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Passionate Ink Booknotes October 2009 Edition

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The authors of Passionate Ink have another full month of exciting releases! Check out the latest releases from the Passionate Ink authors in the newest issue of Booknotes

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Passionate Ink Booknotes October 2009 Edition

  1. 1. Book Notes Bringing you new releases, chats, and book signings from your favorite Passionate Ink authors! www.passionateink.org October 2009 Vol. 4, No. 10 Book Releases Horsfall: Taste Test ISBN: 978-1-60521-274-6 This symbol indicates a book published in By Jade Buchanan print. These may be new releases, or works previously released as eBooks. What started out as a regular job assignment quickly escalated into some- thing more for Oliver Philip when he met twin Shire horse shapeshifters, Hot Tin Roof ISBN: 978-1-60521-280-7 Bayard and Marshall Stoddard. The past few months have been filled with love By J. Hali Steele and laughter, but storm clouds are gath- ering on the horizon. Leron Wilder feels like a cat on a hot tin roof. Noth- ing has gone right since his best friend The three choose to take every opportu- mated. Not something Leron looks for- nity to cement their growing bond, like ward to. He loves his freedom. But his an afternoon picnic that turns into a taste life is out of sync. test of a different sort when Bay and Marsh show Oliver the delights of Hors- Stuck training a new cat who's a badass fall Ranch. wannabe, he stops by the Coffee Swirl to talk with his ex-partner. The minute EXCERPT BUY he licks the new waitress, his life goes to hell. Corrine Nelson is on the run. Banged Up ISBN: 978-1-59578-594-7 She likes her new home and her job. She hopes she won't be found again. By Jeanne St. James Life's looking up until the hottest man ever licks her hand. Two scarred souls: one physically, one .EXCERPT BUY mentally. Both on the mend, hiding from their pasts. Being buried deep undercover for the past two years, on the most complex case of his career, has torn Mace Walker down physically and mentally. Now the FBI agent has come home to recover after hav- ing his leg badly injured from a gunshot wound. Arriving home late one night, Did You Win his relief is short-lived as he's faced with a stranger pointing a gun to his head, acting like he is the one who doesn't belong there! A Free Book? EXCERPT BUY October 2009 1
  2. 2. Passionate Ink Authors Storykeeper ISBN: 978-1-60168-222-2 When Alex Was Bad ISBN: 978-0451227027 By Jade Buchanan By Jo Davis I am a Storykeeper. I was not born; I was brought 4 ½ Stars, Top Pick! RT Book Reviews into existence by the Creator of us all when I was put into words millennia ago." Acclaimed author Jo Davis tempts you into seven kinds of sin... Enitan was created as a Storykeeper, an immortal being who is forever charged After fifteen years together, Alexander and Olivia with providing inspiration to human Quinn have become strangers, both in and out of bards, writers and storytellers. He had the bedroom. When Alex is tempted to stray, never had a dream for himself, at least Olivia steps in with a bold plan to save he hadn't until the day he felt Jason their marriage: she'll allow him seven Lark reading one of his stories. The nights of decadent pleasure with any- human called to him in a way that he one he chooses if he confesses to each had never felt before. He wants Jason liaison in explicit detail. And if he for his own. agrees to accept his wife's wicked pun- ishments. Is it possible for a keeper of stories to find happiness with a human? Jason Strickland is the Quinns' new neighbor--quiet, mysterious, and no EXCERPT BUY stranger to the darker side of sexuality. Though he knows he should resist, he becomes a willing player in Olivia's provocative game. But before the last Passionate Ink Book Notes confession, this sensual bargain will ensnare them all in a maelstrom of pas- Questions or comments may be directed to : sion and danger. Because there's something about Jason that no one knows, a secret that will lead to a web of betrayal and a plot for murder. editor@passionateink.org EXCERPT BUY Smoldering Embers ISBN: 978-1-60272-861-5 By Carolina Valdez Passionate Ink Book Notes Monthly Love transcends gender, fear, absence and Contest! Every month several lucky Book Notes subscribers win some opposites in these three sizzling stories of the fabulous books you see in every issue of Book Notes. featuring firefighters and their search How do you win? If you’re receiving this newsletter, you’re hounds, a window washer and a Holly- already entered! Winners are announced monthly here in the wood executive, and two world-class pro- Book Notes newsletter. fessional golfers who were once teenage lovers and rivals. Please Note: One prize per subscriber per month. Prizes must be redeemed by the end of the month. Previously available only in digital for- mat, these Amber Allure Top Ten Best Sellers of gay erotic romance have been Congratulations to Our Oct WINNERS: combined for a paperback edition. In- Please contact Karen Steele to claim your prizes!! cluded are TIE 'EM UP, HOLD 'EM DOWN, a Passionate Plume 2009 Con- · huntress824@ test, Novella Division finalist, and its se- · labaker24@ quel HANGIN' WITH MY WINDOW · onefoxydiva4u@ MAN, plus HOLE IN ONE. · deyates66@ EXCERPT BUY October 2009 2
  3. 3. Passionate Ink Authors Midnight Treat Lesbian Cowboys ISBN: 1573443611 By Becca Simone By Anthology— Delilah Devlin It's mistaken identity gone erotically awry. “Cowboy” is a calling, not a gen- der—and some of the toughest cow- Josh Panetti breaks into an apartment boys aren’t boys at all. “Cowboy” is Halloween night, thinking he's fulfill- also a legend, an attitude, and a state ing the sexual fantasy of a woman he of mind. With stories that are edgy as just met at a costume party. Instead, he shiny spurs and tender as broken-in broke into Cassie Snow's place. She leather, these lesbian cowboys work recognizes him immediately--she'd hard, play hard, and love hard, in the seen him at the party with her sexy saddle and in the bed. upstairs neighbor. They know what they want and take She should tell him he has the wrong it, and give back as good as they get. apartment and the wrong girl. But The settings range from Australia to she's always the wrong girl. Would it New England to the Great Plains and be so terrible to be the right girl for the Rockies and span the decades just one night? from the romance of the Old West to to- day’s torrid tales. EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY Alliance: Stellar Romance ISBN: 978-1-60272-869-1 By Lyndi Lamont Sexy Little Numbers, Vol. 1 Join Lyndi Lamont for a journey into the far By Anthology Delilah Devlin ISBN: 978-1-59632-958-4 reaches of space where the people of two different worlds come together to form an Alliance. The clash of cultures leads to “Sexy Little Numbers” is a choice cut of all unexpected desires and Stellar Romance. new and original erotic stories and the latest addition to Black Lace’s Previously available only in electronic immensely popular series of erotica format, these three steamy installments in collections. This longer collection Lyndi Lamont's best-selling Alliance se- will contain even more variety and a ries have now been combined for a paper- greater range of female sexual desire back edition! Included are: Fertile than ever before. It will be the first of Ground, Galactic Affairs and Cosmic an annual collection of the best gen- Scandal. eral erotica stories written by women. Fun, irreverent and deliciously deca- BUY dent, “Sexy Little Numbers” will combine humour and attitude with wildly imaginative writing from all over the world. This will be the most entertaining erotic fiction for women Romance Writers of America to be found anywhere in the world. The mission of the Romance Writers of America EXCERPT BUY is to advance the professional interests of career-focused romance writers through networking and advocacy. October 2009 3
  4. 4. Passionate Ink Authors Giggles by Gabby Sexy Beast VII ISBN: 978-0-7582-2870-3 By Ashlyn Chase ISBN: 978-14199-23029 By Anitra Lynn McLeod Sequel to Death by Delilah Big and bold, primal and powerful, these Gabrielle Sparks found her dream job men have a seductive sensuality that no to be a nightmare. When bored she doo- woman can resist. Come enter dles. Her favorite subject? The gor- their world of carnal desires and wan- geous water-delivery dude, Jose. SHe ton sexuality...if you dare... sketches him as a superhero and wants to make a comic strip called Aguaman. "Eye of the Beholder" Little does she know she'd be outing Terrified at the rumors of her new hus- San Francisco's only REAL Superhero! band's hideous disfigurement, Jose finds the comic strip anything but Larra of Rellmon fears the night and his funny, yet the artist intrigues him as no approach. But as the hooded one else ever has. Dauer caresses her body Larra's shivers of terror become quivers of EXCERPT BUY ecstasy, and under cover of darkness she willingly submits to complete sexual surrender... Sex and Chocolate: Seducing Destiny EXCERPT BUY By Anne Kane ISBN: (13): 978-1-60521-253-1 Jack, the alpha of the North Rockies pack, knows Destiny needs some time to come to Frannie 'n' The Private Dick grips with her werewolf heritage before he springs the whole mated for life thing on her. By Delilah Devlin ISBN: 9781419922510 Destiny has no intention of buying into Bent on catching her cheating fiancé in the the whole pack mentality, howl at the act, Frannie Valentine got sidetracked by full moon thing. Sure, she practically a little thing like dying. When she awak- drools at the sight of red meat, but that's ens, Frannie learns her pampered life will no reason to give up her comfortable never be the same, so she turns to the man life. responsible for her undeadness and de- mands he take on the responsibility of Besides, she already has a boyfriend, a teaching her the biz-the PI biz. slick up-and-coming lawyer. But when a band of rogue werewolves move into Niall Keegan never intended to make the area, Jack can't afford to have his himself a mate, but Frannie's string of attention divided. He needs to convince minor disasters, which ended with her Destiny that she belongs both in his pack dying in his arms, took the decision right and in his bed so he can concentrate on the out of his hands. While the mating part new threat isn't bad, making the disaster-prone Fran- nie a PI may just be the death of him. Forced to choose one, can she live without both? EXCERPT BUY EXCERPT BUY October 2009 4
  5. 5. Passionate Ink Authors Oasis Dance of the Rogue By Imari Jade By Cris Anson ISBN: 9781419923579 While taking pictures of a snake on the Love-'em-and-leave-'em bad-boy Rolf has African desert, Charisma Romaine meets a met his match, and she's nothing like his man on camelback who has a problem with usual dalliance. Older, plus-sized Fantine a woman being alone in the desert. Al- is a woman who embraces her curves and though she can't see his face, there's no revels in her femininity. A weekend of mistaking the look of interest in those dark pleasure begins as a sexual dis- brown eyes. Normally, she would have traction to both, sparking a been flattered, but he had to go and spoil it deeper connection neither one is all with his arrogant, chauvinistic words able to let go of. and a very blatant comment about the size of her butt. Fantine also brings Rolf a gift beyond measure - a link to the The last thing Shakir Hakeem expected to dark-eyed, dark-haired father he see in the desert was a Hispanic beauty always suspected was his, not the taking pictures of a snake and acting like it blond-haired, blue-eyed sire of was perfectly normal to be out there alone. his brothers. Amid the joy of Hair the color of autumn leaves, sizzling learning of his new family and a exotic eyes and a behind so spectacular it tempestuous relationship bur- made him weak. He knew trouble when he geoning with newfound emo- saw it. Too bad he was a glutton for tions, a new side to Rolf emerges punishment. Would he do the right thing - the man he never and just forget about her? Or would fate thought he could be, and the lover of Fan- bring them together again? tine's deepest fantasies. EXCERPT BUY But Rolf and Fantine become targets for someone who will stop at nothing to keep that family's wealth out of their hands. Can Caging the Beast they avoid deadly consequences? By Marie Harte ISBN: 978-1-907280-29-0 EXCERPT BUY Zachem'zen is known in the slave pens as "the beast." A Creation on the run from peacemakers, he trusted the wrong peo- ple and wound up a battle slave on Col- ony6. He's never been happy, but he's been content to bide his escape. Until a new slave rocks his world. Tarn's dominant desire makes him hungry for more. The passion between them burns hot, but Zachem has no intention of being anyone's slave for much longer. The commanding Tarn, how- ever, has other ideas. EXCERPT BUY October 2009 5
  6. 6. Passionate Ink Authors SEDUCE ME IN SHADOW The Business of Sex By Shayla Black ISBN: 9781416578444 By Rhonda Leah Ex-marine Caden MacTavish has shunned Laurel Delacroix owns and operates The his magical heritage all his life, but he will Rubber Tree, a sexual necessities shop, on do anything to heal his desperately ill Bourbon Street. She's spirited and inde- brother, a Doomsday Brethren warrior in pendent, but when the man by whom she mourning for his missing mate. Posing as a measures all others reappears in her life, photographer, Caden must convince fire- she can't resist tempting fate. She might cracker tabloid reporter Sydney Blair to not do relationships, but she craves sex. reveal the source of her recent exposé on a And sex with her inspiration for The supernatural power clash. Rubber Tree is the best she's ever had. Unfortunately, keeping his hands off the sizzling redhead proves as hard as getting Lee Carter is used to women dropping at them onto the potent and mystical Dooms- his feet, but Laurel is different. She's a day Diary he discovers at her bedside. A challenge in every way. When he finds bloody rebellion led by an evil, power- out about the threats she's receiving, hungry wizard is imminent. If Sydney di- along with her store being vandalized vulges the book's existence, she will jeop- and her condo torn to shreds, he'll do ardize magickind's most deeply guarded anything to protect her and make her see secrets and become the ruthless wizard's they belong together permanently. number one target. EXCERPT BUY Caden has never trusted magic's cruel and dangerous powers, but he will protect Syd- ney with his life and magic -- even if it means risking his heart. Oh My God EXCERPT BUY By Ashlyn Chase ISBN: 978-1-907280-18-4 Jolly Rogered What happens when Dionysus, the big- gest bad boy, falls on his head during By Xandra Gregory ISBN: 978-1-59578-593-0 Mardis Gras and wanders the streets of New Orleans with Amnesia? On the run from a social crime punishable by imprison- ment, Roger Ellison practically washes up on the shores He goes home with a couple of sweet of Isla Algunavez, a small, uncharted Caribbean island Southern girls determined to help him whose history is steeped in piracy and remember his identity and forget his whose modernity is The Villa, a sex resort troubles. catering to the wealthy, fantastic, and fabu- lous, headed up by the most notorious sex EXCERPT BUY pirate of the bunch, Nigel Fortescue, who lives life with neither apology nor regret. Roger's innocence intrigues Nigel long enough to get into his pants, and Roger's relationship with Nigel opens not only his pants, but his mind as well. But for Roger, the Villa can only ever be a brief stopover on his journey, and when Roger's past catches up with him, threatening to attract the attention of the US government, he must choose to leave the man who awakened him, and leave with apolo- gies that can never be enough, and regrets that will al- ways be too much. EXCERPT BUY October 2009 5
  7. 7. Upcoming Chats and Appearances Jeanne St. James Sept 7th - Taking part in Liquid Silver Books authors Labor Day Blog Hop Sept 21st - Interview at Ashley Ladd's blog at http://ashleyladd.blogspot.com Sept 25th - Loose Id Author Chat at Manic Readers Yahoo Group *** Jo Davis Chat with Jo on Romance Buy The Book www.romancebuythebook.com Friday, September 11, 2009 *** J. Hali Steele Nights of Passion, October 6th RomantiCon, October 9-11th Love Romances Book Club, October 14th J & J Booktalk, October 26th *** Ashlyn Chase Romance in the backseat. Featured author 9/23 - 9/25 http://www.romanceinthebackseat.com/ *** Marie Harte Blogging at Hitting the Hot Spot, Oct 22nd. http://totalebound.blogspot.com *** Shayla Black Booksigning: October 17 2pm to 4pm Barnes & Noble Hurst, TX *** Rhonda Leah Romance Junkies Live Chat, October 12th, 2009, 9 EST October 2009 7