adopting a dynamic business and operating model with respect to the launch and phasing of projects, flexible pricing and payment plans, flexible contracting strategy, channelizing resources with a focus on project development and delivery. Emaar MGF has a robust portfolio of over 18,500 property units under various stages of development across the country. We have already completed and delivered The Palm Springs and Commonwealth Games Village in the NCR and other key projects like Esplanade in Chennai and first phase of Mohali, Indore and Jaipur Townships. We will be completing and delivering many projects in 2014, amongst which will be Sky Terraces, Premier Terraces, Garden Terraces, Palm Square, Palm Springs Plaza, Digital Greens, first phase of Emerald Hills, next phases of Mohali, Jaipur and Indore Township Projects. We have a pipeline of projects that will be launched progressively to maintain healthy and sustainable growth. Our objective has always been to bring products to the markets that are in line with customer expectations in terms of living and business environment, design and pricing. We value and respect the support from all our stake holders, be it, our Customers, Contractors, Lenders, Promoters, and last but not the least, our Employees. “WE FOCUS ON LONG TERM VALUE CREATION AND BRAND BUILDING.” Sanjay Malhotra, CFO Sanjay Malhotra, joined Emaar MGF in December 2006, as the Chief Operating Officer, and is currently the Group Chief Financial Officer of the Company. He has over 26 years of varied functional experience, covering Finance, Business & Project Development and Operations, in diverse industries like Real Estate development, Hospitality, Entertainment and Corporate Finance. 4 The Promoters of the Company, Emaar and MGF, have always complemented each other and supported the Company through tougher and better times. They have contributed significantly to the growth of the Company on an ongoing basis, through Investments, Project Development Global Best Practices, Strategic Guidance and Brand Development. We have remained strong at an operating level and our performance is better judged by our growth in the development of our projects, maintaining a healthy asset-liability balance and ensuring availability of resources through the dynamic cycles of the business. 5
  5. “We lay great emphasis on honesty, integrity, passion, service and professionalism in not only how we work with our clients, but how we work with each other.” Q1: Emaar MGF is currently in the process of reinventing and restructuring itself, working towards sustained market leadership. What are the key elements of your strategy to achieve end goals? “A MOTTO I LIVE BY: DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.” Dr. K. Ramamurthy, CEO Projects Dr. K. Ramamurthy, an alumnus of IIT Madras, brings with him extensive crosscultural experience of over four decades in the Construction and Infrastructure sector, with a strong track record of managing strategic responsibilities. 6 I’d like to share a small story with you. I was the supervising engineer at the Chennai International Airport and was overseeing pavement strengthening at the site. The job required excruciating accuracy and meticulousness with no room for error as this was an operational airport with regular flights coming in and taking off. You either got it right the first time or it had to be dismantled! A lesson that I learned through this experience, very early in my life, and have kept with me till today is ‘Do it right the first time’. Through my four decades of experience in the Construction Management Industry, I have identified three key drivers to success: People, Processes and Strategy. We would like to deliver superior value to our customers. Our end goal is to keep our customer’s best interests in mind and ultimately achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We need to have a unique approach that emphasises honesty, integrity, passion, service and professionalism, not only in how we interface and work with our clients but how we work with each other. Going forward, we need to build committed leadership with a focus on the customer, integrated processes and assembly of full teams at the inception of projects, a quality driven agenda set in timeliness, waste reduction and prompt aftercare. We need to foster a commitment to people through reinvesting in training, employee development and performance management to ensure our people are our competitive advantage. 7
  6. “We are driving accountability, project monitoring, partnering with the right contractors and an assembly line approach at construction sites to ensure smoother project management with a higher success delivery.” Q2: What are the steps you are taking to enhance the Project Management practices at Emaar MGF? At Emaar MGF, we are proactively driving accountability, project monitoring, partnering with the right contractors, adopting innovative methods to reduce the number of steps, simplify design and a streamlined and assembly line approach at construction sites to ensure smoother project management with higher success delivery. We have identified five core processes: 1. Design and Change Management, 2. Planning, 3. Contracting & Procurement, 4. Cost Control & Project Review and 5. Tracking. A combination of all these brings about a successful completion of the project. Design needs to be better integrated in the construction process to optimise the 8 value of a building to its end users. Through this, the design team can take more responsibility for the implications of their designs in terms of cost, quality, health and safety. We are putting in place more efficient project management and cost management systems within the Company to ensure greater responsibility for people at different levels in the projects and better cost estimation that starts at the concept stage itself. Planning processes have been put into place to ensure that we get more streamlined construction quality and deliveries. We are developing a more comprehensive and nuanced approach to selecting contractors and evaluating tenders. Contractors will be selected on the basis of achieving long term sustainable value for money as opposed to the lowest tender price. Factors like the quality of the design, proposed method of construction, the likely costs of operating the completed construction and meeting health and safety requirements must also be considered. We are looking to work closely with contractors of the highest quality, setting tough expectations and grooming them as construction partners in the process. The need of the hour is to change the paradigm. Quality will be given the highest importance and documentation will be put in place to ensure we achieve quality. Q3: What’s Emaar MGF’s vision for 2020 and what are your business growth plans, going forward? Our vision is to become the most admired real estate Company in India. We want to focus on creating market driven products with well trained and highly motivated real estate professionals, who continually work on providing top quality service for our clients and customers. Emaar MGF’s mission in India includes creating value added, master-planned communities that meet the full spectrum of lifestyle needs as contained in the vision of Emaar-Dubai. We hope to achieve this with a high standard of ethics, professionalism and client care, while respecting and complying with Our end goal is to focus on the customer and ultimately achieve 100% customer satisfaction. safety, environmental and legal regulations. We thus hope to expand ‘market-leadership’ with diverse products serving our customers’ unique needs, now and into the future. As a Company, we will consistently deliver 110% of our client’s expectations in every real estate transaction, thereby adding true value to every relationship. Our ultimate objective is to run a profitable business through goal-setting, planning and superior service to our clients through honesty in the pricing and in the marketability of our property. 9
  7. “We have moved Design from being the tail of the animal to being the mouth of the animal.” As head of the design team at Emaar MGF, Adrian realises the importance of design not only as an essential ingredient for customer satisfaction but also as a key driver of business. And that is why he has ‘moved design from being the tail of the animal to being the mouth of the animal.’ “Earlier, we just delivered the end result. Now, the design team is driving the business case for the Company. We are now looking at the fundamental feasibility of the project. We apply financial models to our project and cash flow management of our projects.” Realising that ‘Good Design is Good Business’, design at Emaar MGF has gone through considerable restructuring and reorganisation, with a sharp focus on product quality, timelines and decision-making in order to align design with the business goals of the Company and with its consumer base. Adrian Hardwick Jones, Chief of Design 10 The Company has redefined its relationships with vendors and consultants making them creative partners on projects. “We strive to work with the best consultants in the field, who understand the market in which we are building. A cultural sensitivity is the key to be receptive to the ever-evolving ways families live.” 11
  8. Q. What is the role of Design at Emaar MGF? WE SHARE CORE VALUES Emaar has a strong brand identity in Dubai and the Company aspires to set the same standards in India by working with the best consultants in the field, who understand the Indian real estate market. We are re-looking at design not only from a point of view of the most innovative practices, but also from the perspective of how we can help deliver homes to people. Ultimately, we will identify as a Company that is not just building India but building homes for Indians. BUILDING THE RIGHT PARTNERSHIPS Q. How has the role of the Design Team changed over the past few years? Emaar MGF awards its contracts to strong partners, who are committed to jointly deliver a quality product in time. At the centre of our partnerships lies an appreciation for shared priorities and it is through the pursuit of common goals that we intend to mutually grow. Through this period of progress for Emaar MGF India, we intend to build and preserve robust partnerships that evolve with us to provide a product that is in keeping with our international standards. There has been a fundamental change in our approach to design within the Company. The Central Design Team has been led to act as real estate managers rather than just project coordinators, and therefore understand design decisions in terms of revenue and customer satisfaction, at every step of the way. Better design not only means greater customer satisfaction, but it makes good business sense too. And this is what we are driving within the Company today. We are learning not to just be reactive to design. Instead, each step of the design process needs to be thought out, as this reflects in our final product. We therefore, no longer work only with the architects, but instead, we work closely with all departments to understand their objectives and translate those to give a better product and more value to that real estate asset for Emaar MGF. 12 “Emaar MGF is a high priority client for us. Their approach to develop long-term relationships with clients through unparalleled service delivery and an uncompromising stand on ethics closely resonates with the core values of JLL. As a result of our global presence and expertise, JLL can provide Emaar MGF insights about real estate developments, new innovations and emergences in the real estate arena, bringing international best practices into the country. The players that have been able to navigate the recent tides are going to be the future champions of Indian realty industry. Going forward, the appropriate approach would be to continue to strive towards improving the quality of service delivery and gaining the confidence of the consumer. A focus we see clearly at Emaar MGF”. - Santosh Kumar, CEO Operations, Jones Lang LaSalle Jones Lang LaSalle is a financial and professional services firm specialising in real estate services. JLL is engaged in doing Facility Management for Emaar MGF at residential and commercial projects like Palm Springs and Palm Square in Gurgaon and Esplanade in Chennai. “All great architecture is the design of space that contains cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.” – Philip Johnson 13
  9. PROJECTS Creating spaces for a new India. PALM SPRINGS: Residential PALM DRIVE: Residential MOHALI HILLS: Township CAPITAL TOWERS AT DOWNTOWN: Commercial PALM GARDENS: Residential PALM TERRACES SELECT: Residential PALM HILLS: Residential MARBELLA: Residential 14 15
  10. PALM SPRINGS The Palm Springs is a luxury, group-housing complex providing integrated community living. It comprises of 234 apartments and 80 low-rise villas, sprawled across acres of landscaped garden. Elegant and understated in design, The Palm Springs is a spacious complex that gives the experience of being an oasis in a city. A harmonious blend of lifestyle options, from low-rise luxury villas to spacious apartment towers, situated in acres of elegantly landscaped gardens and parks, The Palm Springs is distinct in theme. Palm Springs was declared the Best Luxury Residential Project by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) in 2011. It was the first project of its kind to introduce a mini cineplex and a bowling alley within a residential complex. Location: The Palm Springs is situated in the highly desirable and exclusive district of Gurgaon. Situated near a premium Golf and Country Club it is 10 minutes from the city’s major shopping district. Facilities & Amenities: Recreational Facilities: Spa facility with treatment rooms, sauna, and steam room | Fully equipped Health Club | Sports facilities including badminton, tennis, swimming | Clubhouse with multi-purpose hall with multi cuisine restaurant, billiards room, card room | Crèche with tot lots, seesaws, baby slides Domestic Amenities: 100% power backup | Air-conditioned apartments | Dual plumbing to recycle water for landscape and toilets | Provision of LPG pipelines | Fire detection / sprinkler system Security & Technology: Perimeter security | Burglar alarm system | Smart card access for residents | CCTV in basement and main entrance lobby for surveillance | Dedicated intercom linking the main gate and each residence | Optical fibre network | Provision for cable TV. Architectural Firm: ARCOP Associates. Delivery Schedule: Delivered in 2011. 16 17
  11. “I started working on Palm Drive from November 2010 onwards. Work is on in full swing at the site. We are working very closely with our expert finishing site engineers who are keenly supervising finish and quality. We also have a technical audit on site being conducted by CBRE. Our best efforts to complete the project while delivering quality work is at the centre of our focus.” Mr. Surender Kumar, AVP Projects, Palm Drive PALM DRIVE The Palm Drive is a luxury group-housing community, providing contemporary living within tranquil green spaces. The project is spread across over 37 acres and comprises of Sky Terraces, Premier Terraces, Palm Studio, Villas, Garden Terraces, Palm Terraces and The Enclave. Location: Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 66, Gurgaon. Facilities & Amenities: Fully equipped Health Club facility, unisex gym, dance and aerobics studio | Sports facilities including tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, baby splash, complete with changing areas | Club with lounge, billiards room, multi-purpose hall, multi-cuisine restaurant | Créche with tot-lots, seesaws, baby slides, sand pit, party area and mini club cineplex | Adequate power back-up per apartment | Dual plumbing to recycle water for landscape and for toilets. Architectural Firm: DP Architects, Singapore. Delivery Schedule: Completion will happen in phases, from 2014 to 2015. Status as on date: Work is on in full swing at Palm Drive with efforts being made to deliver the entire project with high quality standards. We have recently appointed CBRE to do an internal quality check at Palm Drive. The structure work for the entire complex is complete. Construction has begun on all projects at Palm Drive and is in various stages of completion. 18 19
  12. MOHALI HILLS Spread over 3,000 acres, Mohali Hills is an ode to Chandigarh’s harmonious architectural legacy. An integrated master-planned township, it comprises of various plotted developments including The Views, Multi-storey apartment towers, The Villas, The Bungalows (designed as expandable homes), Central Plaza (a commercial retail development) and The Terraces (low-rise premium homes). Location: Mohali, Punjab. Facilities & Amenities: The Views: Fully air-conditioned apartments | Modular kitchen with hob & chimney | 80% open areas with exclusive kids’ play area, synthetic badminton court | 24x7 power back-up and CCTV security system | Treated water supply | Covered, secure basement parking | Exclusive club house with swimming pool & other modern amenities | The Villas: 5 bedroom villas on 300, 400 & 500 sq. yard plots and community greens | Imported marble | School | Additional utility room with toilet | International standards and specifications | Modular kitchen | Neighbourhood shopping complex | The Bungalows: Escalation-free price until completion | Vertically expandable villas on 300 and 500 sq. yard plots | 3 bedroom homes with living areas facing back lawns | Front covered verandah | Design and foundation ready for two additional floors | Earthquake resistant structure | Close access to shopping centre, club house, golf course, health centre, schools and landscaped greens | Construction of four lane state highway completed | The Terraces: High quality vitrified tiles | Internal walls plastered and OBD paint | Wooden frame with teak vineered door shutter | External aluminium glazed doors | Modular switches. Master Planners: Bassenian Lagoni, California. Status as on date: The Views: ‘Intimation of Possession’ letters for Tower J have been sent to customers. Occupation Certificates (OC) for all other towers would be obtained by December 2014 and construction for these towers is on schedule and is progressing well. Central Plaza: Major work on Central Plaza has been completed. The Villas: Occupation Certificate (OC) has been obtained for 31 villas in Sector 108 & 106. Finishing work has been completed on 15 villas in Sector 108 while 20 villas in Sector 109 and 106 are in advanced stages of completion. The Bungalows: Occupation Certificate (OC) has been received for 50 units and another 17 units are currently under construction. The Terraces: Currently still under construction. Finishing work is in advanced stages of completion on 48 units. 20 21
  13. “We find Emaar MGF to be a strong and formidable brand which lays great emphasis on creativity, innovation and quality of construction. We find ourselves in sync with the Company’s thinking and approach towards achieving high standards of quality in construction, without compromising on ethics and values, something that we at Shapoorji Pallonji and Co. Ltd. resonate with. The Company’s proactive approach towards projects has been a major pull factor for us. We find there to be an openness of mind towards project execution and a willingness to accept new ideas and changes as they come. This is the synergy that we value and we intend to move forward with to deliver a great product which will benefit both Companies.” – Prakash Kumar, Senior Manager, Business Development, Shapoorji Pallonji and Co. Ltd. CAPITAL TOWERS AT DOWNTOWN Capital Towers at Downtown is part of a mixed use development project in the heart of Gurgaon. In August 2013, we launched a commercial project, Capital Tower 1, strategically located at the gateway of Gurgaon and inspired by the very best of international architectural design. The Capital Tower 1 at Downtown is a bustling business domain that serves as an ideal choice for business or retail headquarters. Setting new benchmarks for excellence in design, facilities and operational management, it will be a hub for business and retail with world-class offices, retail outlets and recreational amenities. artist’s impression Location: Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, near Guru Dronacharya Metro Station, Gurgaon. artist’s impression Facilities & Amenities: Convenience retail | Concierge services desk | Restaurant & cafés | Central loading and delivery area | Mail room and central refuge | Fully integrated fire / life safety with refuge areas | Communication and control room | Wi-fi connectivity. Contractor: Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd. Delivery Schedule: Expected delivery to be in 2016. Status as on date: Construction has begun on the project. Excavation work is complete and the foundation and basement work are in progress. The focus at Capital Towers at Downtown in Gurgaon has been on getting the project started on time and ensuring that timelines are met and the project remains on schedule. With very tight deadline of delivery, the project has some of the best teams on board - both internal and external. 22 23
  14. PALM GARDENS Palm Gardens is a residential integrated community built across 21.90 acres of land. There are 12 apartment towers which have been planned around open landscaped spaces, with a total of 1026 apartments, including 3 bedroom, 5 bedroom and duplex plans. The development also includes a Golf putting range, two schools and EWS. Location: Sector 83, Gurgaon. Facilities & Amenities: 5/10 KVA power back-up | Perimeter security | Multiple parks for recreation | Modern community centre with sports, gym and health facilities | Primary/Nursery school | Convenience shopping. Contractor / Architect: IL&FS Construction Company / DFI. Delivery Schedule: Construction commenced in June 2012 and is progressing as per schedule. The expected delivery is September 2015. Status as on date: Construction work in progress. Palm Hills is a large master planned, group housing development with parks & landscaped greens. It has a built up area of 3.32 mn. sq. ft. and a saleable area of 2.646 mn. sq. ft. Palm Hills has a total of 1513 flats with a choice of 3 Bedroom & 4 Bed Room apartments with flexible floor plans. Location: Sector 77, Sikhopur Village, NH-8, Gurgaon. Facilities & Amenities: Multi-level car parking | Community centre complete with sports, gym, spa and health facilities | Shopping complex | 5 KVA power back-up per unit | Only two apartments on each floor, with an elevator. Architect / Contractor: ARCOP Associates Pvt. Ltd. / JMC. Delivery Schedule: 1st quarter of 2015. Status as on date: Construction work is in progress and structure work has been completed in all 55 towers. PALM TERRACES SELECT MARBELLA Palm Terraces Select is a part of the Palm Drive development and is spread over a plot area of 7.665 Acres. The project comprises of 12 Towers and a total of 262 Apartments and 16 Pent Houses. With only 2 apartments per floor and 2 dedicated lifts, it gives a sense of exclusivity and privacy. Location: Off Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 66, Gurgaon, Palm Drive Complex. Facilities & Amenities: 100% power back-up | VRV airconditioned apartments | Modular kitchen | Sports facilities with tennis, badminton and basketball courts | 24 hours running filter, shower and changing areas | Tot-lots, see-saws, baby slides, sand pit, party area | Club house complete with swimming pool with baby splash, indoor heated pool, bowling alley, billiards / pool room, health club facility with unisex gym, Jacuzzi, dance and aerobics studio | Multi-purpose hall. Contractor / Architect: IL&FS Construction Company / Crisp Design. Delivery Schedule: Phased handover starting June 2015. Status as on date: Construction is going as per schedule. All the other activities of the MEP and finishing are already underway. Work is going on at a fast pace, night and day. 24 PALM HILLS Marbella is a self-contained high-end luxury residential township sprawling across109.07 acres of land, in Gurgaon. Apart from 150 villas, Marbella has its own clubhouse for various recreational activities, a multispecialty polyclinic by a leading chain, primary & nursery school, and convenience shopping. Location: Sector 65-66, Gurgaon. Facilities & Amenities: Burglar alarm system, Smart card access for residents and intercom linking the main gate to each residence| Wi-fi connectivity | High quality electrical wiring, provision for cable tv and modular switches | Spa facility | Health club with unisex gym, Jacuzzi, dance and aerobics studio | Sports facility with tennis courts, swimming pool with baby splash | Club with lounge, billiards room, card room, cigar lounge, multi-purpose hall with bar and multi-cuisine restaurant and mini club cineplex | Kids’ play area with tot-lots, see-saws, baby slides, sand pit and party area. Contractor: IL&FS Construction Company. Delivery Schedule: 2016 for 150 villas. Status as on date: Work has already begun on the site. 25
  15. SPOTLIGHT Events and News of the Quarter Thought Leadership @ Emaar MGF Emaar MGF presents the Porter Prize India – 2013. The Porter Prize, a one- of-its-kind recognition, has been initiated by Harvard University and christened after Professor Michael E Porter. The Porter Prize 2013, one of the most prestigious and coveted awards in the areas of strategy, recognises the strategic acumen of corporate India. Emaar MGF partnered with the Institute for Competitiveness, India to present this prestigious award to the best Companies in their respective industries. It was an august gathering with the who’s who of corporate India in attendance – Ravi Varanasi (Chief-Business Development, NSE), Moses Manoharan (Editor-in-Chief, Global Dialogue Review), Gerd Hoefner (MD and CEO, Siemens Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd.), B K Sethuram (VP, Dow Coatings and Construction, Dow India), Pankaj Phatarphod (MD, RBS), CVL Srinivas (CEO, Group M, South Asia), Ravi Begur (Head IT & Sustainability), V Shankar (MD, Rallis) etc. Subsequently, Nadir Godrej (MD of Godrej Industries and Chairman, Godrej Agrovert) and Dr. Devi Shetty (MD, Narayana Health) addressed the audience and threw up some very interesting perspectives and points for all to ponder upon. 26 Dr. K. Ramamurthy, CEO, Projects, Emaar MGF, who was a panelist at the event, touched upon the relevance and importance of the right talent for Companies to gain competitive advantage. He spoke about the relevance of fostering a personal growth plan for talent and a talent retention strategy which provides an edge over competition. He also emphasised the need for good corporate governance, especially given the increasing competition in today’s business environment. Mr Ajay Nambiar, Chief Service Officer, Emaar MGF and Adrian Hardwick Jones, Chief of Design at Emaar MGF who gave the opening and closing address at the event, addressed the august gathering of industry leaders, social influencers, CXO’s, media and the jury. The anticipation and the eagerness in the room was exciting as the audience waited to hear Strategy Guru Michael E. Porter’s address, the very invigorating panel discussions and the much awaited awards ceremony. 27
  16. Emaar MGF as Guest Faculty at ISB, Mohali Mr. Vikas Gupta, COO, Emaar MGF, addressed management students at ISB Mohali on the invitation of Professor Tony Ciochetti, associated with Real Estate Chair, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He gave an insightful perspective into the real estate industry and its various products. He also discussed the challenges faced by the real estate sector today. He also elaborated on the contributions made by the real estate industry to India’s overall GDP and how the real estate industry is enabling its related industries to flourish. ACETECH is Asia’s largest exhibition of designers, architects and construction material manufacturers organised every year in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Chennai. Mr. Rajiv Gupta, Head Sales (North), Emaar MGF, also addressed the audience and discussed the various schemes under which products can be sold when regular schemes like construction-linked plans fail to deliver. Progressive Punjab Summit (9 th-10 th December 2013) The Government of Punjab held the Progressive Punjab Summit on the 9 th and 10 th of December 2013 to promote investment in Punjab. Among the invitees were Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited, Mr. L.N. Mittal, NRI business tycoon and Mr. Sunil Mittal, CEO, Bharti Enterprises. Emaar MGF being one the largest investors in Punjab also participated in the Summit and utilised this unique opportunity to communicate their corporate brand with more than 1000 dignitaries who participated in the event. Emaar MGF inaugurates The Economic Times ACETECH 2013 Emaar MGF inaugurated The Economic Times ACETECH 2013 with Dr. K. Ramamurthy, CEOProjects, Emaar MGF giving the inaugural address. Dr. Ramamurthy touched upon the need of the industry and criticality of product and service innovation and how that has a direct bearing on cost, quality and timely delivery. 28 INDORE GREENS Standing tall on its commitment to customers, Emaar MGF, India’s leading real estate developer, has announced the offer of possession of the plots at Indore Greens – a flagship project of Emaar MGF. Emaar MGF, recently received the completion certificate for Indore Greens Township from local authorities after it completed almost all the development work at site. Speaking on the occasion, Ajay Nambiar, Chief Service Officer, Emaar MGF said, “It is really a proud moment for us. We are keeping our promise that we made to our customers. Emaar MGF has a pan-India presence with an international expertise in town planning and design. Indore Greens is one such example of our proficiency which will create the benchmark for others to follow. Walking an extra mile towards customer satisfaction, Emaar MGF has issued Intent of Possession (IOP) even for plots that are not currently due for possession. This way, we have become the first developer in Indore to offer possession before due date.” 29
  17. Emaar MGF Land Limited is a joint venture between Emaar Properties PJSC (‘Emaar’) of Dubai and MGF Development Limited (‘MGF’) of India. Emaar MGF is a real estate construction and development Company with a pan-India presence. Its operations span key segments of real estate construction and development, including residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. At present, its focus is on the construction and development of residential projects in Delhi, NCR (Gurgaon), Mohali, Chennai, Hyderabad, and other key Indian cities. Headquartered in New Delhi, the Company started operations in India in mid-2005. It is driven by its mission to develop and deliver unique integrated lifestyle and work place environments through its focus on high quality architecture, strong project execution and customer centric approach. Emaar MGF aims to develop ‘integrated master planned communities’ which comprises of residential projects along with one or more community facilities, including retail and commercial developments, schools and hospitals, enabling a ‘live, work and play’ theme within the same development. Emaar MGF is presently developing 54 projects (including project phases), 45 residential projects and 9 commercial/retail projects with an aggregate saleable area of 42.5 mn. square feet, spread across 8 cities. Some of Emaar MGF’s completed projects include The Palm Springs in Gurgaon, The Commonwealth Games Village in Delhi and Esplanade in Chennai. About Emaar: Emaar, Properties PJSC, a Dubai-based Public Joint Stock Company listed on the Dubai Financial Market, is one of the world’s leading real estate developers. Emaar, a provider of premier lifestyles, has been shaping landscapes and lives in the Emirate since the company’s inception in 1997. Specialising in creating value-added, master-planned communities that meet the full spectrum of lifestyle needs, a highlight of Emaar’s approach to developing integrated lifestyle destinations is Downtown Dubai, the 500-acre mega-project, home of Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building and The Dubai Mall – the world's largest shopping and entertainment destination. About MGF: MGF, incorporated in 1996, is engaged in the field of retail real estate development in northern India. It is currently one of the leading shopping mall developers in northern India, with approximately 2.5 mn. square feet of retail space delivered and approximately 2 mn square feet of retail space and above 1 mn. square feet of residential space under development. Some of MGF’s completed projects include The Metropolitan, Megacity Mall, Metropolis and The Villas in Gurgaon, the City Square Mall in West Delhi, MGF Metropolitan Mall in South Delhi and MGF Metropolitan Mall in Jaipur. 30 31
  18. Contact Us: For Sales Queries in India: Call (Toll-Free): 1800-102-3643* or E-mail: For International (outside India) Sales Queries: Call +91-124-4416304* or E-mail: (Standard ISD rates apply as this is not a toll free service) For an Existing Domestic (India) Customer: Call (Toll-Free): 1800-103-3643* or E-mail: For an Existing International (outside India) Customer: Call +91-124-4416306* or E-mail: (Standard ISD rates apply as this is not a toll free service) *Business Timings (IST): Monday to Friday: 10:00 hours to 18:00 hours Weekends and National Holidays: 10:00 hours to 17:00 hours You may contact us at the following addresses: Sales Office: Emaar MGF Business Park Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Sikandarpur Chowk Sector 28, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana. Email: enquiries Toll Free: 1800-102-3643 Corporate Office: Emaar MGF Land Limited ECE House, 28 Kasturba Gandhi Marg New Delhi - 110 001. Tel.: 011-4152 1155/4120 3444 32