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Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships

What does "big data" mean? Which is the importance of a data scientist in a company, and how this role can be strategic, in order to identify and to build new marketing and communication strategies?
Social Media Monitoring must be at the core of an effective circular and never ending process: thanks to it, it is possible to know not just what people is saying about our company but also how they interact and how these conversations can be transformed in strategy. So, it is important to give feedback to the operations and business area, as well as to other units which can be interested by the monitoring.
It is fundamental then that the data scientist - who has at least skills both in statistic and in marketing area - be able to apply classic quantitative analytics (engagement, reach, etc.) and qualitative ones: in this sense the social network analysis can play an interesting role in (re)defining the position of the brand and its relationship with its followers online.

October 24th - 26th 2012

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Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships

  1. 1. TELECOM ITALIA GROUPDigital Marketing & Media SummitHamburg, September 26th 2012Big Data and SocialMonitoring:Building MeaningfulRelationshipsEmanuela ZacconeCorporate Communication
  2. 2. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsThe three waves of social consciousness► Just recently we have begun to accept that the idea of being present on social media, investing in them and setting up campaigns and activities, does not just mean generating leads or improving brand awareness, but also offers the chance to redefine brand strategy and reputation Corporate Communication 2
  3. 3. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsThird wave: monitoring as enabler► Social media monitoring works as an enabler: ► It is a social media strategy builder ► It is a relationship creator ► It is a brand awareness builder Corporate Communication 3
  4. 4. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsBig data challenge► Too big, too fast, too hard► Big algorithms, big machine learning and big understanding Corporate Communication 4
  5. 5. Telecom Italia andthe Reputation Monitoring Room
  6. 6. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsTelecom Italia in figures * Mobile (Italy and abroad) Fixed and Broadband 32.2 (Italy) Fixed and Broadband Million mobile lines in Italy 14.3 (Abroad) 68.9 Million fixed retail access lines 4.1 Million mobile lines Million fixed lines in Brasil 7.0 in Argentina 20.9 Million retail broadband accesses 1.6 Million broadband Million mobile lines in accesses in Argentina Argentina and Paraguay * As of June 30th, 2012 Corporate Communication 6
  7. 7. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships Digital citizenship as a strategic weapon Telecom Italia associated to its technological role: an empowerment of its brand strategy and digital citizenship Starting from 2008 Telecom Italia increased its investments in Web and Social, both from an operative and research point of view: It promoted netnographic research in order to map the Italian digital landscape and modify brand positioning It launched a new Web System design for Telecom Italia Group, evolved over years thanks to the contribution of new projects Corporate Communication 7
  8. 8. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsHow can online perception influence brand image?In 2009 we discovered that TelecomItalia’s reputation, as regards theonline brand experience, was betterthan the offline perception.In order to transform online perceptionof the brand in a better offline brandimage: • We enhanced the research area • We increased our online presence • We activated the Reputation Monitoring Room Corporate Communication 8
  9. 9. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsWhat to do?How can we evaluate our online investments? How can we measure the impact of our online initiatives on brand reputation? How can we transform online conversation monitoring into an engagement strategy? Corporate Communication 9
  10. 10. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsThe Reputation Monitoring Room  The Reputation Monitoring Room – active since June 2011 – is a real time monitoring facility, focused both on quantitative and qualitative analytics. It monitors all the online conversations related to Telecom Italia Group on property channels, blogs, forums, news websites, aggregators and Social Networks  The Reputation Monitoring Room evaluates the efficacy of our events and initiatives by comparing them also with competitors Corporate Communication 10
  11. 11. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsThe reputation of the Reputation Monitoring Room► Forrester case study, August 2012► Digital Communication Awards 2012, Best Monitoring and Evaluation Corporate Communication 11
  12. 12. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsOur Web and socialverse • About10 websites, 10 Facebook pages with more than 2 million fans, 5 Twitter accounts with almost 1 million followers, a strong presence G+, on Pinterest and Instagram • We listen to and analyze more than 1.500 conversations per month Corporate Communication 12
  13. 13. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsWhat we do? A recursive process INPUT TOOLS OUTPUT Sources Data Collection Storage & Analysis Alerting & Reporting OUTPUT  Performance of TI and competitors Software REPORTS  Specific initiatives/campaigns  Benchmark & Market research  TI Properties  Crisis management  Blogs  Activate action plans to reduce REALTIME response time ALERTING  Press office  Forums KPIs  Community managers  SNs Research INTEGRATED ANALYSIS MODEL  Community  Evaluate economic investments and communication strategies before, during and after events  News websites  Improve our activities on-the-go and reallocate investments as needed  Conjugate online and offline analyses in a unique analysis framework Corporate Communication 13
  14. 14. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsAnalysis model for events and initiatives GENERAL STRUCTURE Our analysis model is focused on three main dimensions: 1. Ownership (who owns the property which makes communication) 2. Channels (where the communication takes place) 3. KPI (which are the most relevant metrics we want to measure) OUTCOMES The main purposes of our model are: • Understand how much engagement our initiatives and events can generate on Web and Social Media and how users perceive our brand • Measure and track our communication performance • Measure and track communication performance of our partners • Measure and track spontaneous conversations vs led by brand and partners communication (amplification) • Understand the return of our adv investments in terms of impressions and engagement • Discover who our influencers are in our activities domain • Understand the impact of a specific event or initiative on brand’s image • Plan and evaluate future communication actions and investments • Measure and track competitors’ performances (growth, engagement, etc.) Corporate Communication 14
  15. 15. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsAnalysis dimensionsThese are the analysis dimensions we use to catalogue and measure the contentsproduced around a specific event or initiative: OWNERSHIP • Properties • Advertising • Partners • Spontaneous conversations CHANNELS • Web • Forum • Blog • Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) KPIs • Reach • Sentiment, quality • Streaming (live, Video On Demand) • Loyalty • Engagement • Virality Corporate Communication 15
  16. 16. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships [EXAMPLE] Dashboard for channels and KPIs: properties Web (dedicated website) FB (page) TW TOTAL 6% 18% Twitter 12.345 123.456 456.789* Facebook Reach n.a. pageviews post/tab views tweet views 76% Web 12.345 players loaded 1.234 live Streaming n.a. 56.789 players loaded (1.234 live – 56.789 VOD) players loaded in tab 150 comments to live 580 activities / 120 retweets / Engagement n.a. streaming 55 posts + tab live 71 tweets** Positive Positive 1% 0,5% 2% Positive 24,6% 20% 24% Very Positive Sentiment n.a. 74,9% 78% 75% NegativeThis dashboard – focused on properties, but identical for lead-by-partners and spontaneous conversations –is dedicated to comparable key metrics.This kind of scheme helps us to immediately idenitfy which is the contribution given by each channel andproperty in promoting the initiative. Corporate Communication 16
  17. 17. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsThe impact of online conversations on the brand Perception Index 1 19% Initiative related conversations 0,9 0,8 0,75 0,72 Other 0,7 81% conversations 0,6 0,5 con Pappano With the initiative senza Pappano Without itWe elaborated two indexes aimed to understand how much the analyzed initiative impacted on the totalnumber of conversations involving the brand (it is represented as a share).Stemming from this share, we use a weighted average to calculate which is the sentiment around theanalyzed initiative compared to the other conversations involving the brand and how much the first onehas a positive or negative impact on general brands perception.In the example above, the initiative related conversations represent – during the analysed time range –19% of total conversations on brand. The tabular chart shows the contribution that the initiative gives tothe positive perception of brand.We apply these indexes both to properties and to partners and spontaneous conversations. Corporate Communication 17
  18. 18. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships [EXAMPLE] Facebook: growth and performances A B C D E A B C D E A B C D E A B C D EDuring the last month all the accounts constantly increased their fan bases.The B account hits the best Relative Net Growth score.B and C improved their talking about, which decreased for other properties.The number of organic and viral impressions is stable for all the other properties except A, which declined duringlast week. Corporate Communication 18
  19. 19. What’s next?
  20. 20. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsOnline and offline: who talks inside and outside digital world? Who are our fans? Who is uninterested? What do rejectors think? We have an articulated set of research for on and offline channels monitoring, aimed to better understand our audience and interpret their perception of the brand and the company, through a constant strategies redesign process Our team work involves communication area, business lines, customer satisfaction and market research Corporate Communication 20
  21. 21. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsHow can we conjugate online and offline?► Through Social Network Analysis we want to find a correspondance between users behaviour and the categories of fan, rejectors and interested for which we have historical time series coming from offline research► These analyses can give us both strategic insights – useful for example to address our digital communication activities – and suggestions about the online perception of the brand Corporate Communication 21
  22. 22. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsSocio-demographic characteristics At the moment we aim to correlate the results of our online analyses with socio- demographic data coming from offline research. These are the main categories that we will take into account: • Age • Gender • Location Corporate Communication 22
  23. 23. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsEnhance and export our experience C People •Influencers, connectors L U •Themes S Topics •Fan, rejectors, interested •Unique indicators T E R Brand •Engagement type ► We are developing a model aimed to conjugate offline surveys and online monitoring by using uniform KPIs ► We are collaborating with the Top Client business line to export our knowledge and experience to Italian large companies, and we are working with them to include RMR services in Telecom Italia’s Top Client offer Corporate Communication 23
  24. 24. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful RelationshipsNext stepsOur reporting processes are part of Telecom Italia’s digital communicationstrategies measurement.In the next months we are going to improve the analysis model and the monitoringtools.These are our main focuses: Research area Social Network Analysis and advanced influencer analysis Cluster representation Text analysis as a competitive factor Users’ behavioural patterns analysis Collaboration with research institutes (MIT, Santa Fe Institute and others) Model evolution KPI optimization Influencers’ weight definition Integration of third party data to evaluate and weight sources Corporate Communication 24
  25. 25. Big Data and Social Monitoring: Building Meaningful Relationships Process innovation Model integration Tool Flexibility Corporate Communication 25
  26. 26. THANK YOU!Find me here:http://about.me/emanuela.zacconeemanuela.zaccone@guest.telecomitalia.ithttp://www.linkedin.com/in/emanuelazacconehttp://twitter.com/#!/Zatomashttp://www.facebook.com/emanuela.zacconehttps://plus.google.com/112470516981949999904/posts